Chp.13 At the fair

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At the fair, there were bunch of people having fun, playing games, going on rides. Jackie was at the entrance waiting for Marco to arrive. (Yn) was in the trees looking to see if Marco was there with jackie.

(Yn): Where are you Marco???

Then he sees Marco coming up to Jackie.

(Yn): Ha! There you are!

Marco's POV

Marco got to the fair and finds jackie waiting sitting on the bench waiting for him.

Marco: Jackie.

Jackie: Oh hey Marco. You came in time.

Marco: Hehe, you know me, couldn't miss out the fun with you.

Jackie: awww, hehe, glad you came. Janna wouldn't come for some reason, ferguson and alfonso are too busy, and Starfan 13 is sleeping.

Marco: Damn that sucks, well at least you got me to spend fun time with.

Jackie: Yea. So, wanna go fun already?

Marco: After you ma'lady.

Jackie: *giggles* my what gentleman.

Marco and Jackie went to the fair together, while (Yn) keeps track on them.

-30 minutes later-

After a few games and rides, Marco and Jackie went to go sit down in a bench with cotton candy in their hands.

Marco: Wow, today was really fun.

Jackie: I know right, the rides and the games were really fun to play.

Marco: Yea, and they have good food here.

Jackie: I know, hey can you hold my cotton candy I gotta use it.

Marco: Okay.

Once jackie went to use it, Marco waited for her in the bench when somehow, he heard his name calling from the back.

???: Psst, Marco.

Marco: Huh????

Marco looks back, there was no one, but once he turns straight, he sees (Yn) in front of him.

(Yn): Hey.

Marco: Gaaaaah!! (Yn), you scared the shit out of me.

(Yn): Hehe...

Marco: Wait, what are you doing here, aren't you with Star at home??!

(Yn): Don't worry, she's fine, I only came here to check to see if you would actually do it.

Marco: What??

(Yn): Ask Jackie out.

Marco: Oh, well just give me a bit time.

(Yn): Marco, you have a chance today, there is no tomorrow, no next time, it is only Now! Are you willing to wait for the whole time to ask Jackie out, no cause what if she has a boyfriend once you tell her, you want that to happen?

Marco: No .... But I'm too nervous, what if she don't accept me or how I feel towards her.

(Yn) puts his hand on Marco's shoulders.

(Yn): Dude, trust me, She will accept you and I know well that she has those feelings you have as well.

Marco: Hehe, I guess your right, Thanks...again bro.

(Yn): No problem bro.

Marco: Shit, she's coming, Hide!

(Yn): Don't forget!

(Yn) rushes to the bush to hide, while he sees Jackie coming back.

Jackie: I'm back.

Marco: Great.

Jackie: Hey, you wanna go to this concert today, I have two ticket, you in?

Marco: Totally!

Jackie: Great, the. let's go!

Marco: Wait Jackie, before we go, There is something I have been meaning to tell you for a long time...

Jackie: Oh, wassup?

Marco looks around to see (Yn) behind jackie from the bushes he is hiding, he gives Marco a thumbs up for saying "You got this". Marco breathes calmly.

Marco: Jackie, you and I have been best friends ever since kindergarten, when we met, I never knew what it was like to be able to look at someone like you to smile for no reason, every day, when you are always around me, I smile a lot than I use to. Also, that every day I see you, I start to see that I am seeing a cute girl, a girl that I would always like be with, a girl who I just wanna be more than friends, and A girl that will always be in my dreams.

Jackie's eyes started to sparkle and to be watery.

Jackie: M-Marco what are you...

Marco: Jackie...

Marco holds Jackie's hands.

Marco: Would you be my girlfriend and go out with me?

Jackie looks at Marco, smiles at him and hugs him real tight.

Jackie: Oh my gosh Marco! Yes! I really do want to be your girlfriend and go out with you.

Marco: R-Really?!

Jackie: Of course dude, I mean, I have been meaning to tell you this as well, but since you said it, it makes it even better.

Marco: Hehe...

Jackie kisses Marco from the lips and Marco does it as well, they both hold each other continuing kissing. While (Yn) was at the back.

(Yn): You did it Marco, just like I said.

Marco: Hehe, so, I guess I should call you...babe no?

Jackie: *laughs* Marco. your so funny...of course baby.

Marco: Heh.

Jackie: So your still down to go to the concert?

Marco: Yes sure I'm down.

Jackie: Great! Let me just call my parents to pick us up.

Marco: OK.

While Jackie is calling her parents, (Yn) came by to check on Marco.

(Yn): Like I Said Marco.

Marco: Yea yea, your right.

(Yn): So you guys together now.

Marco: Yup.

(Yn): And was it that hard for you to ask her??

Marco: Mmmm, not quite.

(Yn): Hehe, all these years Marco, and you did it.

Marco: Yea.

(Yn): So what are you guys up to?

Marco: Jackie is calling her parents to pick us up to take us to this concert she invited me.

(Yn): Cool.

Marco: Yea, oh she's coming.

(Yn): OK, gotta go to the house already, later.

Marco: Later.

(Yn) jumps to the trees and started doing park our on his way home.

Jackie: My parents are coming.

Marco: Cool.

They both sat on the bench and lean towards each other.

Jackie: I'm glad were dating Marco, this is the best day ever.

Marco: Me too babe...Me too.

End of chapter

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