Chapter 30

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Dedicate this to PurdyBiersackGirl for being such a awesome ninja and for listening to me ramble about stupid shiz while i was stressing my hair from brown to white. Yeah... you get the picture. No? Alright then....

Chapter 30

(Alan’s POV)

    “You have to run.” The voice of a young boy whispered in my ear, full of fear and sadness.

    But why? And who are you? Why do you sound so familiar?

    Suddenly and image of a young boy appeared out of nowhere in the deep dark abyss. He was tiny, wearing a tattered blue t-shirt that hung off his skinny body and dark green shorts. His feet was bare as he wore nothing else other than those two articles of clothing. His hair was wavy and light, framing his face as I stared in familiar blue eyes, brimming with tears.

    “You have to run. Get away from here.” He dissolved into nothingness.

    The first thing I noticed was the constant beeping and the smell of antiseptics and gauze. Then came the soft hum of machines and the uncomfortable bed I’m lying on, and I knew I was in the hospital. I slowly opened my eyes, squinting from the brightness of the room. The only thing I could see was the white tiled ceiling, but as my eyes wandered around, I saw medical machines and confirmed I was in the hospital.

    My throat was dry and I wanted to drink water, so I decided to get up and find myself some, but as I began to move, pain shot through. I groaned in pain, wincing, but that made it even worse and I decided quickly not to move at all if it meant the pain would go away.

    “Alan? You awake?”

    Zack appeared in my vision, blocking out some of the ceiling. His face was contorted in concern and worry. I tried to smile, but it hurt a lot. Actually, I could only see from one eye, the left one shut. I tried opening it, but when I t didn’t I started to worry.

    “Wh-What happened? Why am I in the hospital?” I croaked. It hurt when I spoke, but it was necessary if it meant I would get some answers.

    Zack sat down on a plastic chair next to my bed. “You texted me for help and the location of where you were. I texted you what happened, but when you didn’t text me back, I rushed over there and found you unconscious and beaten up behind some bushes. I was careful carrying you to my car and driving over to the hospital, getting a hunch that you wouldn’t like having an audience and attracting too much attention.”

    That was true. He knows me so well, yet we only met for a short time. I’m glad I texted him because he understands what I want. If it were anyone else, they would call an ambulance and attract too much attention to me.

    “Care to tell me what happened? I have an idea, but I don’t want to act on assumptions.” Zack saw my confused face and grimaced. “I’m going to find the little shits who did this to you and make them wish they were never born.”

    I opened my mouth, wincing from the pain, but nothing came out, although the words are at the tip of my tongue. Not one word left my lips, even though I wanted to, but the thing is, I don’t want Zack to go to the trouble of exacting revenge for me, even though I really want to inside. I just don’t think that beating them up will solve any problems and it will paint Zack just like them. Zack’s a good person, I don’t want to turn him like the hulk and his buddies.

    Zack must be a mind reader because he sighed and pat my hand gently. “Please tell me. I just want to protect you. I care for you like an older sibling should and it’s surprising for me since I never warm up to people that fast.” He gave me a reassuring smile. “I promise I won’t decide on anything and if I do, then I’ll tell you okay?”

    “Okay.” I agreed, lifting my hand with only my pinky raised.

    Zack hooked his pinkie with mine as we sealed our promise. I blushed and lowered my hand, surprised to see that he didn’t unhook his pinkie from mine. Instead, he held my hand, lacing our fingers together. It was nice and I felt safe with him here.

    I took in a deep breath, ignoring the pain from when my chest expanded, knowing I should ask what’s my condition later, and began talking about what happened today. As my story progressed, his expression turned stoic, but the anger swirling in his eyes told me everything. He did give me a tiny smile when I told him about my yard stick skills, then frowned when I told him I jumped out a window on the second floor.

    My breathing was a bit labored when I finished, coming out in short puffs. The pain increased when I was talking and now it’s raging. I whimpered from the pain, knowing something else is wrong, but what? My head swam a bit and I had to focus in order to concentrate on Zack.

