Chapter 28

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Warning: To those of you who don't like to read boyxboy sex, don't read this chapter and to those who do but complain about it, well it IS a rated R book ppl.

Chapter 28

(Alan’s POV)

    It’s been two months since Chase and I officially became boyfriend and boyfriend. Yes, I still blush from the word and I have no reason to be shy about it. It’s been great. Chase brought me on many dates, some of them romantic while others were just fun and silly. Sure we got some stares form other people, but one look from Chase and they stopped.

    Chase never pressured me into sex, although there were a few times where things have been very steamy and he’s been seducing me and coaxing me into agreeing to it more and more. The worst part about it is that right when things started getting really good, he would leave all hot and bothered every time. The only time he ever relieved me was that time when I decided to try masturbating for the first time in his bathroom. Other than that, he wouldn’t go there, although he did tease me a lot.

    I hated him for doing that to me, but I was also grateful because I knew and he knew that I wasn’t one hundred percent ready to go all the way. He never went too far and he was very patient with me, although whenever he or I stopped, he looked like he was in more and more pain. It must be very frustrating for him and I offered to help him relieve himself, but he would shake his head and do it himself.

    I love him for that and I now know I’m ready to take the next step that will complete our relationship. For me and Chase to have sex. Sure I’m nervous, but who wouldn’t be when it’s their first time, well for me it’s mentally my first time. I just hope Chase won’t be disgusted when he sees my entire body or touch the scars with his bare hands and push me away like trash. That would crush me.

    It’s Saturday and I came back from my jog through the woods. The black wolf waited for me by the lake and jogged with me. We came into very good terms and I can say we are friends. I even met his pack and mate, whom welcomed me warmly to my surprise and awe. I didn’t think they would accept me, a human, to their pack and I was grateful for the experience. I didn’t even know the black wolf was the alpha, but the way all the wolves treated him and how he walked with authority told me everything.

    I ran back home after a while and took a shower, changing into my best clothes. Chase was coming over later to pick me up and bring me on another date. It’s another surprise, but he said that I would love it, like all of the other dates.

    I went with a black Chinese silk shirt with embroidered golden dragons that twined around my entire body. It was a gift from Aunt Claire when she was in walking around Chinatown and spotted it right from the start. It was expensive, but she haggled with the owner and he gave her half off. She threw in a free check up for his pet parakeet as thanks.

    Underneath the shirt’s a plain white t-shirt that clung to my body, some very form-fitting charcoal skinny jeans, black leather lace up boots, and a black knit scarf. Aunt Claire helped me with my hair. The messy mop was now combed back, a few strands still on my face, but most of it was contained. She would murmur about how soft it was, and I would blush like a shy school girl.

    I remember when Aunt Claire found me and Chase making out heavily in my room, she forced me to watch gay porn with her the next day and educated me on the importance of condoms and how Chase should prepare me. That was the most horrifying and mortifying day of my life. She even gave me lessons on how to put a condom on with a cucumber and made me try it out with her watching. I scrubbed the cucumber thoroughly before I used it for dinner.

    Aunt Claire then proceeded to horrify me more by buying lube and tons of condoms, saying ‘it’s better this way then raw’ so I dumped the stuff in my drawer and never let it see the light of day.

    The doorbell rang downstairs. I ran down and opened the door to see Chase in all his breathless beauty. He wore a white, form-fitting t-shirt that showed every curve of his muscles, dark blue jean jacket, jeans, and combat boots. He looked amazing. I gulped, already nervous, but excited with what he thought of today.

    Chase’s eyes widened, scanning me up and down. I guess he didn’t think I would actually show my face out in public, but from the way he stared at me, I would say he loved my appearance. Besides, I remember squeezing what little information I could from him that we were going out into the city where no one will recognize me, so there’s no reason to panic. I haven’t shown my face in public in over five years, so this is pretty big for me.

    Chase stepped closer to me and cupped my face in both of his hands, leaning down to capture my lips. I stretched my arms, wrapping them around his neck loosely.

    “Keep it PG when I’m here you two.”

