Chapter 10

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Chapter 10

(Chase’s POV)

    Football practice was brutal. I can feel my muscles ache in familiar and unfamiliar places. I thought I was in top shape, but from the pain I’m feeling, I was wrong. Time to increase my workout.

    I stepped into my first period, late as always, but I don’t give a shit. I scanned the desks for an empty seat and found the only one right next to Alan. Well who would have known he was also in my first period? Not me.

    Ignoring my aching muscles, I made my way towards Alan, not bothering to ‘hey’ anyone I passed. Some girl I could vaguely see and care slipped a paper into my pocket, probably her phone number. I’ll check her out later, maybe.

    I stood right in front of his desk and smiled down at his mop of silvery white hair. “Well hello Alan.”

    Alan jumped and jerked his head up. His hair’s covering his beautiful face and gorgeous blue eyes, at least I can still see his pink, soft lips. If I could, I would lean down and just taste them, see if they are as sweet as they look. I licked my lips from the thought.

    I saw Alan’s throat move, like he‘s swallowing something. His small pink tongue peeked from his mouth, licking his lips, moistening it before nodding then looking back down to his seat. I’m sure he never noticed that licking his lips is making my little friend down there happy. He’s too innocent and shy to do it on purpose.

    I smirked as I went around the table to take the seat next to him, throwing my backpack on the table. I turned my seat so I could just stare at him, thinking about how he looks good in his thin black shirt that isn’t snug, but just enough to show his figure, black skinny jeans that are a bit too long since there’s extra where his sneakers are, the white bandana with black designs wrapped around his neck, and his hair in small little waves all around his head. The only thing that irritates me is those stupid glasses and the hair covering his face.

    “Mr. O’Neil, are you listening to me?”

    I glared at the person who tore me away from my enjoyment of staring at Alan. Oh, it’s Mr. Portland, an overweight, stubby man with receding dull brown hair and beady eyes. He’s as much of an ass as the chunky double, lopsided blobs he calls an ass. Disgusting and nightmare material. It’s great for losing your erection if you have one, and boy did I have one until I saw him.

    “Yes I am.” I grimaced at him.

    “Then tell us the answer.” He said in a strained voice, pushing his glasses. It looked like it was going to break from how fat his head is.

    “NH3.” I heard someone whisper right next to me.

    “Uhh.. NH3?” I said out loud.

    “Correct.” Mr. Portland said before turning back to the board, obviously disappointed that I was right.

    I turned to stare Alan whose still looking down on his lap. I leaned down until I was right by his ear. He stiffened, his body tense. “Thanks.”

    He nodded, not looking up, but I had a feeling he was blushing, also from the way his ears turned red said it all. Tired of resisting, I bit his ear.

    He screeched, falling out of his chair and onto the floor. Shocked, I watched him tremble, hugging himself. The other students got out of their chairs, curious. Nosy bastards, all of them. I just wanted to tell them to fuck off, that it‘s none of their business, but that would cause a bigger commotion.

    Alan rocked himself a bit, curling into a ball. His head was ducked down, his whole body violently shaking.

    “Alan?” I got out of my seat and touched his shoulder, confused.

    Alan abruptly got up, grabbed his bag and ran out the door, leaving everyone baffled, including me. Mr. Portland called after him, but he was already too far down the hall to hear it.

    I slumped back into my chair. What the fuck just happened?

(Alan’s POV)

    I burst into the bathroom and threw up my whole breakfast into the toilet, tears falling down my cheeks from how hard I was retching my guts out. My throat burned horribly, the sour taste of my stomach acid coating my tongue.

    When I was finally finished emptying out my stomach, I flushed the toilet and went to the sink, ripping off my glasses to splash water all over my face, the cold sting against my flaming face felt heavenly.

    I can’t believe I had a freak attack right in the middle of class, all because Chase bit my ear. Right when he did, the nightmare I had last night about the stranger that almost raped me in the sixth grade and Lucas choking me flashed before my eyes. Before I knew it, I was on the ground, trying to contain the mass hysteria I was about to exhibit to everyone, but just that one touch on my shoulder set me off. God, I am so pathetic.

    I searched through my bag and found the small poke ball my dad bought me as a birthday present for my seventh birthday. I pressed the button and carefully opened it. The tinkling melody of the pokemon theme song ‘Gotta Catch ‘em All’ echoed the walls, calming me down like it always does every time I felt down, every time I was scared, every time I cried, every time I was hurt, every time I felt alone. When I hear this, I get flashbacks of my mom and dad, and what my life was when they were still alive.

    God, I miss them so much, so, so much. I couldn’t stop the tears that fell down my cheeks, the drops making wet patterns on my shirt. I held the poke ball to my heart and concentrated on the familiar melody, drowning myself in their memories.

(Chase’s POV)

    You know what? Fuck this class. I don’t give a shit. All I want to do is find Alan and find out what the hell happened to him.

