Chapter 27

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Dedicating this to rotXinXpieces again becuase i just love her and her stories. She's someone i would look up to so yah :3

Chapter 27

(Alan’s POV)


    The slumber was a blast. I had a lot of fun, even helped cook breakfast, which everyone ate eagerly and asked for more. Zack and I, well I don’t know what we are, but he feels like family to me for some weird reason. Neil, Leo, Tate and Nate, treated me a lot better when they finished eating and I learned that they’re from the military, although they didn’t tell me what division and that they were on a break due to injuries. Zack even showed me the stab wounds and bullet holes that riddled his body, to my horror.

    Zack helped me clean my wounds again and change the bandages. He hissed when he saw them, but I just shrugged it off. He asked me about it and I said I fell, which was true. At least it was only my hands and not my butt. Now that would be embarrassing. He bandaged it like a professional. I raised my hand and marveled at his work, thanking him. He pat my head.

    Zack even walked me home, since Melissa was too lazy to walk three blocks after a full stomach. I protested, telling him it was alright and that it was a few minutes of walking, but he ignored me, taking my bag and walking out the door. I had to run after him to catch up.

    Zack asked me a few things about myself, which I answered and he answered his own questions. We walked slowly, taking our time to extend our chat. I can see what Melissa meant about Zack when she said ‘he looks like a big meanie, but he’s really nice and kind’. I’m so comfortable with him, even more than with Chase, and that’s weird, but I would never have the feelings I have for Chase with Zack. That would be wrong, and weird.

    Zack helped me with unlocking my door and bringing my things to my room. I went to the kitchen and asked if he wanted to stay a few minutes for a drink. He agreed happily, taking a one man tour of my house while I got him a glass of water. He doesn’t drink soda and I’ve only seen him drink wither water or beer and I don’t have beer so this is the only thing I can serve to him.

    I found Zack staring at a picture on the wall and realized it was the picture when I first visited Aunt Claire at work. I completely forgot about it and I can’t believe she would put something that embarrassing on the wall. I blushed right at the time Smores came scurrying down the steps to climb all over me, greeting me. I kissed his head and scratched lightly under his ear, which he loves. He made a content noise and leaned more into my touch.

    “Hey Smores. Missed me buddy?” I smiled when Smores gave me an affirmative squeak.

    I felt eyes on me and looked to see Zack smiling warmly at me as he moves closer to me. “You have a pet squirrel?”

    I nodded. “He and I met in the forest and he wanted to stay with me so I did. His name’s Smores.”

    Zack reached out a hand, but hesitated, uncertainty on his face. “Can I touch him?”

    Warmth spread throughout my body from his question. I nodded and cupped Smores in my hand. “Go right ahead. He’s friendly as long as you’re not hurting me or him.”

    Zack gently placed his hands on Smores’ back and stroked his fur. Smores tensed, then slowly relaxed. A few minutes later, he began rubbing his cheek against Zack’s hand, like a cat. I transferred Smores to Zack’s hand, who chuckled when Smores ran up his arms to rest on his broad shoulders.

    I scurried back to the kitchen to grab the glass of water and ran back, handing it to him.

    “Thanks.” He tipped the glass and finished the entire thing in a few seconds, handing me back the glass. “You have a nice house.”

    “Thank you.” My eyes wandered all over the place as many different memories flooded my eyes, letting me envision me, my mom and dad in different time frames going through the house.

    Ahh…how naïve I was. I wonder how I would’ve turned out if my parents didn’t die, but I shouldn’t say that. If it wasn’t for their death, then I would’ve never met Aunt Claire. But if they didn’t die, then I would’ve never met Lucas and felt all those horrible things done to me, never would’ve experienced death so many times. I could’ve had a great life, had lots of friends, and wouldn’t be afraid of my own shadow.


    I was brought out of my thoughts to see Zack crouched in front of me, concern in his eyes. He reached out, me slightly cringing from the sudden movement, and grazed my cheek. I was shocked to see it wet and realized that I was crying. I turned, quickly wiping my eyes.

    “Alan? Do you want to talk about it?” Zack asked me from behind.

    I shook my head. “It’s nothing.”

    “Alan..” I heard a sigh as arms hung over my shoulders. “Alright, I won’t force it out of you, but if you want to talk about it, you can talk to me. You can trust me with your secrets because I have some of my own and I understand pain. You’re not alone.”
He pat my head. “I should go, but first…”

    I turned towards him, wondering why he’s not finishing his sentence. That was when I saw my cell phone, which was in my front jeans pocket, in his hands. He was pressing buttons until his phone started buzzing. He handed me my phone as he called mine. “That’s my number so if you want to talk, just give me a call or text me and I’ll talk to you as soon as I’m available.”

