Ch.3 The Fight

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Slasher: Guys Attack!

The monsters charged up to (Yn), but he used both of his hands and closed them tight and used both hands to punch the ground.

(Yn): Dragon Claw fist!

He punched the ground and somehow he made the ground shake and the Monsters didn't know what going on.

(Yn: Dragon ... Breathe!!!

Once he said that, the ground had air coming out like if a dragon really breathe, and made the monsters fly away and fall to the ground.

Jack: Wh-Who...Who is this kid?!!

Gorgon: He's not just like those brats, he's ... Different!

Slasher: Stop whining! Just because he did that doesn't mean he's powerful.

Slasher got angrily and charged towards to (Yn).

Slasher: Your dealing with the wrong Monsters little bastard, you earn yourself a death wish!

Slasher uses his claws to slash (Yn), but he dodge it, so slasher continues to slash him, still dodges the slash, and finally. (Yn) grabs Slasher's arm, spins him, throw him up in the air, (Yn) jumps in the air as well, once both of them were in the air, (Yn) grabbed Slasher from his back and takes him falling to the ground and performs a suplex. After the suplex (Yn) gave slasher from the air to the ground, he does a kick up.

(Yn): You see? Your no match for me.

Slasher was hurt bad and couldn't move after that massive suplex (Yn ) gave him.

Heavy: S-Slasher?!!

Bellatrix: H-How?!!!

Gorgon: Its like that kids Immortal!!!?

Rhyno: Nrrrrg, why are we just backing up, come on guys, instead of going against him one by one, we can take him together!

Killer: Rhyno's right! If we team up we can take him out like nothing!

Jack: Yea your right, come on men, let's show this punk who he's actually messing with!

The monsters teamed up together to take out (Yn), Jack Throws Bellatrix (Forgot to tell y'all that Bellatrix is a she) up in the air and inhales gas all over (Yn)'s position, Killer uses his knifes to throw at (Yn) for him not to see from the gas, Rhyno picks up a boulder and throws it to him as well, Gorgon and Heavy uses their guns to shoot at him, and Crock and Baron used fire balls to throw at him as well. After that, they thought they have killed (Yn), especially Star and the other guys

Star: No!

Jackie: Oh my gosh!

Janna: Oh no!

Ferguson: they killed him!

Alfonso: Oh man, he's dead, HE'S DEAD!

Ponyhead: Oh No!

Kelly: Those bastards!

Killer: W-We did it!

Baron: Yea! That's what he gets for messing with us!

Ludo: Did you guys...

Crock: Yup, we killed that son of a bitch.

Bellatrix: That was easy than I suspected.

Ludo: Great job men! Now let's go meet Star and his friends shall we.

Tom: Nrrrrrrg, We have to do something!

Star: Wait! Tom, Guys Look over there!

Barcon: Uhm....Boss...Guys!

Ludo: What?

Killer: what is it Baron?

Baron: L-Look!

Baron pointed at something where ludo and the monsters can see what they were seeing at, they saw the gas fading away and sees (Yn)!? The monsters were shocked to know that they have never killed him.

Ludo: What!? I thought you idiots killed him?!

Killer: W-We did!

Bellatrix: But how did he survive from all of our attacks?!!

Rhyno: The hell!? How is he even still alive?! I don't get it!

(Yn): You guys are really dumb huh? Do you even expect for me not to notice when your attacking while I'm covered with gas and not able to see, Heh, well you guys think that I wasn't able to see anything, but you guys maybe think that I can sense attack and know when they're approaching, so I dodge them, too easy.

Killer: N-No way!

(Yn): You guys are boring me now, might as well finish the job myself.

(Yn) Jumps in the air and raise his arm and closed into a fist.

Star: What's he doing?!

Kelly: It looks like he's About go punch in mid air?!

Tom: Wait, The Dragon Fist?!

Janna: Dragon fist??

Star: Tom, what do you mean?!

Tom: I know what's he doing, he's gonna do the dragon fist!

Star: What's that?

Tom: Tell you later, Look!

Star and the others look at (Yn) was up in the air and looking at the monster.

(Yn): I guess we can say ... I win.

Ludo: Monsters Run!

The monsters ran as fast as they can, but (Yn) Disagrees for them running away cause it won't work for his attack that he's gonna unleash.

(Yn): Dragon ... FIIIIIIIIIIIST!!!!!!!

(Yn)'s arm turned into a dragon, went straight to the monsters and strike the monsters. The dragon from (Yn)'s arm took out all of the monsters, except Ludo.

Ludo: My men ... They're ... Dead!!

All of the monsters were turned into pieces. (Yn) landed on the ground with feet.

(Yn): Heh, I guess That's all of them.

Ludo: You bastard! You've killed my monsters!

(Yn): Hey I warned you not to hurt innocent people and y'all didn't listen, so I had to teach y'all a lesson.

Ludo: Nrrrrrrg, you may win this time brave one, but the next time we meet, we will meet again, and We will kill you!

Ludo picks up the pieces from the monster's, opens a portal and leaves earth.

(Yn): I'll be waiting.

End of chapter

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