Chp.22 The Queen and King

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Star had an incoming call from her parents, Queen Moon and King River.

Star: Its my parents!

Marco: What are you gonna say to your parents about you and (Yn)?

Star: They can not know we are dating!

(Yn): Well I mean they would understand.

Star: I don't know, I mean what if...what if...

Star was stuttering and panicking and she couldn't talk right and doesn't know if she couldn't tell her parents if she and (Yn) are dating, but luckily (Yn) made her calm down by hugging her.

(Yn): Star...calm down, its okay, we can handle this with your parents. Besides, they will understand as well.

Star: Y-You...You mean..?

(Yn): For the reals.

Star: O-Okay...if you say so...

Marco: Um...I'll let you guys have this, Ima go downstairs and watch the T.V.

Star breathes heavily, turns around and touched the mirror to answer the call. The mirror show Queen Moon and King River.

Star: Hi mom and dad.

Moon: Hello Star.

River: Hello sweetie pie, how are you?

Star: Good, good good.

Moon: That's nice to know... And

River: Star...?

Moon and River realizes that (Yn) was with Star.

Moon: Star...who is that boy?

River: Yes, and where is Marco?

Star: is my.... My um...

(Yn): The names (Yn), it is a pleasure to meet you, your highness and your majesty.

(Yn) takes a bow to Moon and River

Moon: My, what a gentleman.

River: I say you are a quite fellow there.

(Yn): Yup, Star told me everything about you guys.

Moon: I see... Anyways, we only called you because we wanna check to see how you doing on earth so far?

Star: Oh you know...its going well...

River: I can tell by meeting this new friend right here, what about Marco?

Star: Oh, he's watching T.V.

River: I see, and can I ask you guys something, how you guys became friends?

Star: Oh yea um actually...he is not like my friend.

Moon: What do you mean Star?

Star: Well, I'm trying to say is that...he is

River: Your what sweetie???

Star: M-My...My

Moon: Star, come on, spit it out.

Star: My boyfriend! He is my boyfriend!

Moon and River kept quiet for a minute and Moon spoke out.

Moon: Star! We sent you to earth for you to become a better princess, not to have boyfriends!

River: And I do not allow my daughter have any boyfriends in my watch!

Star: But you guys...

Moon and River: But nothing!

Star stayed quiet and upset when (Yn) stepped up to talk to them.

(Yn): Hey, why are two so tough on Star?!

Moon: Listen, Its nice we met you (Yn) but we can't allow Star have a boyfriend, we sent her to earth to be a better princess and have a bodyguard, which was Marco.

(Yn):  So your saying that you guys are trying to make star a better queen when she grows up?

River: Indeed.

(Yn): Well, if she's going to be a queen when she grows up, might as well be her king.

Moon and River: What?!!!

Star: (Yn), what are you saying??!!

Moon: Come again?!

(Yn): Look, I'm not going to let you guys slit us up. Star has been the best and fun person I have ever met. She always there for me, care about me and always loved me. I know you guys are trying to make her a better queen when she grows up, but I think she is ready, ever since we met, She's always tough, she fights monsters, she's a brave one and she can act like a queen. And let me tell you guys something, I always liked her ever since the beginning, and liked me as well, and if you two can give Star a chance to prove that she can be a better princess and give me a chance to prove that I can be her bodyguard, Marco as well too.

Moon and River thought for a minute and spoke their answers.

River: Well, I guess your right my lad, We will give Star a chance for her to become a better princess...

Moon: And to prove that you can be her bodyguard and ... her prince.

Star: Aw mom... *blushes*

Moon: *Grins* Okay now sweetie, We are very sorry of how we acted towards you guys.

Star: Its okay mom.

Suddenly, Moon realizes that there was something marked at (Yn)'s right palm hand.

Moon: Wait (Yn), what is that on your hand??

(Yn): What...oh this one... I dont know... I mean...its a shape of a thunder bolt i guess. I had this ever since I was a little kid.

Moon: Can you show it to me closely?

(Yn): Um .... Sure I guess.

(Yn) approached to the mirror to show Moon the thunder bolt shape. Then somehow, Moon was shocked and gasp to see the thunder bold, she knew she had seen it before.

Moon: N-No...It can't be...

River: What wrong honey???

Star: Is there something wrong mom?

Moon: ...You two come to mewni!

Star: Why?!

Moon: No time to explain. just come and bring Marco as well if you want!

The mirror hanged up the call.

(Yn): What was that about?!

Star: I dont know, but she seems serious, quick let's go to Marco.

(Yn); okay!

They both rushed downstairs to get Marco.

Star: Marco!

Marco: Hey, so how it-

Star: No time to explain, come with us to mewni!

Marco: Mewni?! Why?

Star: No time!

Star used her scissors to cut a dimension that leads to mewni, her actual home.

Star: Come on!

Marco: What is this about (Yn)?!

(Yn): I have no idea, but let's go either way.

They all went to the portal and it closed by itself.

End of chapter

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