    I nodded, following back to the front entrance where he gave me one last pat on the head before he left. Smores jumped off his shoulders, running back into the house to disappear in one of the rooms.

    Zack’s such a great person. He’s really strong and he’s so nice. I’m surprised that my reaction to him changed so fast, whereas I had to slowly warm up to the rest of the gang. I guess it goes to show how much of a good person Zack really is, so good that a person like me could be so friendly to a person whom I’ve met for one day so quickly.

    I hope I can see him again soon.


    It’s Monday. Ugh.

    I trudged down the stairs with dark circles under my eyes and no energy. The reason: I’m sleep deprived and it’s all because Lucas and the Shadow Man. The molester was absent these past two nightmares, maybe taking a break to save up energy. I shivered at the thought of when he’s back. Instead, a replacement took his place and guess who it is? I’ll give you a hint: Brown haired jock with hazel eyes.

    I shuddered as pieces of the nightmares from the past two days played in my head. Keith violating me, hurting me, spilling my blood with a smile on his face as he stared at me with cold, hazel eyes. He would help restrain me as Shadow man killed me. Sometimes, Keith would caress Shadow Man’s face as they both exchanged knowing looks, grinning evilly at me as if a secret passed between them. And the one thing that brought me screaming was at the very end, where Keith and Shadow would write something on my dead body with my blood. In small, bold letters it said ‘You’re time’s getting closer.’

    I pulled my scarf over my nose and mouth as a wave of chills erased most of the warmth my body mustered. It’s freezing outside, so that didn’t help with my situation. I went with a collared thick, black wool coat, black skinny jeans that are thick enough to block out the cold, and some thick leather boots that kept my toes warm along with my thermal socks, black yarn beanie, and mittens.

    Smores didn’t bother come with me to school. He decided to hang out at home in warm, soft bed. I left him some food and a water in case of he got hungry and when he needed to use the bathroom, I gave him permission to do that in a box along with newspaper shreds, and sawdust. I don’t want to go home with squirrel poop in unexpected places.

    For today, I made my own vegetable soup, which I placed in a thermos. I brought a bigger one for the others. I also made some spicy chicken curry, to warm me up. Yes, I thought of everything and plan to keep myself warm even if it kills me.

    I was making some nice, hot coffee to keep me awake and to warm me up. Can’t be falling asleep at school when danger lingers at every corner. I don’t know, but when I saw the text on my body, I’ve been a lot more wary about everything.

    The doorbell rang. I ran and peered out of the peephole, where Chase stood in the bitter cold. I yanked to door open and yanked him side, slamming the door shut to keep the cold away.

    Chase wore a thick north face jacket made for harsh, cold weather. A thick, blue sweater laid underneath, along with a nice pair of faded blue jeans and hiker’s boots. He looked yummy and amazing.

    Chase smirked when he saw my outfit. hooked a finger on my scarf and pulled it down. His lips replaced the scarf, warm and inviting as it brought warmth to kick away the cold that settled in my veins.

    Chase pulled away. “Ready for school?”

    I glanced at the clock to see that we still have time. “We have some time. Do you want coffee?”

    Chase nodded instantly. “Coffee sounds really good right now.” He rubbed his hands, trying to keep them from freezing over.

    The coffee was already done when I brought out two mugs along with sugar and milk. I gripped the handle of the coffee pot and poured the coffee, entranced by the steam that billowed from the hot liquid. I poured some milk into mine and took a tentative sip, sighing in bliss as It slid down my throat melting the cold from the inside.

    Chase sighed, savoring the coffee. I didn’t have much time to make breakfast, but I made some nice French toast and waffles with whipped cream on top. I poured a light amount of syrup on my plate and handed Chase the bottle, who literally drowned his. I made some extras and placed left it in the pan, a lid keeping the warmth inside for Aunt Claire when she wakes up.

    I washed the dishes before we left. Right when we stepped out of the house, a blast of cold almost knocked me off my feet. I pulled my scarf over my face more and pitied Chase who shivered a bit as we quickly made our way to his car.

    The first thing Chase did when he started the engine was to crank up the heater to it’s maximum capacity. The car warmed up enough for me to pull down my scarf and breath in some half chilly, half warm air.

