Chp. 28 The Forest

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After the conversation in the castle, the guys head of to a lake where Star was mentioning to (Yn).

(Yn): This place looks...unsafe no?

Marco: Don't worry, the lake is not that far.

Star was holding (Yn)'s hand.

Star: How are you feeling?

(Yn): Pretty good.

Star: You sure?

(Yn): Yea...

Star: Okay, just to let you know that as your girlfriend, I am here to help you.

(Yn): Hehe, ok ok...

Star giggles and gives (Yn) a kiss on his cheek.

They continue walking to the forest, searching for the lake, when (Yn) suddenly realized that he sees something behind the tree.

(Yn): Star, wait.

Star: Huh? What is it??

Marco: Hey, why were stopping??

(Yn) goes to a direction where he sees a house.

Star: (Yn)? Where you going??

Marco: Hey dude, whats going on???

Star and Marco were following (Yn) while he stills goes to the direction form a house. Once he got to the house, it was destroyed and broken into pieces, and looked like it was on fire, all burned up. (Yn) got closer to the house to observe it. Star and Marco came to (Yn), looking at him observing the ruined house.

Star: Hey, there you are.

Marco: Whats up (Yn)? Why are...

They both realize that there was a burned house right in the middle of the forest.

Star: Wow, is that a house?

Marco: Well yea, but what's it doing here? It's all tornes into pieces and burned up.

(Yn) kept observing it and went inside the house.

Star: Hey! (Yn)! Wait up!

Marco: Hold up bro!

They both ran to catch up (Yn), where he was going inside of the house.

Star: Ew, this house is all messy and stinks!

Marco: Sheesh, never know that there were too much webs over here.

(Yn) was walking in the house, continuing to observe it, then he finds a picture on the ground:

(Yn): A picture?

He grabs the picture. It was all dirty and dusty, he cleaned it and blow the dust away to see the picture better, once he cleaned it, he stood still and had his mouth real shut once he saw the picture.

Star: Hey, what is it?

Marco and Star looks at the picture as well.

Marco: It's a dude with a baby on his hands.

(Yn) already knew who was that guy and the baby in the picture. The guy...was his master. And the baby was him.

(Yn): This...This...This is my...Master!

Star: What!? Your master!?

Marco: Wait what?!

(Yn): Thats my master, and that's me as a baby.

Star: What the??!!

Marco: Woah! That's your master!?

(Yn): Indeed.

Star: and your telling me that cute little baby is you!?

(Yn): Yes.

Star: Wow, I gotta say... you still cuter than ever.

(Yn): Hehe... *blushes*

Marco: So...this house is where he used to live.

(Yn): Yes, but apparently it seemed it has been destroyed...and I can tell who is responsible for this!

(Yn) squeezes the picture real tight, like if it was going to break.

Star: (Yn), please...calm down. I know your still having trouble about your losts, but were worried about you, I'm worried about you, and...maybe... it's time to move on...

(Yn): ...But I Don't wanna forget my mom and my master

Star: No! No! That's not what I meant. What I meant to say is...well, like my mom will always say, "When good people passes away, their spirits ascend to the magic realm and become one with the magic, and sometimes, if the special person can't accept the fact that their love ones is gone, the spirits world stay behind and stay close to them." But in that case, the spirits won't be able to have their eternal space until the person moves on.

(Yn) bows his head down for a moment and speaks.

(Yn): you mother and my master would want me to move on?

Star: Yes, I believe so.

(Yn) walks forwards the exit of the house, looks at the picture, smiles a little and keeps it in his pocket.

Marco: Star, are you sure your saying the right things to him?

Star: Trust me Marco, He'll understand.

(Yn) turns around, walks up to Star, and hugs her, and Star hugs her back.

Star: It's okay (Yn).

Marco gives a pat on the back to (Yn).

Marco: It's all good bro.

(Yn): Thanks for cheering me up guys.

Marco: No problem dude.

Star: Yea...

(Yn): ...So, are we still heading to that nice lake your talking about?

Star: Yea, of course dummy. You don't wanna miss out the fun.

Marco: Yea, it's really fun and chill.

(Yn): Well, what are we waiting for, let's go!

End of chapter

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