    Chase and I jumped apart, but he wrapped an arm around my waist, keeping me close to him.

    Aunt Claire giggled. “You two are such a cute couple.” She whipped out her phone and took a picture before we could comprehend anything. “Now, I don’t care if you two have sex or sleep at your house Chase, but keep it clean and safe.”

    I face palmed myself from horror and embarrassment. I can’t believe she just aid that. I wish I could melt into a puddle and seep into the floor so no one can see how mortified I am at the moment.

    Aunt Claire strode towards us and patted Chase on the shoulder. “Take care of my boy.” The she suddenly fisted her hand on the lapels of his jacket and pulled him down to her eye level. “And of you hurt him in anyway, I won’t hesitate to beat the shit out of you, got that?”

    Chase nodded, knowing instinctively that she’s not kidding around and I knew she wasn’t kidding either. She’s seen me go through a lot of pain and betrayal so her threatening Chase shows how much she loves me.

    “I’ll take good care of him. I promise.” Chase told Aunt Claire earnestly, but something was a bit off about it. Am I getting paranoid over nothing?

    Aunt Claire nodded, smiling. He patted Chase’s cheek. “That’s a good boy.” She cooed at him like a dog. I snickered quietly.

    Chase drove to the next city and parked in front of the zoo. I squealed in happiness, then slapped at my mouth, embarrassed. Wow, where the heck did that come from?

    Chase kissed the hand covering my mouth. “I’m glad you like it. I know how you love animals so I thought you would like this.”

    We got out of the car and waited in line. Chase paid at the entrance, taking a map they handed out to see what we should see first. With a route decided, we visited the elephants, who greeted us. Mr. Elephant lumbered towards us as I held out an apple. He took it happily, using his trunk to place it in his mouth. He reached out with his trunk to me and I patted it, which he liked. Chase stood a few feet away, staring at me in awe. I waved goodbye to Mr. Elephant and visited the bears.

    There were two bears and three cubs. Aww, a family. The parents were lazing around while the cubs were chasing each other, playing around. When I arrived, the cubs came as close as they could get, making cute roaring noises at me, wanting to play with me. Of course I wanted to play with them too, but I couldn’t. The papa and mama bear heard the commotion and made their way towards the cubs, then lifted themselves up to stare at me. I waved at them and grinned happily. They waved back.

    Chase stood right behind me, watching our interaction with interest. “Are animals always attracted to you?”

    I nodded. “Ever since I was little, I had this thing with animals. Stray dogs would come up to me and say hi when I fed them leftover meat from the butchers, who gave it to me happily since he knew it was feeding someone who needs it. They’re suppose to vicious dumpster dogs, but they’re really friendly with me. I also fed stray cats and birds when I get the chance.” I don’t to tell him about the bear incident that would freak him out. I mean, who wouldn’t freak out when a bear gets cuddly with a small child? “As I grew older and lived with Aunt Claire, my affinity with animals grew until even wild animals are friendly towards me.” Like the black wolf and his pack. They warmed up to me really fast and treated me like I was part of their pack.

    “That’s amazing. Who knew my boyfriend was so cool? It explains why my guard dogs were really friendly towards you when you first visited my home.” Chase nuzzled my neck.

    Technically I didn’t visit his home since I was asleep in the boy’s bathroom and he found he there so he decided to bring me to his house where I freaked out and things went all up and down from there. If Chase hadn’t brought me to his home, I don’t think we would have been boyfriend and boyfriend at all.

    I blushed, taking his hand in mine. “Do you really mean that?”

    Chase kissed my cheek. “Yeah. I knew you were special the first time I laid eyes on you, but I didn’t know you were that special. This just makes me love you even more.”

    We went to see the penguins, who came up and said hi to us, the polar bears, who pressed his paw against the glass while he was diving in the water. I pressed my hand right where his paw was, wishing I could play with the polar bear. After that was the otters who were playing with each other and seals who bounced balls around with their nose, fins, and tails. It was awesome.

