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Star Vs The Legendary Warrior (Star x Male Reader) Completed by Victor_TheRiper
Star Vs The Legendary Warrior (Sta...by Victor Hernandez
Star Butterfly and Marco Diaz, two 18 year old teenagers, living there life's together as best friends at echo creek, everything goes well until Star's mom, Queen Moon...
  • kingriver
  • queenmoon
  • angiediaz
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Human Male Sans Reader x Star Butterlfy by Victor_TheRiper
Human Male Sans Reader x Star Butt...by Victor Hernandez
(YN), A 18 year old teenager who has been living a tough life after his ex has cheated on him over another boy. For months he hasn't got over it, until his parents thoug...
  • malekingasgore
  • femalequeentoriel
  • ferguson
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Chains That Bind by Princess_Janiz
Chains That Bindby ShiningAhgase
Being a princess, Star was no stranger when it comes to the word betrothed. But having King River as your father, she had no worries. After being sent to Earth under the...
  • marco
  • underworld
  • star
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A Star Falls in Love (Star x MaleReader) Completed! by Victor_TheRiper
A Star Falls in Love (Star x MaleR...by Victor Hernandez
OK, guys sorry that if I have to do this again, that one story I wrote 2 days ago was wack for me, but I'm sure, I mean 100% that this story will be the best, but it is...
  • ponyhead
  • monsters
  • star
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The Magical Misadventures of Marco Diaz by littleannierooney
The Magical Misadventures of Marco...by Annie Rooney
Marco is trapped in a twisted alternate dimension. The only way out is to defeat Hekapoo and get back his dimensional scissors. This is the story of what happened during...
  • starandtheforcesofevil
  • marcodiaz
  • hekapoo
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Star Vs The Forces of Evil: Royal Pain by deadclownseance
Star Vs The Forces of Evil: Royal...by Deadclownseance
It's bad enough Star Butterfly has been neglected by her best friend, Marco Diaz. Ever since he got together with Jackie Lynn Thomas, their relationship has greatly affe...
  • starvstheforcesofevil
  • fanfiction
  • drama
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A Monster's Tyranny (Optional Read) by StarcoFan888
A Monster's Tyranny (Optional Read)by Jake
19 Years later Noble wants revenge on Marco after everything he has done to his family. But a new villain named Malice has taken over Mewni and stole everyone's magic. M...
  • malice
  • hate
  • power
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Raised By The Time Out Guy  by Varian122894
Raised By The Time Out Guy by Varian122894
What if after the Kyuubi attack Kushina sends Naruto away to another dimension? What if he was found by Rhombulus? What it would be like if he grew up with Star as her b...
  • yaoi
  • crossover
  • marcodiaz
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SVTFOE: A change of heart by x0xne1i
SVTFOE: A change of heartby Oneli
Star is heartbroken. Marco doesnt seem to want her. she falls deep into a pit of sadness and abandonment. but when a few unexpected changes occur. acceptance found som...
  • heart
  • princess
  • mewni
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Memories | SVTFOE Fanfic by whereami_
Memories | SVTFOE Fanficby cracktaebooty_
Star was just walking around her room until someone came in the castle and brought her something or somewhere special. Where did that person take her? Who is that perso...
  • moon
  • starbutterfly
  • toffee
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Star vs the Forces of evil: Toffee x Reader: Mewni High by msdowell0305
Star vs the Forces of evil: Toffee...by WhiteSheWolf
Hey guys WhiteSheWolf here and It's finally here, this is where you and Toffee met in high school, and also pretend Queen Moon is you, I hope you guys enjoy the story.
  • xreader
  • kingriver
  • rasticore
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A Sapatarian's Tale {Toffee x reader} by TriniLadybug
A Sapatarian's Tale {Toffee x read...by J-bug
"I call the darkness onto me. From deepest depths of earth and sea,from ancient evils unawoken break the one that can't be broken. To blackest night I pledge my sou...
  • queenmoon
  • ludo
  • toffeexreader
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Bad Influence//(svtfoe) by SkyyeMac
Bad Influence//(svtfoe)by Skyye Macnamara
Queen Moon and King River's Eldest daughter Solstice Butterfly was a student at St. Olga's school for wayward princesses. She was always a rebel who never did what she w...
  • starbutterfly
  • jarco
  • mewni
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Ocram Ziad: Conqueror of Mewni by RealSilentReaper
Ocram Ziad: Conqueror of Mewniby Silent Reaper
I hate to see failure. Ever since I first met her, she was naive, foolish, and blind. She had all of this power, including an instruction book full of spells, yet she ne...
  • starbutterfly
  • action-adventure
  • jannaordonia
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"I love you"... It could have been.... by Pennyshipper
"I love you"... It could have been...by Pennyshipper
Queen Moon has decided to make peace with the monsters, if it didn't work, she would use a certain spell... But there was no spell to prevent what would happen if The Ge...
  • queenmoon
  • moonffee
  • starvstheforcesofevil
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Poisoned Heart {Toffee x Moon} by Otakucosplayer9000
Poisoned Heart {Toffee x Moon}by AskMeLAndCrew
I'm just publishing my work I've been working on for the past days. I think it'll make me more active like a Habit. ANYWAY! Enjoy my Sad Fanfiction of my favorite Queen...
  • starvstheforcesofevil
  • toffee
  • moon
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Evil Queen (Svtfoe AU) by the_carzyone
Evil Queen (Svtfoe AU)by T 0 t 3
After star's parents are found dead of unknown causes at the castle, star, at the age of 16 is forced to marry Lewis Franz Elenor, a prince of another kingdom to avoid a...
  • svtfoeau
  • queenmoon
  • eclipsa
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A Little Rebellious by SkyyeMac
A Little Rebelliousby Skyye Macnamara
"he's my brother I would do anything for him." Marcos twin sister Aspen was a called a lot of things the rebel, the cool kid, the cheerleader, so when Star sho...
  • mewni
  • fluff
  • eclipsa
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Ask Queen Moon  by mangle234
Ask Queen Moon by Leslie De Mangle
Ask Queen Moon Butterfly anything you want to ask her
  • svtfoe
  • moonbutterfly
  • queenmoon
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Tom X Star fanfiction (Starco is completely plutonic) by YandereCailyn
Tom X Star fanfiction (Starco is c...by YandereCailyn
I really don't know I started this in the middle of the night and just kept it going I think it's pretty good lol.
  • marcodiaz
  • tomlucitaur
  • jana
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