Chp.38 Good Ending

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As (Yn) defeated Toffee, he goes finds his friends. He goes around the castle to see guards with his friends. As he approached to them, they all notice.

Marco: Guys look!

Star: (Yn)!!!

Star runs up to (Yn) with happiness and crying as well. She then jumps on (Yn) for a hug.

Star: *sobs* your alive!!

(Yn): Shhh... it's okay baby... it's okay... Toffee is gone, forever.

Star kissed (Yn) on his lips and there lips were connected.

Star: I'm so glad your not dead...again...hehe..

(Yn): Yea, luckily..

The gang walked up to (Yn) as well.

Marco: Hey (Yn) you okay?

(Yn): Yea.

Marco: Good, cause I don't wanna lose you again...

(Yn): Me neither bro.

They both hugged it out.

Jackie: We are so happy your still alive.

Janna: And taking out Toffee.

(Yn): Yea, now Mewni can live in peace.

Moon: (Yn)...

(Yn): Your highness.

Moon: I am very happy for you, taking out Toffee and saving our lives.

(Yn): Yea, I did for you guys, and Star especially.

Star hugs and kisses (Yn) as he said that.

River: Well then, let us fixed our castle and finished to crown you both love birds Queen and king.

Star: Alright let's do this!

-1 hour later-

After the guards and the civilians of Mewni worked hard on fixing the castle back, placing dead bodies of monsters on the river to take them where ever they go, the castle was fixed back and success. Later indies of the castle, the civilians and the guards were watching at Star and (Yn) That were about to be crowned Queen and King by Moon and River. The guys were watching them as well.

Marco: Man, look at them, there about to be the new king and queen.

Jackie: There are so cute together.

Tom: I feel good about Star and (Yn) being the new king and Queen, they will do a great job.

Janna: Yup.

As Star and (Yn) kneeled down, bow their heads and holding each other's hands, Moon and River were standing omg front of them, taking of their crowns and announced them as king and Queen.

Moon: And now that me and my husband have spoken into vows, I hear by to crown Star butterfly as the new queen of Mewni...

River: And I hear by to crown (Yn), as the new king of Mewni.

Moon and River places their crowns on Star and (Yn)'s head, they both got up and turned around a faced the people as they clapped and cheered for them.

Marco: Alright guys!

Jackie: Yay you too!

Ponyhead: *Sniffs* that's my bestfriend...

Kelly: Uhm...Ponyhead, are you crying?

Ponyhead: I'm not crying, your crying shut up!

Kelly: What?

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