    We visited the monkeys and chimpanzees, who greeted us with happy screeches and signs that they wanted to play with me, but I couldn’t which made them sad, but it was all cool. I just spoke to them as they gathered around my area of the cage and they sat down, listening to me as I told them all about pokemon. The giraffes were cool, as was the lions and tigers. The leopards were asleep so we just took one glance and went to the food court, which was surprisingly clean and bustling with people. I ordered a freshly grilled beef burger with fries to the side while Chase bought a double decker burger twice the size and length of mine along with a bag of chips and soda.

    When we finished our food, we visited the rhinos and the meerkats, who were just adorable, some eagles and hawks, a vulture who kind of freaked me out, but was friendly towards me anyways, and some wolves. They even had wild dogs and hippos here, which was cool.

    Screams erupted us from behind and we both turned to see people frantically running away from something. My curiosity overtook my common sense and led me towards the opposite direction of where everyone was going. Chase called my name from behind, but I was too fast and too far gone for me to go back. I kept running until I stopped at the scene in front of me.

    The bear family Chase and I saw earlier today, well only one of the cubs, were free and frolicking around the main square, a wide open space with a fountain and benches for zoo goers and families to sit down when they’re tired of exploring and want to rest for a few minutes. The cub was smaller than a grown bear, but still big and strong enough to kill a human easily. He was sniffing around the square harmlessly, rolling a cup that with on the floor with a paw.

    Then everything went to hell.

    Some stupid kid, a young boy decided it was funny to throw ice cream at the bear. It landed on the bear’s head, startling it. It roared, furious as it searched for the source. When it spotted the boy, it roared again and was going to charge the boy.

    I didn’t think at all when I was doing this and I know I was being stupid, but I don’t want to see a mauling in front of me, although that boy does need to be slapped for being so stupid. Who in their right mind would throw ice cream at a bear? Does the kid want to die?

    “Hey. Hey!!” I yelled, trying to gain the attention of the bear.

    The bear stopped, turning to the sound of my voice. It shook its head of the ice cream, his form still filled with aggression. I slowly walked towards it, calm and unafraid. The bear must have recognized me because it suddenly went from bear rage to playful. It came towards me and stopped a few inches away from me, his brown furry self almost twice as big as me.

    “You okay big guy? How did you get out of your cage?” I reached out to him with a tissue and a water bottle, wetting the tissue. “I’m going to clean you up okay? No harm.” I showed him the wet tissue as to show it was harmless.

    “Alan!” Chase yelled at me from behind.

    The bear growled, a low, menacing rumble. I turned to see Chase standing a safe distance away from me, pale and horrified. He took a step and I shook my head, using my hand to gesture him to move back. “I’m fine. Just stay there. I got this.”

    I turned back to the bear. “hey, it’s all cool. Now let me get that ice cream off of you.”

    The bear lowered his head, understanding what I said and waited patiently as I washed off all of the ice cream. He licked my hand when I finished. “There, all clean.”

    The bear grunted, sitting his furry butt down with a thump. He used his paw to take me closer to him, so I did and was overcome with a lot of smelly fur. I laughed and pet his stomach, loving the soft fur against my fingers. He made a happy noise and lied down on the floor. I stretched myself further to rub his belly, laughing when I saw his tongue lolled out to the side of his mouth.

    I glanced at Chase and gave him a reassuring smile and waited for the zoo keepers to come bring the bear back. They finally arrived a few minutes later, but the bear didn’t want me and he was reluctant to get into the cart that’ll transport him back to his part of the zoo so decided I would walk with him back.

    I patted his tummy and got up. “C’mon big boy, let’s bring you back to your family.” The bear rolled onto four legs and followed me as we made our way back to his part of the zoo.

    People made space for us, clearing the way for the bear and I to walk. I kept a hand on the bear’s back, comforting it as it got agitated with the number of people gawking at us. When we arrived, I hugged it and said goodbye. It licked my cheek and went back to it’s family.

    I turned to see everyone in awe and I got nervous. Chase came up to me, crushing me in a hug. “Are you okay? Are you hurt anywhere? How could you do something so dangerous?” Hs hands roamed all around my body, checking to see if anything’s wrong.

