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Another Butterfly『Marco Diaz x Reader』 by KimmiePines
Another Butterfly『Marco Diaz x 𝕜𝕚𝕞
"Y/N, it's okay if you don't like me back, I just want to tell you what I truly feel about you. Will you stay by my side?" Star Butterfly's sister who goes by...
  • starvstheforcesofevil
  • tom
  • xreader
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I'll Paint You, Mornings Of Gold (Labyrinth Fanfiction) P.S. Jareth×Reader by atedoreenz
I'll Paint You, Mornings Of Gold ( thegiftofgod
(UNDER EDITING* THANK YOU FOR UNDERSTANDING) What if Sarah Williams didn't exist and you we're the Goblin King's Bride? In a world where nothing is what it seems. Pre...
  • labyrinth
  • thranduil
  • pixies
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Dying Breath (Labyrinth Fanfic) (UNEDITED VERSION) by sarahlet2999
Dying Breath (Labyrinth Fanfic) ( A Fifth Cellar Occupant
*ALERT* THIS IS THE UNEDITED VERSION OF DYING BREATH *ALERT* The edited version has begun to be posted so if you wish to read those chapters, feel free too. The plot is...
  • fae
  • dying
  • trolls
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Labyrinth 2: The Return Of The Goblin King by DavidBowiesBest
Labyrinth 2: The Return Of The Alexis Weaver
I only recommend this story for people who have seen, understood, and enjoyed the 1986 movie Labyrinth, starring David Bowie(and his awesomeness) as Jareth-the villain-a...
  • love
  • haggy
  • didymus
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♤ A Moth In The Butterfly Family ♤ 《Svtfoe Reader-Insert 》 by ChipBaguette
♤ A Moth In The Butterfly Family ♤ ChipBaguette
The moth symbolizes determination, attraction, psychic abilities, and faith. Although moths are nocturnal, they are driven toward light for some unknown reason. ... Moth...
  • marco
  • thisisbad
  • ludo
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comet and (Y/N) vs the forces of evil by erikaluo50
comet and (Y/N) vs the forces of snowflake150
(Various x reader) Comet and (Y/N) dragonfly are royal twins of mewni the kids of queen moon and king river but what happend if both can't control there wand and they ar...
  • genderbend
  • comet
  • toffee
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My Demon by DemonsAngel55
My Demonby DemonsAngel55
Tom invites Star to the blood moon ball. Star goes and Marco tries to "save" her. what happens if Marco grabs the demons hand instead of stars. This story is...
  • glossarik
  • neardeath
  • tomco
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You're Not A Monster (Male Reader x Star Butterfly) by Victor_TheRiper
You're Not A Monster (Male Victor Hernandez
(YN), A young warrior who was raised and born with an impressive and enormous power. He was snatched from his parents by the hands of Toffee, a monster lizard who he rai...
  • monsters
  • svtfoe
  • river
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Star Vs The Legendary Warrior (Star x Male Reader) Completed by Victor_TheRiper
Star Vs The Legendary Warrior ( Victor Hernandez
Star Butterfly and Marco Diaz, two 18 year old teenagers, living there life's together as best friends at echo creek, everything goes well until Star's mom, Queen Moon...
  • lekmet
  • rhombulus
  • ferguson
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Genderbend Svtfoe Various x Reader by ILuvsGenevieve
Genderbend Svtfoe Various x Readerby ILuvsGenevieve
I'm terrible at descriptions plus the title says it it all Enjoy my ducklings
  • male
  • ludo
  • fanfic
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Magic Dance (Jareth x Reader) by Somber_Wishes
Magic Dance (Jareth x Reader)by Alien Sex Messiah
Thirty-one years after his defeat and rejection by Sarah, Jareth's heart and kingdom are still in thousands of pieces. He thought that he could love no more, that is unt...
  • xreader
  • labyrinth
  • adventure
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New World (Jareth x Reader)  by LannisterJester
New World (Jareth x Reader) by LannisterJester
Y/n is a young quiet teenager. She has love for the arts and has a obsession with books since she is always trying to escape her life. Her mother and father like to lay...
  • tricks
  • fantasy
  • owls
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Star vs the forces of evil one shots (hiatus) by CattyBree
Star vs the forces of evil one Mystic Wolf
Hi guys this is my third book I've made I really hope you guys like this one. By the way I will write no smut or lemons so if you request for one I am sorry but I have t...
  • svtfoe
  • ludo
  • bufffrog
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A Star Falls in Love (Star x MaleReader) Completed! by Victor_TheRiper
A Star Falls in Love (Star x Victor Hernandez
OK, guys sorry that if I have to do this again, that one story I wrote 2 days ago was wack for me, but I'm sure, I mean 100% that this story will be the best, but it is...
  • toffee
  • janna
  • star
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Labyrinth 2 by BusyScott
Labyrinth 2by Bella Scott
7 years on after Sarah defeated Jareth the Goblin King, she still has unanswered questions. Did the Goblin King 'really' want her to love him? Did she want to stay in th...
  • ruebella
  • alfie
  • posy
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Trust Me (starco) by Shining_X
Trust Me (starco)by I m a g i n e
Star and Marco are best friends. They each have their own lives. Their own friends. Their own interests. but Their Bonded for life. Are they going to be so thing more? B...
  • drama
  • audrey
  • love
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Labyrinth Lover (Jareth x Reader) by special_agent_tia
Labyrinth Lover (Jareth x Reader)by Special Agent Tia
Y/n Williams is Sarah Williams' older sister. Jareth meant for Sarah to find his book, but what happens when Y/n finds it? What happens when she wishes Toby away after a...
  • labyrinth
  • sarahwilliams
  • jareth
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🌟 SVTFOE x reader one shots 🌟 by ThePandaburrr
🌟 SVTFOE x reader one shots 🌟by Minjonet
Closed for now!!
  • monsters
  • ludo
  • tom
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In the Eyes of the Queen [ Labyrinth ] ✔ by Riley_Berg
In the Eyes of the Queen [ Riley Berg
[Labyrinth fanfiction] COMPLETE. Sarah is 19 and has managed to lead a relatively normal life -- if you don't count goblins and secret admiration. Unfortunately, her hu...
  • jareth
  • labyrinth
  • sirdidymus
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The Labyrinth Sequel by Kingkai1
The Labyrinth Sequelby Kingkai1
In the sequel to the popular 1986 movie The Labyrinth (that I am trying to write to the best of my abilities) Sarah and Toby are on an adventure again when Toby is kidna...
  • david
  • labyrinth
  • 1986
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