    I threw all of my stuff into my backpack and stood up, walking to the door.

    “Mr. O’Neil, sit back down. Where are you going?” Mr. Portland said in a stern voice.

    I ignored him and all of the students calling my name, striding out the door in search for Alan, but with his speed, he would have already made it to other side of town, but for some reason, I have a feeling he’s still here in school and my gut is never wrong.

    My aching muscles screamed at me, but I don’t give a flying fuck. I’m Chase O’Neil. A little pain won’t keep me away from getting what I want, and I want Alan.

    I searched for him all around the campus, in the gym, behind the stairs, in the yard, but he wasn’t there. I know he’s here, I just know it.

    Man, I need to take a leak. I ran to the nearest bathroom and found Alan, asleep on the floor by the sink, holding a red and white ball. Well that was unexpected.

    His face is dripping with water, cascading down his soft, rosy cheeks. His thick eyelashes cast shadows, his hair waving all around his face gracefully. His breathing’s even, his face so peaceful. I felt bad waking him up, but I’m sure he doesn’t want to be sleeping in a bathroom on the floor.

    I grabbed his bag and slung it over my shoulder, making sure he didn’t wake up from the loud clatters when it hit my back. I slowly and carefully lifted him off the floor and into my arms, careful not to wake him. He’s so light, lighter than any girl I’ve ever lifted. His hand still held the ball, music coming out of it.

    Alan whimpered into my chest, tears falling down his cheeks. “Please don’t leave me.” He whispered, his voice so heartbreakingly sad.

    I carried him out the bathroom, walking with extra care as to not wake him and to not let anyone see me carrying him into my car. I don’t need anymore fucking rumors and I’m sure Alan doesn’t need any either. You gotta hate high school rumor mills, they are either absolute lies with tons of bullshit or exaggerations with as little truth as you can hear.

    I found my car, a black Hennessey Venom GT. The sleek paint job, buttery leather seats, the orgasmic roar of the engine, and the speeds this baby will go always brings a smile to my face.

    Alan twitched in my arms, mumbling. I froze, waiting to see if he would wake up and freak out, but after a few minutes of waiting with him still asleep, I opened my car door and gently buckled him into his seat, smiling when I saw him curl up in the seat with the musical ball, his mouth opening a bit.

    I sat in the driver’s seat and turned on the ignition. The car gave out a loud roar, but it didn’t wake Alan up, to my relief, but I kept glancing at him just in case he does wake up.

    I couldn’t resist. I reached out and touched his silky hair, enjoying the soft strands on my fingers, watching it slowly slide down my rough skin to fall back gracefully. Never in my life have I been fascinated my someone’s hair. Usually when I‘m interested in a person, it almost always has to do with something sexual, all I care about is looks and body, but this time I’m not even thinking about fucking Alan, yet I can’t stop thinking about how good his hair feels on my skin.

    Alan mumbled in his sleep, settling himself into the seat more, curling up like a sleeping kitten. The music ball was pressed into his chest, but the melody had stopped. I don’t know about other people’s opinions and I technically don’t care about those people, but to me, he looks cute and it’s kind of nice to see him sleeping in my car.

    I used the tip of my finger and grazed his cheek, surprised at the electrical shocks that went throughout my entire body. His skin against mine, his heat mixing with mine in this one tiny contact, eradicated my heart into a beating frenzy. Who would have known I knew these big words, especially when I’m such a dumb shit.

    We arrived at my home, a white modern day mansion with dozens of rooms, lots of empty space that no one uses, a huge pool, hot tub, a manicured yard the size of three football fields all around, giant iron gates, and a collection of expensive cars. I stopped my car right by the entrance, telling the butler by the front door to help me park it and to bring our bags inside when he‘s done. He bowed and took my keys.

    I cradled Alan in my arms, carrying him up the grand winding stairs to the second floor of the house, lit up by the wall sized windows, uncurtained for the sun’s rays to come in.

    It was difficult to open the door to my room while juggling a sleeping person in your arms. My room’s not all that fancy or anything. Blue walls, comfy white carpet floor, king sized bed, black sheets, white pillows, 90 inch HD plasma screen, all of the game consoles that has ever been made, flat screen touch computer, cherry wood table, hi-def stereo, giant closet, nightstand, and a bookshelf with all of my achievements, trophies, rewards, some books, some dvds, and porn mags.

    I laid Alan in my bed, his small body relaxed. I tugged off his shoes, then his socks, revealing his small, pale feet. I grabbed my covers and gently placed it over his body, watching him snuggle into my pillows, him barely visible from how much he sunk in.

    Was it me or did I hear him purr?

    Whatever, guess school’s out for the rest of the day for us. I’m not going back right when I left. Might as well stay here and watch after Alan, more like interrogate him in my territory.    

    Where are some handcuffs when I need them?

