Chp.35 The Battle Of Mewni

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In Mewni, a place of no where, a portal from mid air opened, showing (Yn) coming out from that portal, falling to the ground and landed on feet. Once he landed, he notice that the castle wasn't far away where he is at right now.

(Yn): I am coming for you friends, and you too Star, but also I am coming for you, Toffee.

(Yn) started running to the castle. He started doing some parkour, (I just wanted to add parkour on this story so it can sound interesting), he started jumping over rocks and swinging the branches of the trees. He then started jumping trees one by one, on the last one he did a big jump to floor and landed and continue running to the castle, he was almost there to get to it. Once he got to the castle, he noticed that there were two monsters guarding the door entrance to the village, but he didn't care, so he just went it by going over the entrance. Once he started walking to the entrence, the two monsters notice that (Yn) was coming up to them, the monsters growled and charged to him for an attack, once they were ready to attack, (Yn) took out his katanas out and sliced one monster from his head and the other slice him from half body. Once he did that, he did a pose holding his two katanas with blood on them, and then started walking to the entrance. He put back his katanas away and noticed that the door entrance from the village was locked up, then he backed up and was going to knock out the door, he lifted his arm and somehow his arm started to turn to all black metal stone and singed a massive punch to the door, knocking it out into pieces, to alarm all the monster and Toffee that someone is coming. In the window, Ludo notice that someone was coming.

Ludo: Master, Look!

Ludo called Toffee in a shocking way alarm him that someone was coming. Toffee walked to the window, seeing that he knows who was coming and it was (Yn).

Toffee: What!?

Toffee was also shocked and surprise knowing that (Yn) was still alive, and didn't, kill him.

Toffee: Nrrrg, Crank!

Crank: Yes Toffee.

Toffee: Remember the brat that I "killed".

Crank: He's alive?!

Toffee: *Sighs* yes he is...

Crank: Well don't worry, I'll go take care of him myself.

Toffee: please.

Crank left the castle to take care of (Yn).

Outside in the village, monsters out of no where started approaching to (Yn) for an attack and made a circle to surround (Yn), and started to fight him, but they were all no match for him, no matter they tried there best to take down (Yn), they were still no match for him. He started taking down monsters with his bear hands, then he grabbed one monster and started swinging him to hit the monsters. While (Yn) is fighting the monsters, somewhere in the castle was a room were Star and them were held hostage in a room. Star was sitting down in the ground crying that his beloved lover was "killed".

Star: *Sobs* why....

Ponyhead and Kelly was next to her hugging her to try to cheer her up.

Ponyhead: I know Star, it's hard for you that you lost someone very special to you.

Kelly: I can't believe hes gone.

Marco: Yea...

Moon: *Sobs* I can't believe that ... he's gone...

River: It's okay sweetie.

Moons: No, it's not okay, it was my fault that I wasn't able to rescue him when I had the chance...and I didn't...*sobs*.

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