Chp.36 The Battle Of Mewni Pt.2

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While (Yn) goes to save Star and his friends, Star and the others were dealing with Ludo.

Ludo: Face it you fools, you are no match against me and the wand!

Star: We'll see about that! Hyah!!

Star charges to Ludo with a punch, but Ludo didn't let that happen.

Ludo: Death Punch Blast!

Ludo blasted an energy with a fist pose and went straight to star, getting her hurt and falling to the ground.

Marco: Star! You son of a bitch!

Marco stepped up to fight Ludo, by Ludo cast a spell somehow with the wand.

Ludo: Skeleton army, GO!

Skeletons started to arrive from the ground somehow, there were like a lot of them and approached to Marco.

Marco: What the-

Marco was fighting off the skeleton as long as possible, while the others try to stop Ludo.

Jackie: Marco!

Ponyhead: Damn it, What are we going to ?!!?

Kelly: Guys, I have a plan.

Jackie: This better be a good one.

Kelly: Oh it will, okay look..

Kelly huddles the guys for the plan.

Jackie: You sure this is going to work?

Kelly: Trust me it will. Okay Janna you know what to do.

Janna: yup.

Janna runs behind Ludo.

Janna: Hey You!

Ludo: Huh!?

Ludo turns around to see Janna behind him.

Janna: I bet you can't Blast me with your new weak wand!

Ludo: Why you!

Ludo started to target Janna, keeping him distracted.

Janna: Miss me, gotta do better than that!

Kelly: Okay, Janna got him distracted, Jackie go check on Star if she's okay.

Jackie: Got it!

Ponyhead: You go check on Tom.

Ponyhead: Okay! What about you?

Kelly: I have it under control.

The guys did what Kelly told them to do. Jackie went to check on Star, Ponyhead went to check on Tom, and Kelly went to a room to look for something. In the mean time, Janna was still distracting Ludo.

Janna: Haha! Miss me!

Ludo: Why you!

While Janna was distracting Ludo, Marco finally got rid of the skeleton armies.

Marco: Finally! Now, gotta save my friends.

Marco went to see Janna distracting Ludo.

Marco: Janna! The hell your doing!?

Janna: Don't worry Marco, go check on Star and Tom. They're with Ponyhead and Jackie.

Marco: Got it!

Marco ran to go check on the others. As he did, Marco sees Jackie and Ponyhead with Star and Tom.

Marco: Guys!

Jackie: Marco! Your okay!

Jackie ran up to Marco for a hug.

Marco: Yup! Are they okay!?

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