Chp.23 Mewni

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In Mewni, there was a peaceful village with citizens enjoying their life's, Suddenly a portal opened, which it was Star, Marco and (Yn). They arrived to Mewni, Star's Home.

(Yn): Wh-Where are we?

Star: We are at my home dimension. (Yn), Welcome to Mewni.

(Yn): Mewni??

Marco: Yea, Been here a lot and it was pretty fun to be here actually.

(Yn): Hehe, I see.

Marco: So, why are we here??

Star: Oh, right! My parents need me for something!

Marco: Like?

Star: I don't know, Mom seemed serious when she saw this lightning bolt mark that it on (Yn)'s hand... Have you ever noticed you had this Mark?

(Yn): N-No...but when your mom pointed it out, I just noticed, I don't really know what it is is and what this has to do with me?

Star: Well whatever this means, we have to get to mom quick, come on let's go!

The guys went rushing to the castle to go see Star's parents. 3 minutes later, they have arrived to the entrance, seeing 2 guards at the entrance.

Guard #1: Star, Marco, its so nice to see you again!

Guard #2: What brings you guys here back to mewni?

Star: I am here to see my parents, its an emergency.

Guard #2: and who is this new lad?

Star: This is (Yn), my boyfriend.

Guard #1: Oh my.

Guard #2: So, is he going to be like your...prince?

(Yn): Yup.

Star: Okay anyways, can you two open the door, my mom needs me urgent.

Guard #1 and #2: Yes Ma'am!

The guards opened the door for them and enter inside the castle. Inside the castle, was really big, there were a bunch of photos of Star and her parents, there was another room that leads to the kitchen, another room that led to the dining room and 2 big stairs leading up to their rooms.

(Yn): Wow...this castle is really big.

Marco: I know.

Moon: Ah, Star you arrived.

Star: Hi mom.

Moon came downstairs in a rush to approach Star and them.

Moon: Thank god you are here, especially you (Yn).

(Yn): Your highness, is everything okay, what does this mark has to do between you and I?

Moon: *sighs* follow me.

The guys followed Moon to know where exactly she was leading them. A few minutes later, they were at this hallway were there was a two big doors. Moon opened it with a key she has in her hands. She opened it and the room looked pitch black.

Star: So dark.

Marco: Where are the lights?

(Yn): Um...what is this place.

Suddenly, Moon clap her hands twice to make the lights turn on and once they were on, the guys were surprised to see that the room, was filled with pictures of queens.
Star: Wow...

Marco: What is this??!

Moon: These are the pictures of queens.

The guys spread to look at the picture.

Star: Celena the shy...

Marco: Festivia...

(Yn): Skywynne....

Moon: (Yn), would you come for a moment.

(Yn): S-Sure...

(Yn) approached to Moon, where she was standing next ta a picture of a queen fighting monsters. She was furious, brave and she was had hair on one and the other was bald. Somehow her cheeks have the same lighting g bolt mark as (Yn)'s from his hand. Moon observed the marks of his hand and the queens cheeks, she realizes they both match together.

Moon: Oh my goodness!

Star: What wrong mom?

Marco: Yea.

Moon was quiet for a second and tells (Yn) the truth.

Moon: After these years, we have found you.

(Yn): Huh???? Um, your highness, what are you talking about?? And why does that lady have the same marks as I have in my arm???

Moon: (Yn), this your mother.

(Yn) was shocked and his eyes were wide and was looking at the picture of the queen.

(Yn): Th-That mom??!!!!

End of Chapter

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