Chp.20 Releasing an old Friend

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Meanwhile at Ludo's and Toffee's dimension, they went to go to this monster jail prison to release a monster.

Toffee: So, is this the place?

Ludo: Yes, All we have to do is sneak in ... but how???

Toffee: Let me handle this.

Toffee went off to go to the entrance and realized that there are two guards at the entrance door.

Guard #1: Hold, who goes there?

Toffee: Gentlemen, May I enter please?

Guard #2: We can't do that sir, not with out a reason.

Toffee: A reason ey? Well, here's this reason...

Toffee used his tail to strike the guards, he grabbed the guard #1 from his neck with his tail and ripped it apart the other one tried to stab him, but it didn't work because toffee can easily regenerate his body, then Toffee gave the guard #2 a massive punch, which went through to his chest and outside from his back. Ludo was surprise to see how quick and strong Toffee is.

Ludo: My...

Ludo went up to Toffee.

Ludo: I gotta say Toffee, you have to quiet moves.

Toffee: Yes I know, now lead me to your friend.

Ludo: Yes.

Ludo and Toffee went inside of the Monster Jail prison, they have reached to a place where there are more guards.

Ludo: Crap! More of them!

Toffee: I got this.

Toffee went running to the guards for a strike attack.

Guard #3: Hey! Stop right there!

There were 6 guards that were guarding a big cage, Toffee strike the guards. He used his claws to slash 2 guards, then attacked the 3 other guards with his tail making them knocked out.

Toffee: *grins* too easy.

Ludo : Nice work my liege.

Toffee: Yea I know, so where is your friend?

Ludo: There.

Ludo pointed at the big cage where the guards where guarding at.

Toffee: This cage...My, he really must be big.

Ludo: Yes, I don't think he can here is.

Ludo approached to the cage and tried calling his monster.

Ludo: Hello?? Hey its me Ludo.

Suddenly a dark shadow got up and slowly walked up to Ludo and Toffee.

???: L-Ludo??!

Ludo: Crank! You remem-

Crank, a 8 foot monster, with a big scar in his left eye and really buff made Ludo silent by grabbing him from the throat, it seems that he wasnt very happy to see him.

Ludo: Ack...! H-Hey...the hell you doing...!!!

Crank: Don't think I'm an idiot, you know why the hell I'm doing this!

Ludo: F-For what you Imbecile!??!!

Crank: For ditching me!

Ludo: ...Wh-What?!!?

Crank: You remember! The day were you and your men ditched me from that battle we had against mewni!

Ludo: P-Please L-Let me explain... I was going to save you, B-But...

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