     I wrapped my arms around his neck and pulled him down for a kiss. “I’m alright. Now let’s go home. I don’t like the attention I’m getting.”

    Chase kissed me, pulling me right next to him as we exited with the zoo keepers and the people outside clapping, shouting out ‘thanks’ and ‘you’re awesome’ at us. The person in charge of the zoo even gave me a giant teddy bear as thanks, which I hesitantly took. I buried my face in Chase’s side, hiding myself as we went to the car and drove away.

    We drove in silence, an uncomfortable silence. I hugged my teddy bear, burying my face in it’s nice, soft fur until we arrived at Chase’s house. Chase’s face was expressionless, a blank slate that scared and unnerved me in a bad way. I felt like crying, but I didn’t and sucked it all in, not letting one tear fall.

    Chase pulled me out of the car and into his mansion, dragging me up the stairs and into his room. He dropped my hand without stopping and went back out, slamming the door shut behind him. I just stared at the door, finally letting the tears fall down my cheeks as I felt a sudden pain in my heart. Not knowing what to do, I went into the bathroom to take a shower. I probably smell like bear.

    The warm waterfall of water gently massaged my tense body, cascading down my entire being to travel down the drain. I washed myself thoroughly, but as my soapy hand touched the brand on my shoulder, I fell apart, falling to my knees and cried my eyes and heart out.

    I turned off the water and grabbed a robe, since I don’t have anything else to wear and I’m most definitely not going to wear my underwear over again. I refuse to go commando, hating the feeling of tight jeans against my private areas. At least it’s big, so big it pools onto the floor.

    I towel dried my hair and stared into the misty mirror, seeing a fogged up reflection of myself and my scars that peaked from the gap of the robe. I know this is the day to finally give myself completely to him, if he still wants me, but from the way he left, I highly doubt it.

    I tightened the robe until I was covered from head to toe and opened the door. I stepped in and was surprised to see Chase back, lying on his bed with his eyes closed, fresh out of the shower too from what I can tell from his new outfit. He only wore a pair of sweats and nothing else, his chest put in public for all to see.

    I gulped and hugged myself, tiptoeing quietly to his closet to see if I can salvage anything so I can leave. I didn’t want to bother him more and I feel unwelcome here at the moment. Peering at him every now and then, I made it to his closet and found the same pair of boxers he gave me before in a plastic wrap.


    Startled, I tripped on the hem of the robe, falling face first on the floor with my things scattering all over. I groaned, rubbing my nose, trying to make it feel better from being squished.

    Soft thumps approached me until a pair of feet was a foot away from my face. I scrambled myself into a sitting position, my head down, until I heard a choke. I looked up to see Chase staring at something on me with intensity, his throat bobbing as if he was swallowing. I followed the path of his gaze to see the robe gaping wide open, showing my upper half and most of my thighs to him.

    Before I could do anything, Chase lifted me up and tossed me onto the bed. I bounced a few times, gasping as Chase crawled on top of me, his eyes hungrier than I ever saw them.

    “I thought a few minutes of calming myself would help me not jump you, but when I saw you sitting on the floor with your robe gaping wide open for everyone to see, water droplets dotting your legs and chest, I lost it.” Chase growled, licking his lips. “If you’re still not ready, then tell me to leave or I won’t let you go today. I don’t think I can control myself any longer.”

    I was speechless, not knowing what to say. Chase growled and began to roll away from me and leave, but I didn’t want him to go. I was ready to take the next step, to finally have him completely take me. My hand shot out and grabbed his arm, stopping him from leaving.

    I licked my dry lips. “I don’t want you to leave.” I whispered to him.

    There was a pause. “Do you know what you’re saying?”

    I squeezed his arm. “I’m ready.”

    Right when I said it, Chase pounced on me, his lips devouring mine in a searing, possessive kiss, pinning me back to the bed. “I’ll try to be as gentle as I can.”

