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Hollywood's Golden Runaway by laurielooo
Hollywood's Golden Runawayby ℓᴀᴜʀɪᴇ ℓᴏᴏ
Before Isabella Scott was the world-famous actress she is today, she was just Salem Evans from the small town of Matlin Falls, Illinois. A quiet nobody who just happened...
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The Smuggler with a Secret: A Star Wars adventure by TheTavernPrince
The Smuggler with a Secret: A TheTavernPrince
The stories and adventures of a smuggler and swindler. Kyle Kwynteh.
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Tears in your Eyes by aTaleofTwoNee9
Tears in your Eyesby midorinohime
Black Star, Top Assassin of the group Tombstone suddenly left without a trace, leaving behind two apprentices searching for their Leader. With her gone, the Black Holes...
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Forever by potatoescangiggle
Foreverby Beth
Destiny Blake has lived in numerous adoption homes since she was 15, living with the secret that she can do things that aren’t quite…. Normal. When a mysterious man show...
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Piano Girl (Soul Eater X Reader) by iloveyousketdance
Piano Girl (Soul Eater X Reader)by awkwardlyweirdpotato
The gang was headed to Lord Death's office but when they entered they heard a piano being played. They soon found out that all this time there was a girl, given by the t...
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Stars Align #Wattys2016 by emmlrh
Stars Align #Wattys2016by em
"Their love was a star; it was always glowing, it never faded, it was always there even when they could not see it. What if we're all stars waiting to align with ot...
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LETTERS TO ASTRO✔ by ChAhnyeoliee_Exo
'...Wanna be your star..'-ASTRO Junhyun smiled at their group greeting. They had finally become famous. All they ever wanted to be was her Star but they had become A Sta...
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Star Wars:Brains XV  by andresrico27
Star Wars:Brains XV by Andres Rico
Jake,Hyro, and Kyana or Iana (Code Name:Nebula) are going on a mission to Rodia where the senator was murdered. They are going in disguise but things begin getting risky
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The Call to the Dark Side by 1TruFangirl
The Call to the Dark Sideby 1 Tru Fangirl
After Mylla is captured my none other then Kylo Ren, he first thought is, "don't betray the resistance." Her second thought is of course, "How do I get ou...
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Star Wars:The Old Republic - The Cold War by Plethoraofstories
Star Wars:The Old Republic - The Evan
An fiction serial based on the popular Star Wars franchise and The Old Republic video game. Set during the Cold War period of the Great Galactic War, it follows the stor...
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Starco 3: Jump For Joy by Zachfiction
Starco 3: Jump For Joyby Zach Davies
This is the sequel to Starco 2: Under the Skin. If you haven't read it, please do or you wont get the plot points. 5 years after the Globnar incident, and Star and Marco...
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I Had To Fekk It Up (MCR Fanfic) by MissCrazyMegz
I Had To Fekk It Up (MCR Fanfic)by Megan
Kristen Levage is your average teenage girl. Loljk, I say average, she's...a teenage girl. Kristen is 16 and obsessed with My Chemical Romance. So one night, just for a...
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Imperial Honor Chapter 11 of 13 by imperialjedi
Imperial Honor Chapter 11 of 13by Lily
Alexa's Jedi trials begin. how will this work with her Jedi Master exile train her while she's on an ISD?
A Star Wars Christmas by _obi-wankenobi_
A Star Wars Christmasby kenobi
Hello my lovely readers! So to spice up the anxiety and spirit of the most wonderful time of the year, I decided to make a Christmas Star Wars book. Yess... I know, it's...
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You're a Star, Only for My Eyes to See, Never for My Hands to Hold by thecheesymuffing
You're a Star, Only for My Eyes claudia
Jenny Speers is a 15 year old not fame concerned girl from California. Her sister and her cousin are totally obsessed with teen superstar Adam Skye. She is sick of heari...
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Marco, I love you by sappyfire
Marco, I love youby Bells
It's only been a year since Star moved to Earth. And she's been hiding her feelings for Marco. She even set him up with another girl. But when Jackie and Marco break up...
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Undercover by Ilyanaz
Undercoverby Ilyana
Alex is 18 en studeert aan Stanford University. Daar ontmoet ze Aidan, een lieve, aardige en knappe jongen. Alex wilt eigenlijk even geen vriendje, maar Aidan brengt ver...
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STAR WARS QUOTES by steventrevor
STAR WARS QUOTESby gabriella
Here are some of my personal favorite Star Wars quotes, because, you know, why not?
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One Shots ((Multi-Fandom)) by BeckahBear-1
One Shots ((Multi-Fandom))by BeckahBear-1
One Shots for multiple fandoms including but not limited to; One Direction, 5SOS, Harry Potter, Percy Jackson, Youtubers, Viners, Pentatonix, Star Wars, Sherlock, etc.
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A new force || Completed by anothercinderellaa
A new force || Completedby anothercinderellaa
Layla. She was the daughter of the rulers of Corellia. She was a Jedi, trained by Obi-Wan Kenobi. While delivering the technical readouts to the Rebels the Empire captur...
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