Chp.24 Solaria Butterfly

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After hearing the shocking news about Solaria being the mother of (Yn), Star and Marco were shocked as well.

Star: Wait?! That queen, Solaria person is (Yn)'s Son?!!!

Moon: Yes, Indeed.

Marco: Wh-What?!!!! But that's not impossible?!!

Moon: What do you mean Marco??

Marco: Well, We know (Yn) for months but he has never told us having a mother that is a queen, and he doesn't even know he had a mother, I mean he told us that he was raised by his Master.

Moon: Master?!

Star: Yea, Master Zoro!

Moon: *sighs* oh no....

(Yn): (Yn), please don't tell me Master Zoro is...

(Yn): Dead...yes...w-wait?! You know Master Zoro??!

Moon: Yes, I know Zoro.

(Yn): Really?! But, I'm really confused, If my mom is...Solaria, then how I end up with Zoro???

Moon walks slowly to the window and looks outside.

Moon: Sweetie, there is something you have to know, and it is a long story.

(Yn): Please, tell me your highness.

(Yn), Star and Marco gathered to get her and sat down at the floor to hear Moon tell the story.

*Moon's Flashback and While talking*

It was 18 years ago, Solaria Butterfly was a a Carver Monster, she was a monster slayer that likes to kill monsters, she was one of the bravest and ferocious warrior I have ever met, she was my predecessor, meaning that she was my guardian. She lived with me and River at the castle, and  Solaria had a beautiful child with her and that child ... was you. You were only 2 years young and Solaria was really happy to have you as her son. She would always take care of you, feed you, play with you, and also love you, but sometimes, you can be a bit ferocious, *giggles* so I guess you and her had in common. Everything was going perfect between you and her, but until one day, a terrible crisis came, the monsters were inquiring the village of mewni. The monsters were attacking the village, and capturing innocent people and kids as well. Solaria didn't want that to happen, So she, River and I had to deal with them, she kept you at the castle safe were she can know you are safe and not hurt. We ran outside to see monsters terrorizing the village.

Moon: Damn it, What now?! Why are these monsters terrorizing the village?!

Solaria: I don't know, but I know for a fact that they will be slayed!

River: We need to know how to get rid of them!

Solaria: Easy, just follow my lead!

Moon: Solaria wait!!

Solaria went charging to the monsters for an attack and then the Monsters already know that she was coming to their direction. The monsters ignored attacking the village and focused on taking out Solaria. There were like 15 monsters charging to Solaria but Solaria jumped as High as she can can for an attack to the monsters. Then she took out her wand and it turned into a lighting sword and swinged at the monsters. She swinged the sword to the monsters cutting their arms and head. She did a couple of tricks on her own sleeves to take them down. But then, a monster grabbed by her leg and slam her to the ground making her release her sword. She was at the ground hurt, the monster was ready to strike her down, but then she was saved by Moon. Moon turned herself to a butterfly somehow and used her magic to blast the monster to save Solaria, River on the other hand used his bare hands to take down the monsters. After that the monsters were taken down. Solaria got up.

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