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little does he know by staries102
little does he knowby staries102
after star gets mean texts from a unknown person , she starts to fill with anxiety . it gets even worse when it spreads online , marco tries to help , but nothing works...
  • star
  • starco
  • svtfoe
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Another Butterfly『Marco Diaz x Reader』 by KimmiePines
Another Butterfly『Marco Diaz x Rea...by 𝕜𝕚𝕞
"Y/N, it's okay if you don't like me back, I just want to tell you what I truly feel about you. Will you stay by my side?" Star Butterfly's sister who goes by...
  • marcodiaz
  • janna
  • tom
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You're Not A Monster (Male Reader x Star Butterfly) by Victor_TheRiper
You're Not A Monster (Male Reader...by Victor Hernandez
(YN), A young warrior who was raised and born with an impressive and enormous power. He was snatched from his parents by the hands of Toffee, a monster lizard who he rai...
  • ludo
  • star
  • moon
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Hybrid Reader x SVTFOE Harem by alienator999
Hybrid Reader x SVTFOE Haremby alienator999
You are the hybrid of a monster and human. To be more accurate you are a Mewman and Lizard hybrid. You father the lizard was a genius among monsters he knew where to hid...
  • omnitraxus
  • moon
  • river
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Watching Their Movies ROTBTFD by TillyJellyfishFox713
Watching Their Movies ROTBTFDby Potato Fangirl
---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ...
  • ships
  • judyhopps
  • moanaxmaui
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Star Vs The Legendary Warrior (Star x Male Reader) Completed by Victor_TheRiper
Star Vs The Legendary Warrior (Sta...by Victor Hernandez
Star Butterfly and Marco Diaz, two 18 year old teenagers, living there life's together as best friends at echo creek, everything goes well until Star's mom, Queen Moon...
  • lekmet
  • glossaryck
  • hekapoo
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Echo Creek Collage: A Starco Story by REDJJGAMER14
Echo Creek Collage: A Starco Storyby REDJJGAMER14
Marco is a new 18 year old student who recently graduated from high school and wanted to study further (even tho is not as intelligent.) He dream to one day have a great...
  • kiss
  • butterfly
  • wattys2019
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A Star Falls in Love (Star x MaleReader) Completed! by Victor_TheRiper
A Star Falls in Love (Star x MaleR...by Victor Hernandez
OK, guys sorry that if I have to do this again, that one story I wrote 2 days ago was wack for me, but I'm sure, I mean 100% that this story will be the best, but it is...
  • tom
  • starfan13
  • mewni
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My Anxiety Is Silent (STARCO) by Odd_Shipping_Ginger
My Anxiety Is Silent (STARCO)by Cartoon.Lover.Trash
Star Butterfly is overcome with anxiety. Once she loses her family and friends, she has to move to Echo Creek. She hates it at there which makes her more anxious. She ge...
  • starco
  • star
  • starvstheforcesofevil
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I Hate You, I Love You ||Starco AU||  by TripleV234
I Hate You, I Love You ||Starco AU...by {}
Highest rank: #1 in #starco Here's one of the most important scenes from the book just for you: "What's you're problem? I'm a likeable person, why don't you like me...
  • love
  • fandom
  • marco
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Bright Horizons [COMPLETED] by IcyOrchid
Bright Horizons [COMPLETED]by Wren
The New Stars have been created and the First Star has blessed a second team of Star Guardians. Lux and Ahri's teams will meet once again, but tensions might be higher t...
  • sg
  • jinx
  • ahri
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The Adventures of Meteora and Mariposa! by EduardoGutierrezJr
The Adventures of Meteora and Mari...by Eduardo Gutierrez Jr.
This story is about 2 monster and human teenagers go on amazing, deep, awesome adventures on the place of Echo Creek! As they go on adventures they also go to school and...
  • globgor
  • jackie
  • janna
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How To Catch A Diaz (Male Reader x Female Marco "Maria"Diaz) by Victor_TheRiper
How To Catch A Diaz (Male Reader x...by Victor Hernandez
You are a high school student, 12th grade, 18 years old, you were the baddest student on echo creek high school, and te badass one. You then somehow started to have feel...
  • alfonso
  • malereaderxmarcodiaz
  • malereader
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قابلتها صدفه❤ by NanarysMuhammed
قابلتها صدفه❤by Nanarys Muhammed
..... دى الصدف بتعمل معجزات🙄❤️ .....واحلى صدفه انى شوفتك❤️❤️ كلن لقانا احلى صدفه❤️✨
  • naira
  • saleh
  • sheikh
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So Close ~ Star Butterfly x Male Reader by Victor_TheRiper
So Close ~ Star Butterfly x Male R...by Victor Hernandez
(YN) is a 19 year old teenager, living with his three older sisters, Karen, Stephanie, and Karla. (YN) is now in college as her sisters are working, (YN) as well. He wor...
  • marcodiaz
  • janna
  • starxmalereader
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Endless Starlight -A Star guardian LoL fan fiction- by Jaseemo
Endless Starlight -A Star guardian...by Jaseemo
A high school student named Lux and her closest friends as well as other students lives changes drastically on one faithful night. What they all thought was a very ima...
  • ahri
  • missfortune
  • starguardians
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two Kings  by lalaCentral6
two Kings by lala Central
star is the reason why Marco doesn't come to mewni or the under world any more even tho he has his demenational scissors cause of what star did that ruined everything a...
  • janna
  • starbutterfly
  • tomco
The Star Guardians & Y/N by KaiSa_Void_Huntress
The Star Guardians & Y/Nby Star Guardian
Hello people! This is my first story. I like Voltron and the Star Guardians from League of Legends. So, then I decided to mix them together. So here's what it is: Silver...
  • syndra
  • ezreal
  • soraka
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The Worst Month of My Life Couldn't be Better by Mitzie77
The Worst Month of My Life Couldn'...by Mitzie77
Both Anna and Jack are miserable. Their lives couldn't get worst. Many terrible events are happening and they doubt life will get any better for them, but things will ge...
  • jackanna
  • rotbtfd
  • modern
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A Star Falls In Love Part 1 (Star x Male Reader) by Victor_Riper
A Star Falls In Love Part 1 (Star...by Galleto_17
So before y'all start reading this story, I just wanna say that this story will be a bit different, but don't worry it is still a Star x Male Teen Reader! So this how it...
  • starxmale
  • toffee
  • marco
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