Chp.6 The story

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(Yn) was about to tell his story to Marco and Star about his life.

*7 years ago*

(Yn): It was along time ago, I say 7 years ago, I was the age of 10, living in a house with my only friend, he wasn't just only my friend, he was also ... my master.

Marco: Wait?! You had a master?!

(Yn): Yes, but if you wanna know how, let me finish at least.

Marco: Okay.

*Back to (Yn)'s Story*

(Yn): Like I said, he was my friend and my master, his name was Master Zoro. He took cared of me very good and trained me very hard. He teach me how to fight, show me some fighting skills, and he also teach me how you use swords.

Star and Marco: Woooooow.

(Yn): Indeed. A few years later I say like 4 years later, I was the age of 14, everything was going so well with my master, until one tragic day, a village was being raided. So me and my master had to go check out to see what's going on. Once we got there, the village was half destroyed, houses damage, fire every where, and dead bodies on the ground.

Master Zoro: What is going on?!

(Yn): The village...its being destroyed!

Master Zorro: Who would do such a thing, and kill these innocent civilians.

???: I believe it was us.

Suddenly, a monster lizard approached to Master Zorro and (Yn) towards them, and he wasn't alone, he had monsters with him.

Master Zoro: Let me guess, Your the one who is destroying this village!

???: Yes I am.

(Yn): Who are you?!

???: That's not important right now, what's important is that you should be running away right now.

Master Zoro: We are not cowards, we are here to stop this right now!

???: Oh really? I like to see you try taking me and my monsters out.

(Yn): Aright you bastard, you ask for-

Master Zoro: (Yn)!

(Yn): Huh??

Master: Let me handle these monsters.

(Yn): What?! But your gonna end up getting killed! Master let me-

Master Zoro: (Yn)! What about the people that are still alive in this village, just leave this to me, and you go see that if there are any people alive.

(Yn) thought for second if he should go search for people that are alive, or help out his Master, then he rather go search for people that are alive.

(Yn): OK, I'll go.

(Yn) goes running off to search the village, while Master Zoro has to deal with the lizard and his monsters.

???: You really think you can take us out alone, Hmm, don't make me laugh.

Master Zoro: Oh I will take you guys out.

Master Zoro takes out two swords from his back he was holding.

???: I see, you found the legendary swords.

Master Zoro: I see that you know the legendary swords, and yes, I have found them in the lost forbidden mountains, these swords are called The Twin Blade Demon Katana Swords, the most legendary swords I have found.

???: Hmm, lucky old man, but I don't think those swords will help you out take out me and my monsters.

Master Zoro: Hmm, let's find out then.

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