    “You jumped out a window and somehow managed to grab hold of a tree branch, climbing down unscathed in this condition?” He stared at me in disbelief, his hands clenched on his lap. His eyes were a mixture of horror, awe, and anger.

    “Can you help me sit up? I want to drink some water.” My throat was dry and I want this weird, bitter taste in my mouth gone.

    Zack reached for a remote and pressed a button, which lifted the upper part of my bed, helping me sit up with out moving myself and went over to a table where a pitcher of water and clear plastic cups sat. He poured me a cup of water and handed it to me, sitting back down when he saw I had a steady grip on it.

    I took a tentative sip and suppressed a groan of pain and bliss as the cool liquid alleviated my dry throat with its damp, wet magic. I guzzled down the entire cup, not caring how much it hurt and sighed in satisfaction. Zack took the cup from my hands, placing it back on the table.

    The doctor came in and I recognized him as one of dad’s sports buddies. Dad and a bunch of his friends would come over to the house on Sunday and watch ESPN, cheering and booing at the screen. I would sometimes come in and ask if they wanted any snacks or drinks or anything else and they would greet me by cheering. Sometimes, they would keep me there and I would cheer along with them to which ever team I picked to cheer on. It was fun and a wonderful guy experience. I love my mom and I do love hanging out with her, but a guy needs to have some guy time.

    I can’t remember his name, but I do remember the time when he brought me out for some ice cream since our team won the game, us being the only two who rooted for that team. The other guys and my dad rooted for the other team and lost, so we let them wallow in their own misery. Victory ice cream was the best, especially when it’s cookies and cream ice cream.

    The doctor hasn’t really changed, except for the way his hair is, which was shorter than before, but of course, it has been five years. His brown hair was cut short, stylized to seem messy, as if he just got out of bed. His bedroom gray eyes, which always reminded me of a cloudy days, stared at me in sympathy, not pity, which I greatly appreciated. He had a bit more muscle than before, like he worked out, but only to keep in shape. Other than that, he was the same.

    “Hello Alan. It‘s nice to meet you.” He came up to me and smiled kindly, but in a way professional doctors did to relax the patient. “I’m Dr. Krentz.”

    He doesn’t recognize me? Well that’s good. I nodded my head to him in acknowledgment and ignored the pain radiating throughout my entire body.

    Dr. Krentz had a clipboard in his hand and tsked. “Well, what have you been up to Mr. Thorpe for getting beat up to this extreme? Three broken ribs, a black eye, a twisted wrist, and bruises everywhere. You were lucky your friend secured you safely in his car and drove you here as fast as he could. One of the fractures of your ribs was very close to puncturing your lung, but we fixed that up so you’re in the safe zone. Your face on the other hand will be swollen for some time so keep that iced for a few days.”

    Black eye? That explains the reason why I could only open one eye. Great. I sighed, wincing from the pain from doing that. Oh well. There’s no point in complaining when it won’t change anything.

    “You’re almost due for your pain medication. So let me check your face one more time before I ring up a nurse.” Dr. Krentz continued, reaching out to brush away my hair from my face.

    Zack stood on the other side of the room, leaning back with his arms crossed. His face was expressionless, his eyes glazed as his mind was in another world. My eyes went back to Dr. Krentz. I tried my best not to flinch away from his touch.

    “Hmmm.. You seem familiar. I know I’ve seen your eyes somewhere, and that hair….” Dr. Krentz’s eyes widened. “Alan, is that you? Is it really you?”

    My eyes wandered to Zack to see that his eyes were trained on me, listening to our conversation with interest. My attention went back to Dr. Krentz and I smiled, nodding.

    Dr. Krentz surprised me when tears fell down his cheeks. He gave me a watery smile, taking hold of my hand. His large hands engulfed mine, his squeezing slightly. “It really is you. It’s been years since the accident. Do you remember me?”