    “Damn, my hands are frozen.” Chase muttered as he drove, his fingers wiggling stiffly against the wheel.

    We parked in Chase’s usual parking space and shivered. So I gave him my mittens. “You can use them. I don’t mind.”

    Chase shook his head, but his eyes lighted up with an idea. He grabbed my right hand and re-mittened it, then gloved his left hand with the other mitten and grabbed hold of my hand, shoving both his and mine into his pocket. “There. Now we can both have warm hands.”

    I blushed, leaning against him as we quickly made our way into the building. It was chilly inside too, but it’s a lot better than outside. We went to our lockers, our hands never leaving his pockets and went to first. He gave me back the mitten as we sat down in our seats.

    School went by fast with nothing significant happening. I got some rude comments thrown at me, a few shoves and bumps from people in the halls while going to the next class, and other small things, but it’s nothing. Chase on the other hand, well, he pulled me into the janitor’s closet during passing to fifth period where gave me a very uh… stimulating make out session. I left the closet, breathless, my hair tousled, my clothes messed up, and the color of a fire truck. Chase followed me out a few minutes later, the both of us making our way to PE.

    PE was the worst. It was freezing cold with everyone shivering as the wind almost knocked us all over. Mr. Lassiter had a blue windbreaker jacket and black sweat pants on, perfectly comfortable in the weather.

    We had to do non-stop running exercises that warmed me up some, but was too easy to completely warm me up. I wasn’t even breathless when we finished. Everyone sprinted to get back inside the lockers and into their nice, warm clothing. I didn’t bother to shower and changed when everyone was gone to warm and clean themselves.

    Right when I finished slipping on everything, Chase came out of the showers with James, each of them flushed red and dripping with droplets of water cascading down their bodies, a towel wrapped around both of their waists. I gulped as something stirred inside my body from the sight of Chase’s almost naked body and was mortified when I saw my little problem slightly tenting my jeans. I yanked my coat down and bit my lip, staring down at my boots as I waited for it to go away.

    Sure I was aroused during the make out session, but the freezing air shriveled it down instantly when I stepped out for PE in only a t-shirt and shorts. Who would be aroused while it was so frickin cold? Not me. I don’t go that way, although I have no idea what way that is.

    Chase’s boots came in my line of vision a few minutes later, along with James’s sneakers. I looked up at them, my face blazing from embarrassment. “You ready to go?” Chase asked.

    James pat Chase’s shoulder. “See ya later Chase. Bye Alan.” He turned and left in the opposite direction, heading for the other exit.

    I waved goodbye and nodded to Chase. He wrapped an arm around my shoulders, pulling me closer to him until I was leaning on him. I still held my coat down, but discreetly enough so Chase wouldn’t know that something’s wrong.

    We decided to go to his house today, so I can help him study for the Chemistry test tomorrow. Aunt Claire gave me the approval when I called her during lunch, even gave me permission to sleep over if I wanted to. I told her to heat up the leftover curry and to check up on Smores before we hung up.

    I still had the little problem. Sure, when Chase gave me that steamy make out session today, my little friend was happy, but I fixed that problem fast, but this time, it’s not going away. Chase and I, we never further than just making out and touching. He kept his promise of letting me decide when to take the plunge.

    I kept staring at Chase, at his beautiful body, his chiseled face, strong nose, and lips that left me breathless every time they connected with mine. I stared at his big hands as he studied earnestly, thinking of how small and safe he made me and of all the places they touched.

    I suddenly got up, knocking down my pencil onto the floor. “I have to use the bathroom.” I muttered, running into the bathroom with my head down.

    I slammed the door shut and took in deep breaths. It’s the first time I’ve ever masturbated and the only times I’ve touched myself was only for cleaning or using the toilet. So when I unzipped my jeans and pulled myself out, I felt a bit awkward and curious.

    My hands were cold as I grasped myself. I gasped and bit my lip. I gave myself a stroke to see how it felt like, and moaned. Wow, that felt really good. I felt myself get bigger in my palms as I began stroking self in earnest, panting from the pleasure. I bit my lip more, trying to stop myself from making any noises as I stroked myself faster, harder. A tingling sensation built up inside me, ready to explode as I ran my fingers down my shaft to cup my balls and gasped at the sudden pleasure, my breaths turning into short pants.

    The door suddenly opened, startling me. Chase stood my the entrance, his eyes locked onto what my hands were holding and I blushed, mortified. Then shame settled in as I covered myself with my hands, tears brimming in my eyes. He saw me do something so dirty. He probably hates me and thinks that I’m dirty and a slut.

