Chp.2 A New Friend Helps Out

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Ludo was about to kill jackie and Marco.

Ludo: So long Marco and Jackie!

Suddenly, Someone/body gave Ludo a massive punch in the face and sending him flying towards the wall. Ludo let's go the wand on the ground after he was punched. The monsters saw what happened and went to save Ludo and releasing Star, Kelly, Ponyhead and Tom. Star wakes up Tom from that punch he received and they went off to go check on Marco and Jackie. Janna and the others went as well.

Star: Oh my gosh, Jackie?! Are you Okay!

Star hugs jackie.

Jackie: Im okay Star.

Star: Marco! Oh my gosh, Your hurt badly!

Marco: Heh, D-Dont worry guys ...

Jackie: No, your in pain we have to help you.

Janna: Besides, who gave that weirdo bird a knuckle sandwich.

Ferguson: For Real? Where is he?

Someone jumped off from the tree and landed on the ground with feet. He was looking forwards and the guys were looking at him at his back

Alfonso: Its him!

Star: Hey, Wh-Who are you?

The guys were trying to know who was that person who saved Marco and Jackie's life.

???: Just a guy that like to help people.

Jackie: If your the one who saved me and Marco, Thanks.

???: No problem.

Star: Yea thanks, but we still wanna know who are you?

The person turned around slowly and looks at star and them.

???: The names (Yn).

(Yn) was his name. He was wearing a black shirt, black pants and black shoes.

Star: (Yn)...Right OK um ... Thanks for saving my friends, I really appreciate your help.

(Yn): No problem.

Ludo got up hurtly.

Ludo: Oh my head...

Jasper: Master, are you okay?

Bellatrix: That punch look painful.

Ludo: I'm fine ... I'm fine ...

Ludo got up.

Ludo: Who did this?! I will kill the bastard who put his hands on me?!!!

Ludo: You! What was that for?!!!

(Yn): Just to let you know that I hate jerks like you who tried to kill innocent people, like these people, they never did nothing to you, but since you insist to hurt them, might as well have a little fun of kicking your ass.

Ludo: Rrrrrrrg, do you even know who you dealing with?! Your dealing with Ludo, The monster who will destroy you and also my monsters over here.

(Yn): you and your monster are nothing but fucked up jerks, trying to kill these innocent people, might as well teach you a lesson.

Ludo: R-Really?! HA! Don't make me laugh. Can you honestly think you can take out my 10 most ruthless and powerful monsters. make it easier for you, I'll let one monster go against you, Jasper! Teach this brat a lesson.

Jasper: With pleasure

Jasper cracks his knuckles. Then walks towards (Yn).

Star: Hey (Yn)! Get back we'll take care of him...

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