    I nodded. “You were dad’s sports network buddy.”

    Dr. Krentz chuckled, then stopped, his smile turning to a sullen frown. “I still miss Thomas and Sarah. Your mom was a wonderful woman and your father was a great man. It was painful to hear them pass away, and as a doctor, friend, and father of two children, I felt helpless when I couldn’t help them.” His shoulders hunched, eyes full of pain, but he gave me a small smile. “At least I was able to save you.”

    I pat his hand reassuringly. “Thank you for that.”

    The doorknob turned, the nurse coming in. “Hello Dr. Krentz, it’s time for Alan’s pain medication.”

    Dr. Krentz nodded at her. “Thank you Jeanine.”

    Jeanine gave him a polite smile and went over to IV drip, which I just noticed was attached to my arm. The needle protruded against my skin, puckering around the sharp, thin metal as if it didn’t want it to go. She readjusted my pillows and told me to press the buzzer if I needed anything. She left after that.

    Dr. Krentz’s expression blanked in anger and compassion. “There’s something I wanted to ask you Alan. You don’t have to answer me since this is none of my business, but..” His eyes locked with mine. “Care to tell me where you obtained all of those scars?”

    I froze, stiffening. I knew this would happen and I had hoped he would let it go, but I guess that’s a bit too much to ask for. My eyes wandered to Zack, who’s back from his little mind trip. He was focused on me, his body straightened a bit as he listened to our conversation.

    Even though I knew him from way back then, I can’t trust him. Dad had a lot of friends, but most of them hung out with him because of his money, and I have no idea if Dr. Krentz is the same. Sure he’s a doctor, but not all doctors are trustworthy now are they? Anyone could be corrupted with the right amount of manipulation. The best thing I could do is close my eyes and turn away from him, using my body language to cnvey to him that I don’t want to talk about it.”

    Dr. Krentz patted my hand, understanding my message. “I won’t push you and I know it’s hard to tell a person who’s practically a stranger, but I do want to help you. Give it some thought. I’m going to leave you alone to rest. We’ll talk more in the morning.” He grinned at me. “It’s great seeing you again Alan.” He got up and walked right out the door, turning back to give me one last wave. The door softly shut behind him.

    Zack returned to the bedside seat. I can feel the medication start to take affect. My eyelids felt a bit more heavier than before. The bed went back to it’s horizontal state from the push of a button. Something touched my hand and I knew it was Zack.

    “You don’t have to stay with me. I’m fine.” I sleepily drawled, yawning.

    Zack chuckled. “Nah, I’m staying a bit longer until you sleep.” He let go of my hand to grab a magazine off a rack. “Don’t worry. I’ll protect you.”

    “Thanks Zack.” I slurred, my eyelids too heavy to keep from closing my eyes. The medication gripped me and pulled me down into dreamland.


(Melissa’s POV)

When Alan was unconscious in the bushes.

    I’m sooooooo bored.

    My face laid on the table, the worksheet I just finished right underneath my cheeks. I’ll probably have the answers stamped to my face, but do I really care? No. Why should I care about having something stamped onto my face when I’m too bored to even care?

    I’m actually surprised I finished my work in the first place. And it’s all thanks to Ally Bear. I pulled out my cell phone and searched for the picture I sneakily took while Alan was asleep during the slumber party, which was totally fun and his brownies were…. Mmmm… My eyes landed on the picture and I couldn’t help but smile. Dawwwww, he’s so adorable. His cheeks were so soft and squishy, like mochi, really soft mochi. I just wanted to bite them.

    Class finally ended. I had to restrain myself from throwing my hands in the air and cheer. Finally, I get to see Ally Bear. Thank you P.E. At least this class won’t bore me like crazy.