    The soft thud of footsteps came closer and I flinched, ready to be yelled at, to be called names that suit me at the moment, but what I wasn’t ready for was his hand brushing my hands away, taking their place instead. I gasped as his warm hand held onto me. “Want me to help you with that?”

    Before I could say anything, his hand gripped onto my shaft and gave me a hard stroke. A loud moan burst from my lips. I slapped my hands onto my mouth, my breathing turning uneven.

    “Don’t cover your mouth. Let me hear the sounds of your pleasure.” Chase whispered against my ear as he pumped my shaft, licking the soft shell of my ear.

    I whimpered, my knees buckling form the pleasure pumping in my veins. Chase’s skilled fingers went up and down my shaft, stopping to stroke my slit. The immeasurable pleasure that coursed through my spine caused me to cry out in pleasure, my back arching back. I lost all of the strength, my knees buckling as they turned to jelly.

    Chase caught me before I fell, lifting me up to sit against the sink counter. He spread my legs, crouching down and I gasped as his mouth took me in, replacing his hands. I grasped his head as he sucked me down all the way to the hilt, his tongue doing things to me that made me lose myself.

    Chase’s head bobbed up and down as he pumped me with his mouth. I came hard and for the first time, screaming out as I poured myself into his mouth. Spent, I sat limply on the sink counter, still quivering from the explosion.

    Chase got up and I saw him gulp. My eyes widened in horror. I just came in his mouth and he swallowed it. Isn’t it bad to swallow someone’s cum?

    “Chase, I’m sorry. I came in your mouth and you swallowed it. You could have spit it out.” I scrambled off the counter, trying to zip me up, but I lost my footing and began to fall. Chase caught me, his arm shooting out to catch me.

    “It’s your first time getting a blow job huh?” Chase asked, chuckling. “I bet it’s the first time you ever masturbated.”

    I didn’t answer him, but the way I acted as I turned my head to avoid eye contact was answer enough. He squeezed me against him, his hand lifting my chin as he leaned down to give me a kiss that left me weak and breathless. “Don’t be embarrassed and besides, I enjoyed doing it to you, watching your expressions as I sucked you down and the moans of pleasure that echoed in the bathroom. I would happily do it again.” He nipped at my bottom lip. “And again.” His breath blew at my lips. I shivered.

    Chase picked me up and carried me out where he sat me on his bed. “Now if will excuse me, I need to use the bathroom to fix a certain problem.” He winked at me and left, leaving me flustered. What certain problem? Then it hit me and I felt like a complete idiot for not knowing what he was implying. He’s uh…relieving himself.

    Now I feel guilty for not helping him. I mean, it just doesn’t feel right when he helped me so why shouldn’t I do I to him? Yeah, I’m scared to do it and I know I’m inexperienced since this will be my first time doing it willingly to someone else, but I don’t know if I have the guts to do it.

    Chase came out of the bathroom a few minutes later, spotting me in the exact spot from where he left me. He came to me, crouching on the floor, right between my legs. “Something wrong?”

    Should I tell him? I don’t to lie to him, but it’s so embarrassing to say it. I opted for saying the truth. “I was thinking I was unfair to you.”

    Chase raised an eyebrow, his hand now holding mine. “Unfair?”

    I nodded. “You did uhh…” I blushed. “You helped me with my problem so shouldn’t I help you do it for you?”

    Chase choked, coughing. “Uhh.. I don’t mind, but do you know what you’re saying?”

    I gave him a quick nod, uncomfortable with this conversation, even though I was the one who brought up the subject in the first place. “I just thought I could do the same for you with your problem, but I’m scared to do it.”

    Chase placed his hands on my cheeks, pulling me to his kiss, a soft kiss that conveyed how much he loved me. “I won’t force you to do anything to me. I can wait until you’re ready to take a step further into our relationship, but when the time comes where you completely give yourself to me, I won’t stop for anything so you have to be one hundred percent sure.”

    I gulped at the hungry glint that appeared in his eyes when he said it and nodded. “I love you Chase.”

    “I love you too.”

Eni sits in a tree with binoculars: Nawwwww, how sweet. Don't you think so Smores?

Smores chatters in agreement, nibbling on an almond.

Eni hears a crack and the brach she was sitting on breaks.


Three big doggies come after her, barking with sharp teeth.

Eni runs for her life: EEEEE!!!

Eni throws fried chicken at them and disappears: Hahahahaha. SUCKERZ!!

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