Chp.25 Releasing Anger

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After (Yn) heard the story that Moon told him, he stood up and walked up to the picture of Solaria, his mother, and looked at it. While Star tries to talk it out with Moon.

Star: So, (Yn)'s mom is solaria...

Moon: Indeed.

Marco: And your telling me that Toffee was responsible for killing her.

Moon: ...Yes...

Star: Toffee...! He killed his mom!

Moon: Yes Star, Toffee killed her with his hands.

Star: Oh my god...(Yn)... I am really...

Suddenly, (Yn) punched the wall that cut off Star to talk. He turned around facing them.

(Yn): So...Your telling me....that Toffee is a lizard monster...and killed my MOTHER!!!!?

Moon: Sweetie calm down, I know it sounds sad and harsh but-


Moon: ...Yes.

(Yn): What?! How the hell you know he died?!!!!

Moon: (Yn), We heard rumors saying that there were monsters attacking another village, looking for you and I had to go check what happened. Once I got there, the village was a disaster and there were no people in the village, but there was one person I saw, once I got to the person, he was layed down in the ground and was dead, it was Zoro. I figured that if he died, then I know that something happened to you as well. I searched everywhere looking for you all day, but I...I didn't know where were you. Then right now, I finally found you.

(Yn): I know...

Moon: I'm terribly sorry for your loss (Yn)...

(Yn): Its okay....but...tell me this....

Moon: What???

(Yn): So the lizard that goes by the name of Toffee....killed my mother and my master.

Moon: Yes...

(Yn) suddenly starts to breathes heavily and had his both hands closed .

(Yn): The same bastard....who killed my master....and....and...killed....MY MOTHERRRRRR!!!

Moon: (Yn), please calm down...

(Yn): I just...I....I...

Star: (Yn)..??!

Suddenly, (Yn) started to roar like a lion and screaming with anger and rage. Somehow, there was ki energy going around (Yn)'s body, the energy was red, (Yn) continues screaming making the floor break and maade Moon, Star and Marco trip.

Marco: Wh-Whats going on?!! Why is he like this?!!!!

Star: I dont know!????

Moon: He can't control his anger!

Star: What?!!

Moon: He's releasing all of his anger for some reason!

(Yn) kept screaming and roaring and the ki energy was rising to his body. Suddenly, he somehow stopped and collapses to the ground.

Star: (Yn)!

Star went running to check on (Yn), she had her knees on the ground and grabbed him.

Star: (Yn)?! (YN)!!!!? WHY ISNT HE WAKING UP?!!!

Moon: Let me see...

Moon checks (Yn)'s pulse.

Moon: Oh no...He's unconscious.

Marco: What?! How!?

Moon: I don't know, but all the anger he just released had to do with Toffee.

Star: Can't believe he killed his master....especially his mom!

Moon: I know star...its so harsh to hear that out...

Star: So...whats gonna happen to him?!

Moon: He's going to be alright, he just need a break, come one I'll help you take him to your room.

Star: Okay....

Star looks at (Yn) while he was unconscious.

Star: Its going to be okay (Yn)...

Star Kisses (Yn) on the forehead and they carried him to Star's room for him to have a break until he wakes up.

End of Chapter.

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