Guns for Hands

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* BING~! *

The door opened but we didn't stop. He just removed my back against the sides, walking out. We continued the make out session until we were at his door. While his fingers typed in the code, his hand was trying his best to remove my shirt. The door automatically opened, so he just walked in with me around his body.

Tongues clashed against each other in a battle of dominance. He won the fight when I was caught off guard by the fall. He had fell down on the couch during this love fight. He put his hands on each side of my head, looking down at my panting form.

"Are you sure?"

I bit my left lip. I nodded my head. He leaned his head down a bit more.

"Let me hear you say it. I'm not touching you anymore unless you say the word."


"Yes what?"

"Yes, I'm sure of this."

He nodded, kissing me with passion. As we kissed, it started to burn against my lips. His touch sent bumps to my neck and down. I wrapped my arms around his neck, slowly starting to peel off his shirt. His head hid back into my neck before that, though, I got his shirt off. He left Love Bites all over my neck.

God, those are going to be hard to hide. I started to unbuckle his belt from his pants. I bit my lip as he took off my shirt and stared at my naked chest.

From there, we just made History. No more fears. No more lies. No more Darkness. Only Love.


As some of you are guessing,

the actual ending is starting to 

come. I hope you love the story

just as much as I did while writing

it! Thank you for all the love and 


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