Ch.8 The Dream

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It was 4am in the night, Everyone in Marco's house were asleep, but not mostly everyone, (Yn) was sleeping, but suddenly was having a weird dream.

*In the dream*

(Yn): Wh-Where am I??

In his dream, he was floating and it looked like if he was in a place where everything is white. Suddenly, a book went floating towards him and it looked like a magic book spell.

(Yn): A book?? What's going on anyways?

The book open its self, and in the book, a little person came from the book. He was blue, had 6 long fingers, a long nose, yellow clothes, and a crystal on his forehead.

???: Greetings.

(Yn): Wh-Who are you???

???: The names Glossaryck.

(Yn): Glossaryck?

Glossaryk: Yes, and you must be the kid who saved Star and Marco from those monsters yesterday at night.

(Yn): Y-Yea, how you know??

Glossaryk: Doesn't matter right now, what matters us that your in deep danger kid.

(Yn): Danger? Like what kind of danger?

Glossaryk: You are being targeted by someone who wants to kill you.

(Yn): Kill me!?? Who would do that??

Glossaryk: You have to find out on your own.

(Yn): What??!!! Ok, look little guy, who are you and what is even going on???!!!

Glossaryk: *Sighs* Ok look, you know who I am, but another thing about me is that I am Star's helper, meaning that I have to take care her and look out for her.

(Yn): Oooh.

Glossaryk: Yup.

(Yn): But, I don't understand who would want to kill me and how do you know who is that person??!!!!

Glossaryk: The answer ... Is the one who killed the person you ever cared about.

(Yn): Th-The Lizard?!!!! H-He was the one who caused the death of my master?!!! H-How did you know he's coming back?!!! And How does he know Im here.

Glossaryk: I can't tell you.

(Yn): Why the hell not?!!??

Glossaryk: Cause your about to wake up in 3...2...1.

Once Glossaryk counted to one, (Yn) suddenly woke up and noticed that he wasn't dreaming no more, he was back to normal. Still, he was curious about when is Toffee coming back.

(Yn): What a weird dream...

(Yn) look at the alarm and it was 6:30am in the morning.

(Yn): Well, if that Glossaryk person is telling the truth, I guess I have to be alerted and be ready for him.

End of chapter

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