Chp.29 The Search

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Meanwhile in a another dimension, Toffee, Ludo, and Crank were at the castle, searching for Star and them. Ludo used a dimensional tracking divise to find them.

Toffee: Anything yet Ludo?

Ludo: No my liege, this damn divise still doesn't work.

Crank: So, what happen to the gang?

Ludo: Long story...

Crank has his arm crossed.

Crank: What do you mean?

Toffee: He means that your friends has been killed.

Crank: What!!!?? How??!! Who?!!

Toffee: You'll find out when we find the person who is responsible of killing your friends.

Crank: We better, cause when I find this person, I'm going to smash him up!

Ludo: My liege! The divise!

Suddenly, the divise was beeping to a red dots, which means that they have found Star and them.

Toffee: Excellent work Ludo! Now where are they??

Ludo: Hmmm, it seems they are at ... Mewni!

Toffee: Mewni ehh? Well, Let's go and pay them a visit shall we?

Crank: Hell yea! But...I'm just the only monster here, aren't there like ... more??

Toffee: Don't worry, luckily I got a new tricks on my sleeves.

Toffee goes to a room, Crank and Ludo follows him. Toffee lead them into a room where it had never been before, but only toffee knows about it.

Ludo: Toffee, what's this door?? I never know this was been here?

Toffee: Ludo, Crank, What your about to witnessed is something I have been holding them for years.

Once Toffee opened the door, inside the room was filled with vicious monster, tied up in chains.

Crank: Woah!

Ludo: My liege??! Are these...

Toffee: Yes, my monsters, or should I experiments!

Crank: Experiment?!

Ludo: Toffee...what are you talking about??

Toffee: You see, I created these monsters ever since I invaded Mewni years ago, looking for (Yn) when he was just a baby. So I save some right here in this room.

Ludo: My liege...You are a genius!

Crank: I got me some new friends!

Toffee pressed a button from the wall, making the chains release the monsters free.

Toffee: Listen up! We are going to Mewni! We are going over there and take over it and once your doing that, I, Toffee, will go after to the person I have been waiting for! Are you with me?

The monsters roar loudly, saying that they are all agreeing to Toffee.

Toffee: Good! Ludo.

Ludo: Yes my liege?

Toffee: Let's go!

Ludo: Yes, Come on Crank!

Crank: Hehe, Can't wait to get over there and smash stuff!

Toffee: I am coming for you ... (Yn)!

End of Chapter

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