Chp.4 Helping A Star Out

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After Ludo left to his dimension, (Yn) can't wait for him to return so he can still teach him a lesson. But after that, He heard star yelling for help.

Star: Hey (Yn)! Help us please.

(Yn) ran to Star to help her out.

Star: Oh thank god your alive.

(Yn): Don't worry about me, We need to worry about your injured friend.

Jackie: Can you help him? Please.

(Yn) Don't worry.

(Yn) checked Marco's Pulse.

(Yn): Okay, luckily he's still alive but for me he can dead any minute.

Jackie: Oh no!

Ferguson: Please help our friend out!

Alfonso: Please!

Tom: please man,  I don't want to lose my friend!

(Yn): Relax guys, Luckily I can test this spell out for him.

Star: Spell?

Jackie: What spell?

(Yn): Just lay him down on the ground.

Star and them put Marco on the ground faced up. (Yn) puts his hands open to his chest. Suddenly (Yn)'s hand started glowing and the glowing spell was going to Marco's body.

Jackie: Hey, what are you doing?!

Star: Jackie wait! I think he's healing him up.

(Yn) continues to use his spell to heal up Marco. 10 seconds later, (Yn) was finished. Marco's body wasn't damage at all, not even blood. Marco opens his eyes and stood up.

Marco: Wh-What happened?

Star: Marco!

Star hugs him tightly.

Marco: Star?

Star: I'm so glad your OK!

All the other guys were glad Marco is OK.

Jackie: Marco! Oh my gosh dude your alive!

Jackie also hugs Marco.

Marco: Y-Yea. What happened?

Ferguson: Dude, we were so scared that we were gonna die from those monsters.

Alfonso: Suddenly, this kid just came out of no where and saved us!

Kelly: Yea, and he even took out those bastards!

Ponyhead: He was like BOOM, BAM, POW, KA-POW!

Tom: He even saved your life from your death.

Marco: Save my life?!

Janna: You were really hurt and was losing too much blood and he used this spell to save your life.

Marco: Wow... So I was actually going to die!?

Star: Yea, but luckily he was here to save us, especially you.

Jackie: If it wasn't for him, then ... We would lose you ....forever ...

Marco: Wow, but where is he?

Star: Oh he's right .... Here???

Jackie: Hey, where did he go?

Janna shrugs.

Ferguson: Hey guys, He's up in the tree!

Everyone looked up in this one big tree where (Yn) was standing at.

Star: H-Hey (Yn)...

(Yn) Jumps off from the tree and lands on the ground on feet.

Everyone went walking towards him.

Marco: So, your the one who took out the monsters?

(Yn): Yup.

Marco: Guys, you really think this kid can just take out those Aggressive, 6 foot ...

(Yn) punched the tree and made it fall to prove Marco that he was the one who took out the monsters.

Marco: What the-

(Yn): Do you believe me now?

Marco: ...Yes, Indeed, and um...I want to thank you for saving our butts, and I thank you too for saving my life.

(Yn): No worries, those monsters had it coming.

Marco: Heh, Yea.

(Yn): Anyways, you guys should go home, its getting really dark.

Marco: Yea, its getting late.

Star: We should be heading home now.

Marco: Yea, OK guys let's go.

(Yn): Be safe.

Marco: OK we will.

All of the guys went walking home, but star stop and went to (Yn).

Star: Hey um...(yn)?

(Yn): Yes?

Star: I just wanted to say thanks. If it wasn't for you, we wouldn't have been killed, especially losing our friend.

(Yn): No problem, Just don't like jerks that hurt people like you.

Star: And um question, where did you even learn how to fight, How did one of my friends know that your special attack was called "The Dragon Fist"? And, where did learn how to cast a spell?

(Yn): You wanna know?

Star: Y-Yes!

(Yn) OK, look behind you.

Star looks back, and doesn't seem anything.

Star: I don't see ... anything??

Star once turned back, and realized that (Yn) disappeared.

Star: where did he go??

Marco yelled at Star.

Marco: Star!

Star: Oh, um I'm coming!

Star looks around, and leaves. A scene showing (Yn) on top of the tree.

(Yn): You'll find out sooner or later. Until we meet again ... Star.

End of chapter

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