Chp.27 The Truth About Toffee

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(Yn) was shock and surprised to hear from Star, saying that she killed Toffee, when Moon came up to Star's room.

Moon: what's going on? I heard a scream!

Marco: Don't worry Moon, (Yn) had a nightmare.

Moon: Really?!!? (Yn), sweetie are you okay??!

(Yn): Y-Yea...I had a nightmare about... Toffee.

Moon: Toffee!!??

(Yn): Yea... I had a dream of him, saying he's coming for you guys, especially me.

Moon: But that's preposterous, He's dead.

(Yn): I know, Star told me, but she also meant that she ... killed him??

Moon: Why of course...She killed him.

(Yn): R-Really!? How??!

Moon: it happened at the castle...

*Flashback while Moon Talking*

Moon: It was the battle for Mewni, Ludo was taking over the castle, When he did, he wasn't alone, he had someone with him that helped him, Toffee. Toffee was in Ludo's wand, or should I say a piece of glass that was missing from Star'a wand.

Star: Hehe...

Moon: Anyways, ludo had a piece of Star'a wand that was missing from her and somehow the piece made a wand for Ludo, apparently that wand was toffee from the inside, controlling him. After that, Star had sacrifice herself to do the whispering spell to Ludo, which was really dangerous to do it.

(Yn): What?? The whispering spell??

Moon: Yes, a spell that's so dangerous it can make the wand explode itself, not only that, the person who does the whispering spell can go in the wand, So I'm guessing that's how toffee got in the wand in the first time. Once Star did the spell, somehow, Toffee managed to get out from the wand, and leaving Star alone. I was furious that I lost Star because of him. And something happened, Star came out from the wand, but in butterfly form, with that form, she was managed to defeat Toffee.

*Back to Moon*

Moon: And thats how it all happen...

(Yn): Wow, So... He died by Star.

Moon: Yes...

(Yn) turns around and looks at Star with a smile and goes up to her and hugs her.

Star: (Yn)?

(Yn): Thanks for taking out Toffee.

Star smiles and hugs (Yn) back.

Moon: But, (Yn) you said you had a dream about him right??

(Yn): Y-Yea... and saying that he's coming for you guys, especially me.

Moon: That's weird...

Marco: Yes, I mean Star did kill Toffee and it's imposible for him to come back and have his vengeance.

Star: Come on guys, you don't believe it's true I mean (Yn), it's maybe a dream, that can be possibly happen that he's coming for us. I mean I killed him, but that's impossible for him to return cause...he's dead.

(Yn): Mmmm, maybe your right, it's just a dream, maybe I'm overreacting a little.

Marco: Yes hehe...

Moon: Heh, anyways (Yn), all matters is that your safe and back.

(Yn): Yea.

Moon: Well, Okay then, this settles it then, I let you guys on your own, I have to do some thing.

Star: Okay mom.

Moon leaves Star's room.

Marco: So...What you guys wanna do?

(Yn): I don't know...

Star: Well since were in Mewni, we can go to the forest and go to that lake to chill.

Marco: Cool.

(Yn): Lake?

Marco: There's this lake where me, Star and our friends chill, you should go too, it's pretty cool to chill over there.

(Yn): Well, okay then, why not.

Marco: Cool.

Star: Alright lets go guys!

End of Chapter

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