Love Triangle

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I wiggled down to his face, contemplating if I should give it a small kiss. I mean, we aren't dating, but we aren't friends. We never really.. got to that part, yet.



"Can.. we be in a relationship?"

The only response he gave back to be me was a sigh. I looked down at our touching chests, not wanting to say anything. I guess we can't be in a (real) relationship, huh? Silently, I nodded, understanding what the silence meant. He coughed, making his chest rise more than the past breaths.

"(Y/N).. we can date, but.. we can't be like normal couples."

I nodded, leaning my head back down.

"I'm sorry." He whispered.

For once in his life and mine, I could hear the sincerity in his voice. I nodded once again, letting him know that I could hear him.

"How long do you think her and you will be together?"

"For as long as I'm breathing."

I could kill him...

"I'm sorry that we had to meet."

Don't kill him. I nodded once again.

"(Y/N). Speak to me."


I can't kill him. I've tried it twice now. It won't work.

"I..I like you."

"I like you too."

No, I love you, Idiot.

I laid back down on top of his chest, my arms getting tired of holding me up. Slowly, I felt Eric's hands snake around my waist to my back. Pressure came to the top of my head, gently. He kissed my head, longing there for a bit.

"How long have you known about me?"

"Since the moment you became Dauntless."

"Tell me the whole story."

He took a deep breath before giving in, "The day you got Leadership, is the day I found out you were Divergent. Jean had watched and studied me. She saw how I looked at you, the way I watched you carefully. She watched very closely, because I ignored her half the time you were near me."

I nodded, scooting closer to his neck.

"The night I was going to confess to you, was the night that she told me about you. She even went as far as showing me your test results when you first took your Deciding Test. She told me how your tester refused to tell you. So, without you knowing, they killed the person who told you to go for Dauntless."

That's it?

"Why didn't she kill me right on the spot when she found out?"

"She was still a Newbie to Erudite. She didn't have the authority."

"Why didn't she kill me when she had the authority?"

"For two reason: first, she didn't have you to hold against me, and second, she would've been killed also. Now, no one will touch her."

I nodded understanding his words.

"Who all knows?"

"Just us three."

"This.. is one messed up Love Triangle."

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