Chp.18 Confessing

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While Star and (Yn) were both sitting on the bed together, enjoying there warm milk, (Yn) had a confession with Star.

(Yn): H-Hey Star...?

Star: Yea?

(Yn): Remember earlier when we both told each about having a crush to each other.

Star: O-Oh....y-yea...whats up??

(Yn): Well...I don't know how to say this but...what we did together ... Did that make us showing how much and care about each other...??

Star: ...W-Well, I was meaning to ask you that, and....for was, because I was gonna confess you about having a crush on you and then maybe start doing us together, but since you brought up about how to kiss a girl, I guess my plan did my work at all hehe...

(Yn): O-Oh...Well, I only told you that because I was meaning to kiss

Star: R-Really??

(Yn): Y-Yea, So I can show you how much I really love you, but since...this happened to us... I guess  I already show you...

Star: S-So ...what you're trying to say is like me as well.?

(Yn): ...Yea

Star: How long you had a crush on me?

(Yn): Ever since I started living here...

Star: Oh...

(Yn): Yea...and you...? How long you had these feelings for me...?

Star: ...Ever since i met you.

(Yn): Oh...

Star: Yea...

(Yn): So, I guess your my....girl...friend..?

Star: *giggles* I suppose yea and you are my boyfriend as well.

(Yn): Hehe, cool.

(Yn) wrap his arm around Star while she had her head leaned on (Yn)'s head.

Star: But we have to keep this a secret...

(Yn): wh-what?? Having a crush on each other???

Star: No, that we can tell but I mean about what we done with us together.

(Yn): Ooooh...oh, you right.

Star: Yea, none of our friends have to know about this, not even my parents!

(Yn): You have parents??

Star: Well no duh, I'm from another dimension.

(Yn): Oh yea hehe, you right..

Star: *smirks*

(Yn): *Yawns* oh man am I sleepy.

Star: Same.

(Yn): Alright then, I'll be at my room...

Star: Uhm...actually...(Yn)?

(Yn): Yea?

Star: Is it okay if you wanna...sleep with me? If you want too....not just forcing you just because your my boyfriend... Just wanted some company.

(Yn): Oh, Ehm...sure I don't mind.

Star: Hehe, okey dokey then.

(Yn) went to Star's bed to get comfortable, he was going to sleep with his pants on but without shirt, and Star was going to get more comfortable sleeping with (Yn), she was gonna sleep with her pink panties on and wearing (Yn)'s black shirt, the shirt was really big for her it almost covered half of her body. They both got comfortable to sleep each other. Star Nuzzled herself on (Yn)'s chest and had her head under his chin, (Yn) was grabbing her from her waist.

Star: You know...I can tell my parents about you, they will really like you, I should take you and visit them.

(Yn): But you ain't finna tell them about us about doing it right?

Star: Hell the fuck nah, if I do, they will kill me of they find out.

(Yn): Hehe, OK and I'll be happy to meet your parents.

Star: Hehe, I'll contact with them tomorrow.

(Yn): Okay.

Star: Hey...

(Yn): Yea?

Star: I love you ❤.

(Yn): I love you too ❤.

(Yn) gives a smooch to Star's forehead and went off sleeping together.

End of Chapter.

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