    I made my way to the locker room, saying hi to a bunch of people who waved at me. My smile turned to a frown as I saw Amanda with her slut posse, twitching down the hall. I’m surprised she didn’t break her hip bone from twitching it so often, trying to act sexy. What a hoe bag.

    Amanda was giggling with a blonde whose hair was styled to look like she just tumbled out of bed after a great round of sex, but to me, it looked like something exploded in her hair, like a science experiment gone bad. I rolled my eyes at how obvious all of them try to look and act sexy when everything’s just fake, along with their overly bloated melons they call boobs. Please girls, I know you stuff your bras and none of it is natural.

    Amanda glanced up from talking to smirk at me. “Hey Melissa. How’s life? Too busy losing what popularity you had since you hung out with that loser transfer student?”

    I smirked at her. “Better than being an easy whore. Besides, I love being with Alan and he’s way better looking than you and he doesn’t even need to try, unlike you Miss Fake D-Cups.” I reached into her bra and ripped out the silicon stuffed in her cups, slapping it in her face.

    Amanda’s cheeks turned a fiery red, her face twisted in rage and embarrassment. I blew her a kiss and continued going to the locker rooms, leaving her fuming along with her friends.

    That bitch should keep her STD infested mouth shut. She doesn’t know shit. Alan’s the most nicest and best person I’ve ever met, but for some reason, he does seem familiar somehow. It’s at the tip of my tongue, but I can’t seem to grasp it.

    The girl’s locker room was bustling with girls, changing and chattering about whatever gossip they could talk about and I knew it had to do with Alan and Chase. They are such a cute couple and I’ve never seen Chase act the way he is with Alan in my entire life. I’ve known him since elementary school so we’ve known each other for a long time.

    For some reason, something deep inside of me has been nagging me, like something bad’s about to happen. But why? Everything seems fine, well except for the hate crimes aimed at Alan, but that’s not the source of the nagging. The first time I felt the nagging was when Alan told me about their first date, but why did that set me off?

    I stripped off my clothes and changed into my gym t-shirt and shorts. I replaced my boots with some ratty, old running shoes I bought years ago and stuffed all of my things in my gym locker. Why wear brand new ones, waiting for them to break in, when you got your smelly old ones broken in fro you years ago?

    Waving and greeting at my locker neighbors, I walked out of the locker room and headed straight for the track field. A cold breeze brushed my skin and I sighed at the feeling of goose bumps forming along my arms and legs. The fresh smell of trees, earth, and nature wafted into my nose. Never will I ever lose my love for this smell. It’s the very thing that keeps me from moping in my house all day. I would always be either walking around town, greeting shop owners and random people walking on the street, or just lazing around in an open field with a blanket and my ipod or play some sports with the kids down at the park.

    There were only a few people at the track field, waiting for class to start. I just walked around the track and waited for Chase, James, and Alan to arrive. James ran to where I currently was and walked with me in comfortable silence. I finished my round when Chase came by, but Alan wasn’t with him. That was strange. Alan was always with Chase when they came over from the locker room.

    Chase had a blank expression on, but I can see the emotions swarming in his eyes and all I have to say is that he is not happy. Not one bit. I was starting to worry too. Alan only skips class when something’s wrong. Sure he skips a lot, but surviving this building full of assholes, it’s surprising to see that he can still smile and I love his smile. It lights up his whole demeanor and everything around him.

    “Hey Chase. Where’s Alan?” I asked, hoping that he would know because I don’t like the feeling I’m getting right now.

    “Isn’t he always with you?” James added, worried too. His eyes darted around the field, searching for something.

    Chase shook his head. “I don’t know where he is. He wasn’t in his fifth period. I asked his teacher and he said Alan never showed up.” He didn’t meet my eyes, his darting to the side, but I saw a slight glimpse of guilt. Now why would he feel guilty?

    I stepped up to Chase, and grabbed hold his cheeks, forcing him to look me in the eyes. “Do you know something Chase?”

