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Star Vs The Legendary Warrior (Star x Male Reader) Completed by Victor_TheRiper
Star Vs The Legendary Warrior ( Victor Hernandez
Star Butterfly and Marco Diaz, two 18 year old teenagers, living there life's together as best friends at echo creek, everything goes well until Star's mom, Queen Moon...
  • starfan13
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  • rhombulus
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A Star Falls in Love (Star x MaleReader) Completed! by Victor_TheRiper
A Star Falls in Love (Star x Victor Hernandez
OK, guys sorry that if I have to do this again, that one story I wrote 2 days ago was wack for me, but I'm sure, I mean 100% that this story will be the best, but it is...
  • queenmoon
  • ferguson
  • kingriver
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Chains That Bind by Princess_Janiz
Chains That Bindby ShiningAhgase
Being a princess, Star was no stranger when it comes to the word betrothed. But having King River as your father, she had no worries. After being sent to Earth under the...
  • tomstar
  • star
  • queenmoon
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The Cressieverse AU  by saber2187
The Cressieverse AU by
A gallery of art, comics, and pictures of my favorite Star Vs The Forces of Evil AU In a ordered timeline (sort of) Fan art, comics, and pictures are all credited to &q...
  • drama
  • family
  • moon
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Star Vs The Forces of Evil: Royal Pain by deadclownseance
Star Vs The Forces of Evil: Deadclownseance
It's bad enough Star Butterfly has been neglected by her best friend, Marco Diaz. Ever since he got together with Jackie Lynn Thomas, their relationship has greatly affe...
  • starbutterfly
  • romance
  • tom
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Bad Influence//(svtfoe) by SkyyeMac
Bad Influence//(svtfoe)by Skyye Macnamara
Queen Moon and King River's Eldest daughter Solstice Butterfly was a student at St. Olga's school for wayward princesses. She was always a rebel who never did what she w...
  • starbutterfly
  • toffee
  • marcodiaz
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Ocram Ziad: Conqueror of Mewni by RealSilentReaper
Ocram Ziad: Conqueror of Mewniby Silent Reaper
I hate to see failure. Ever since I first met her, she was naive, foolish, and blind. She had all of this power, including an instruction book full of spells, yet she ne...
  • butterfly
  • marcodiaz
  • action-adventure
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From Sweets to Suits - A "Star vs. the Forces of Evil" FanFic by RainyHeadphones
From Sweets to Suits - A "Star Flame/Rainy
Toffee is single-handed one of the most mysterious villains in the Star vs. the Forces of Evil plotline. His cunning, deceptive methods; his sly, suave manner of speech;...
  • kingriver
  • starvstheforcesofevil
  • kingbutterfly
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Without you... by marketerstar
Without CloudieCat1306
Star: Marco, please don't leave. Marco: I have too, I can't stay. star:Ok *sniffle Marco goes through the portal back to earth. Star:Goodbye Marco Diaz... Hope y...
  • starco
  • kingriver
  • toffee
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A Little Rebellious by SkyyeMac
A Little Rebelliousby Skyye Macnamara
"he's my brother I would do anything for him." Marcos twin sister Aspen was a called a lot of things the rebel, the cool kid, the cheerleader, so when Star sho...
  • jackielynnthomas
  • fluff
  • tomxoc
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Star Vs The Forces of One Shot by AnotherAcount12
Star Vs The Forces of One Shotby MicroScopic12
Welcome everyone to another one of my one-shot collection, only except, it isn't The Loud House, it's Star vs The Forces of Evil. In this one-shot collection, you can e...
  • queenmoon
  • janna
  • starbutterfly
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Evil Queen (Svtfoe AU) by the_carzyone
Evil Queen (Svtfoe AU)by T 0 t 3
After star's parents are found dead of unknown causes at the castle, star, at the age of 16 is forced to marry Lewis Franz Elenor, a prince of another kingdom to avoid a...
  • smutwarning
  • heckapoo
  • queenmoon
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Star vs the forces of evil Moon x River by cdog277
Star vs the forces of evil Moon Courtney Coghlan
There is nothing for Moon and River on here so I thought I'd do one.
  • kingriver
  • queenmoon
  • star
A friend in need by HDHildaGirlyGaming
A friend in needby Hilda
A/N in this fanfic some things are a little different, Stars' mom is not missing and Star still has her wand, but other than that things are just like they were in the s...
  • marco
  • toffee
  • magic
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Star vs the Forces of evil: Toffee x Reader: Mewni High by msdowell0305
Star vs the Forces of evil: WhiteSheWolf
Hey guys WhiteSheWolf here and It's finally here, this is where you and Toffee met in high school, and also pretend Queen Moon is you, I hope you guys enjoy the story.
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  • mewni
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