Chp.14 Star gets help

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Meanwhile, it was 8 in the night. Before (Yn) was getting home, Star was at the house, talking with Janna, who she came by to the house to help.

Star: And that's why you gotta help me Janna.

Janna: OK wait ... so your saying that you have a mega crush on (Yn) right?

Star: Yea...

Janna: Wow, How long you had this crush on him?

Star: ever since that fight against the monster who was terrorizing echo creek.

Janna: Wow, that was like months ago, why didn't you ask him ever since that day?

Star: Its not that simple Janna, I mean if I tell him, what if he doesn't accept me or the way I feel towards him.

Janna: Hey, Cheer up Star ... Look, for me, I'm thinking that he will understand that feelings you have foe him.

Star: R-Really?

Janna: Yea really, I mean if you do tell him, you might get lucky if he accepts you, because I gotta say, he is quite a good looker.

Star: *blushes* yea I know, he is.

Janna: Well I gotta go, my parents want me home right now.

Star: O-Okay.

Janna gives Star a hug.

Janna: Trust me Star, he will accept you.

Star suddenly smiles

Star: Okay, bye Janna!

Janna: Later.

End of chapter

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