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Haven (Eric x OC divergent ) by fangirl397
Haven (Eric x OC divergent )by •A•I•M•E•E•
| CLICK FOR FULL SUMMARY | When a certain trainers sister transfers to dauntless to escape her evil father will she find the freedom she always dreamed about or will she...
  • pain
  • living
  • fanfiction
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Starting Over by BringTheButterKnife
Starting Overby BringTheButterKnife
Two years after Allegiant Tris comes back to the factions. Nobody knows who she really is, even Tobias. She's not sure she's ready to tell anyone that she faked her deat...
  • fourtris
  • tobias
  • trisalive
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My Body Guard by divergentlover_
My Body Guardby Divergentlover_
Beatrice Prior is a princess. Great, right? Wrong. Of course her parents are nice, the King and queen, but they work all day. Her brother's the same as he is next in lin...
  • tobias
  • divergent
  • princess
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|| E D I T I N G || Stay Away [Divergent Series: Eric Coulter]  by sherbelyyyy_
|| E D I T I N G || Stay Away [Div...by Sher✨
All she wanted was to start over. To get away from her abusive, drunkard of a father. She wanted to be free. She didn't want to be alone anymore. She hoped transferring...
  • justwriteit
  • four
  • eric
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Danger is Near by jaicourtneyisbae
Danger is Nearby heyheyhey
He was menacing. He was cold. He was horribly intimidating. And yet he was the kind of person you are instinctively drawn to. Like a moth to a flame. Also I am very sor...
  • divergent
  • coulter
  • dauntless
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Troublemaker (Divergent Eric ) by Blueskittles151
Troublemaker (Divergent Eric )by Blueskittles151
(CURRENTLY UNDER CONSTRUCTION SO BEWARE!!!!) "Why thank you, Mr. Serious." "Mr. Serious?" "Yeah, you're all like. 'Ug, I'm so serious, I can't s...
  • divergenteric
  • dauntless
  • divergentnowar
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Only Annie | Eric Coulter by punktuations
Only Annie | Eric Coulterby punktuations
#10 in Divergent #3 in Jai #1 in Allegiant O n ly A n n i e can call Eric a teddy bear. O n l y A n n i e can hold Eric's hand in the corridors. O n l y A n n...
  • ericcoulter
  • insurgent
  • allegiant
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Indomitable ~ Peter Hayes by NeverGonnaGiveFoodUp
Indomitable ~ Peter Hayesby HangryAsHale
Indomitable - adjective - 'Impossible to subdue or defeat' I was only 14 when Tobias left. Now I'm 16 and doing the same. This is my story
  • erudite
  • peter
  • eaton
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Dauntless Queen~ A Divergent Eric Love story by JessicaDoernte
Dauntless Queen~ A Divergent Eric...by Jess C
Carter Matthews is a Dauntless Queen. She's the perfect warrior. She's beautiful She's smart She's brave She's the daughter of Jeanine Matthews -.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-
  • dauntless
  • eric
  • four
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Pleuvoir | Eric Coulter by punktuations
Pleuvoir | Eric Coulterby punktuations
#8 in Divergent #4 in Eric #1 in Factions #1 in Jai [Previously "What She Felt"] Karoliina Parconn was never one with words. She was orphaned at the age...
  • factions
  • eric
  • abnegation
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Divergent High by fourtrisobsessed
Divergent Highby Fourtris babies
Tris, a senior in high school accidentally sleeps with 2 guys around the same time. Tobias the school hottie and Al a quiet caring boy from her math class. When she find...
  • divergent
  • highschool
  • teenpregnancy
r o s e m a r y. ➳ ; eric coulter  by _spacewitch666
r o s e m a r y. ➳ ; eric coulter by _spacewitch666
"Even a person as cold as Eric needs someone to love." All he ever needed was someone like Rosemary to prove that. An Amity girl And a Dauntless leader. ...
  • candor
  • divergent
  • four
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Divergent Powers High by Emmie_Ice
Divergent Powers Highby Emmie_Ice
So this is my take on if the gang was in Highschool and had powers, Tris has just moved to Chicago and she's now going to Divergent High a school for Gifted when she mee...
  • powers
  • willina
  • divergent
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Broken In The Light - FourTris fanfiction by JustAtestAccount
Broken In The Light - FourTris fan...by Ptolemus
Beatrice and Tobias were friends in abnegation. When Tobias turned 16 to escape his abusive father he left abnegation - left Beatrice. After that Marcus needed a new pun...
  • comfort
  • romance
  • four
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Looking For You [COMPLETED] by hakunamatata0723
Looking For You [COMPLETED]by Doughnuts ツ
Beatrice Prior also known as Tris, has just moved from Florida to Chicago. She has just started her senior year and there she reunites with some old friends. She makes...
  • fourtrips
  • tris
  • divergent
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Inferno by Caruscus
Infernoby Caruscus
Last year, at the previous Choosing Ceremony, Tobias Eaton left more than an abusive father behind; he also left his younger sister. It's been four years since then, and...
  • eric
  • divergent
  • tobias
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Ambivalence [p.h.] - EDITING by overzealous-jealous
Ambivalence [p.h.] - EDITINGby astorie
book one of the ambivalence trilogy I look at him. "I don't want to kill anyone either. Trust me. But I'd do it if it would make you feel better.&q...
  • veronicaroth
  • divergent
  • divergentfanfiction
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Other Side (A Divergent/ Eric fan fiction) by wearedauntless
Other Side (A Divergent/ Eric fan...by wearedauntless
Skylar is just as innocent as her name. After choosing the most dangerous at the ceremony, she knew that she would be leaving behind her Amity mother and boyfriend to en...
  • divergent
  • dystopian
  • fanfiction
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Forbode ( Eric Divergent Romance) by JokeWasOnMe
Forbode ( Eric Divergent Romance)by Jokester
Ferris Maguire is a Divergent girl born into Candor. She always knew she didn't belong therefore she left to Dauntless. However, she might just catch the eye of a certai...
  • eric
  • candor
  • action
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Eric Coulter - Divergent (One Shots) by imaginesbyafangirl
Eric Coulter - Divergent (One Shot...by imaginesbyafangirl
Here I'll post the Eric one shots and short stories I post on my Tumblr (imagines-by-a-typical-fangirl.tumblr.com).
  • ericoneshot
  • ericimagine
  • ericdivergent
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