    Yeah, now that I think about it, not a good idea. If he freaked out when I touched him, I’m sure he’ll have a panic attack, heart attack, and go into a hysterical spasm of terror if he woke up handcuffed to some stranger’s bed in an unfamiliar room in a new town I bet he hasn’t explored yet. What a great way to wake up, not.

    Alan suddenly twitched, whimpering. His face screwed up in pain and fear. He began to toss into the bed, turning every few seconds. His hands fisted the sheets, legs kicking as if he’s fighting something.

    “No, no, please.” He whispered. “Stop.” He gritted his teeth, his body suddenly thrashing in a frenzy.

    He’s having a nightmare, a really bad nightmare from what I could tell. I held onto his arms, pinning them to the bed as he continued to thrash about. I didn’t want him to hurt himself.

    “Alan? Wake up.” His thrashing became even more violent. He began to scream, trying to fight me off, but I’m stronger than him so it was no use.

    “Alan?” I lowered myself down, slowly decreasing the space between our faces.

    Alan suddenly woke up, taking in a shaky breath. His eyes were a bit dazed from just waking up, not entirely aware of his surroundings. When he finally realized that I was right on top of him, he screamed, struggling fiercely.

    “Let me go!” He yelled, twisting and turning beneath me, trying hard to break free of my grasp. “Get off! Off!”

    I let him go, then realized my mistake when he hastily scrambled off the bed and headed towards the door. Like the football player I was, I charged him before he was too far gone for me to catch.

    When Alan grabbed the door knob and opened it, I slammed it back shut, preventing him from leaving. He flinched before ducking under my arms, aiming for the window, which was stupid since we’re on the second floor and falling out of the window is suicide. I would know, I tried and almost died.

    I grabbed his arm, yanking him back towards my chest. I wrapped my arms around him, preventing him from running away and because I really wanted to hug him. He tried to break free from my grasp, but after a few minutes of failing, he finally calmed down, his body leaning on mine.

    “Chase?” He croaked, his voice gravely from all the screaming.

    “Finally calmed down?”

    He nodded weakly before I felt him shaking all over. I felt something wet fall onto my arms. Oh, he’s crying.

    I rocked slowly back and forth. “Hey, don’t cry.” I pet his hair, feeling him flinch when my hand touched his hair. He slowly relaxed, his arm raised to wipe the tears from his eyes.

    I reluctantly unwrapped my arms. It was nice hugging him like that, warm and soft against my body, but I knew he needed some space. I went to my table and handed him a tissue.

    “Thanks.” He gently blew his nose before tossing it into the trashcan. “Umm, where am I?” He asked me in a soft voice.

    I sat on my bed. “My room.” I kicked off my shoes and laid back on my pillows, watching Alan examine my room hesitantly before curiosity took over and began to look earnestly. My insides warmed as I watched him, grinning when he saw all of my trophies and laughed when he dropped the porn magazine on the floor in disgust.

    “Ewww. That’s so gross. Who reads that?” He stuck out his tongue in disgust.

    “Uhh, any horny guy who enjoys to look at a nice pair of tits and ass. What, you’ve never seen a porn mag before?” You have to be kidding me, but it does make sense when it comes to Alan. Too innocent to own a porn mag, much less see one.

    He shook his head, picking up the magazine with the tips of his fingers like it’s a molding jock strap that hasn’t been washed in weeks and placed it back on the shelf. He shuddered, his nose scrunching up like he smelled something rank.

    I laughed, captivated when his eyes met mine before he smiled, taking the breath out of me as if I was sucker punched by the Hulk. His whole being lit up, the wind blowing his now dried hair from my open window.

    Alan’s face contorted to confusion, his head cocking to the side. “Wait, aren’t we suppose to be at school?”

    I shrugged. “Eh, school’s overrated.”

    Alan shook his head, sitting in my rolling leather chair, thinking. “I remember going to school, sitting in first period. You came in late, and bit my ear.” He ducked his head, but not before I saw him blushing. “After that, I…..” He didn’t finish the sentence, lowering his head more in shame and embarrassment.

    I sat up. “That’s what I want to talk to you about. What the heck happened in class?”

    Alan got up from his seat. “Nothing. It was nothing.” He bit his lip, turning his head to the side.

    I got up and made my way towards him. “Bullshit.” He subtly flinched, but didn’t look at me. “That was not nothing. You can’t lie to me. I may not know you well, we just met yesterday, but I know when someone’s lying to me.” His body began to shake and I knew he would try to make another run for it. I was right.

    Alan made a run for the door again, but I was ready so I grabbed him before he touched the knob, yanking hard. He flew, landing on the bed. I charged at him, pinning him back on the bed. I know in this situation, you are suppose to be nice and gentle, but I just don’t have the patience left for that.

    Alan struggled, trying to break free, but it was futile. Knowing that, he just gave up, went limp beneath me. I pinned both of his wrists above his head with one arm, leaving my other arm free to grasp his chin and force him to face me.

    “Alan, tell me what’s wrong.”

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