Chp.15 Between Friends

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Once Janna left, Star was able to convince (Yn) of having a crush on him, but then again, she can wait for a bit longer, then (Yn) finally came home.

Star: Hey (Yn)!

(Yn): Hey Star.

Star: So, did he do it?

(Yn): Yes, yes he did.

Star: Wait really??!! How!??

(Yn): Let's just say that a friend helped him out.

Star: *Sighs* ok ok, you win, hehe.

(Yn): Yea hehe.

Star: anyways, when is he coming home already?

(Yn): Oh, he said he was going to this concert with Jackie today, so I guess he will be coming home late.

Star: Oh ok.

(Yn): But what about his parents, doesn't he have parents?

Star: Yea, but they're on vacation, so we are in charge of the house.

(Yn): Oh, makes sense now.

Star: Yea, oh and we have the house by ourselves, so you wanna see a movie together?

(Yn): Sounds great! I'll go make the popcorn.

Star: Cool, I'll find a movie.

-5 minutes later-

(Yn) got the popcorn ready and went to sit down on the couch with Star.

Star: Smells good.

(Yn): Yup, you got the movie ready?

Star: Sure do.

(Yn): Cool, Start it already.

Star: Okey dokey.

Star and Marco both enjoyed watching the movie. The movie was about two teenagers in love, Star enjoyed watching that movie, but (Yn) seems to be that for him is a lot of kissing. Makes him feel like he has never kissed a girl before. An hour later, the movie ended with both teenagers kissing (A boy and A girl).

Star: Aw so lovely.

(Yn): ....

Star: Wow, that part was lovely huh?

(Yn): Mmmm....Mhmmm.

Star: Hey, you've been like this for a while, what's wrong?

(Yn): Hmm, N-Nothing, Nothing, why you ask?

Star: You know you can't fool me (Yn), tell me.

(Yn): No really, its noth--

Star: (Yn)! ...its not the same thing when your in that mood.

(Yn): *sighs* Your right ... I'm sorry... I just don't wanna ruin this fun time for you, I just ... Well need a little help.

Star: Really? Hehe, Well no sweat. Your lucky to have a bestie, well who appears to be a girl...I can help you.

(Yn): Heh, no offense Star, but I don't think you can help me with this.

Star: Cmon, who's better helping you than a girl?

(Yn): Let's just watch another movie.

Star: Nah really, you can count on me. What do you need in help on?

(Yn): Hehe, don't worry Star, I think im overreacting a little...

Star gets a bit upset and crosses her arms.

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