    Chase blinked, crestfallen as he mumbled, “I shouldn’t have left him alone during passing period to talk to the teacher after class. I should have asked one of my buddies to look after him….” When he said that, I saw something spark in his eyes. Despair? As I pondered that for a bit, the spark left as quickly as it came. Did I just imagine it?

    James patted his shoulder in comfort. “Hey man, don’t blame yourself and don’t get your hopes down. You don’t know of anything bad happened. Maybe he’s just playing hooky or something.”

    I can tell that all of us didn’t believe those words, but there’s nothing we can do until class ends and even then, I haven’t the slightest clue where to start.

    Class went by fast, with me barely noticing anything around me. I didn’t care about class, I want to know where the hell Ally Bear is. Why can’t Mr. Lassiter let us leave early? Instead, he kept us in class ten minutes after the bell rang to lecture us about something and the whole time, I wanted to rip his balls off and shove it down his throat.

    I practically ran back to the locker room, almost tearing off my gym clothes while scrambling to open my locker. Dressed and not caring if I wore everything right or wrong, I ran out to meet with James and Chase, who were already waiting by their cars out in the parking lot.

    Chase was on his phone, texting. He shut his phone and slipped it back into his jeans pocket. “I texted Cal. He’s going to help us search around the school. I’m going to Alan’s house. James, you go check by the park. Melissa, head over to Alan’s aunt’s workplace and see if she knows anything. If anyone finds anything, text us and we’ll meet up.”

    We all nodded and went into our cars, swiveling out of the lots in search for our Ally Bear.


    It’s been four hours and still nothing. Alan’s aunt has no idea where he is and is calling all of her friends to see if anyone’s heard anything about him. Chase checked the house and anywhere within a few blocks, but nothing too. James asked a few people around the park, but nothing came up. Cal did find something. Apparently a few douche bags from the baseball team were beaten up and none of them were saying anything, but from the way they sneered when Cal said Alan’s name, you can tell they did something. Cal’s busy getting it out of them.

    I sighed in frustration and worry, slumping in the driver’s seat of my car. Ally Bear, where are you?

    My phone suddenly vibrated. I scrambled for it, twisting around in my seat. Finally I pulled out the little guy. I got a text from Zack. He’s probably wondering why I’m not at home yet. Then it hit me. I should’ve asked Zack and his friends to help search for Alan, but from the way my mind was going, panicking with worry over Alan’s disappearance, it completely slipped my mind.

    I clicked the okay button and opened up the message, then froze.

    Lissa. Im @ hospital w/ Alan.

    My jaw was swinging as I read the message. Zack’s at the hospital with Alan? Fear settled into my skin and I couldn’t help but think of the worst. Another text came from Zack. I opened it and sighed in relief.

    Alan’s fine. Resting.

    I quickly texted back. Wht happnd?

    Found him behind bushes unconscious at school. Brought him to hospital.

    Is he ok?

    Just got out of surgery. Come visit.

    Surgery? Oh god. Okay.

    Tears welled up in my eyes as I texted everyone where Alan’s at, including his aunt. Shutting my phone, I revved up my car and drove over to the hospital, breaking every traffic law there is. The sounds and blares of horns echoed behind me, but i didn't bother to care. There's one thing, and only one thing occupying my mind.

    I’m coming Ally Bear!

Eni walks into hospital and runs over to Alan: Oh my poor baby. Look what i've done to you!

Zack: Who the hell are you?

Eni: No wonder that Alan fan mob wanted to kill me.

Zack: Excuse me?

Eni goes up to Zack: Why hello there smexy? I have a special deal on Alan posters for half price.

Zack stares at me like i'm a psycho: Posters?

Eni stares at imaginary watch: SMURF!! I have to go shave before i get ice cream. *Eni poofs away*

Zack: I need to get more sleep.

Sooo... this is a chappie where you see in Melissa's mind. I hope you all liked it and i guess you can sya i'm now back on track and ready to bring out the big guns :)

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