    I nodded, wrapping my arms around his neck. He kissed me again, his lips hungry. When his tongue licked my lips, asking for entrance, I obliged, opening my mouth to welcome him in. He growled as he explored my mouth, his hands wandering down to the gap of the robe, pulling the lapels to expose my body more.

    I gasped from the feeling his bare chest against mine, shivering from the contact. My hands wandered around his shoulders, feeling the warm, smooth skin and sleek muscles beneath my fingertips. His muscles moved as his hands wandered around my body.

    Our lips parted, letting me take in some much needed air, but my breath faltered when I felt his teeth graze my neck, wandering around until he bit a certain spot that made me arch my back, moaning. I slapped my hands over my mouth, my eyes wide.

    Chase chuckled. “I found your spot.” He bit the same spot harder than before and I couldn’t help but moan louder. My little friend was getting very happy and from the way Chase was pressing his hips against my leg, I can tell he was happy too.

    Chase’s lips left my neck to trail down to my exposed chest. He stopped, lifting his head to stare at my scars. Scared and ashamed, I pulled the robe until it covered me, tears forming in my eyes. I didn’t want to face him, scared with what expression he’s showing.

    Just as I was about to leave the bed, his arms shot out, pulling me back to him. “Now where do you think you’re going?” He brought me back to lying down on the bed, pinning me with his body. “I told you, I can’t control myself anymore. I won’t stop, no matter what you say this time. I don’t have it in me anymore.”

    As to show he means it, he ripped the robe off, tossing it to the other side of the room, his head bending down to latch down on nipple. I cried out as sudden bolts of pleasure seared me, tingling my entire body from the tips of my fingers down to my toes. His tongue laved the small pink bud, his breath blowing the sensitive little bundle of nerves as his hand flicked the other. I couldn’t help but tremble beneath him, my hands gripping the sheets.

    Chase lifted his head to grin down at me. “You’re the sensitive type huh? Well this will be fun.”

    He licked his lips again as he bent down to trail more kisses down my chest to my stomach, down to my belly button. He bit my hip gently, as his hand went wrapped itself against my member. I arched my back as he began to slowly pump me, his kisses trailing back up to capture my nipple.

    I was so focused on the pleasure that I didn’t even notice when he left my nipple until I felt his mouth on my hard member, giving me one hard suck that tore through me as pleasure burned my body to a crisp. I cried out, my hands tightening against the sheets as his head bobbed up and down against me, his tongue laving every inch. His hand kneaded my balls, massaging them as his other hand played with my entrance, tickling it with his fingers, but not going in. I came in his mouth in a sudden burst, yelling out his name as the orgasm left me in a limp, quivering mess of nerves.

    Chase turned me over until I was on my stomach on my knees, my butt sticking up in the air. I felt uncomfortable about the position, but as I was about to move, he gripped my hips, holding me in place. Nervous about what he was going to do, I opened my mouth to say something when I moaned as I felt his tongue at my hole, laving it slowly.

    “Chase, stop. It’s dirty there.” I panted, trembling still from the orgasm and from the new sensations Chase is giving me. I started to get hard again.

    “You’re skin’s so pale, but your hole is a deep red that’s just sexy.” Chase blew at it, causing shivers to wrack up my spine.

    I tried to move away from him, but I lost all thought when he shoved a finger in me. I tensed up from the unexpected move, and yelped as he slowly pulled it almost all out, just to thrust it back in.

    “You’re so tight.” He whispered against my ear. “Your hole’s squeezing my finger hard.” He then placed two fingers inside me, stretching me out as he kept a fast, steady pace.

    If I had known having mutual sex was this intense, I would’ve never done it in the first place. It’s scary and way too exposing for a person like me. I wriggled my hips, trying to dislodge his fingers from inside of me. “Stop, this feels weird. Take them out.” I whimpered as I tried to leave again, but he had a tight grip around my waist. “Chase..”

    “Too late Alan.” Chase said throatily as he thrust his fingers deeper into me, causing me to involuntarily cry out, my back arching from the sensations.

    Suddenly his fingers pulled out of me. I sighed in relief, but it was a short thing when I saw Chase taking off his sweats and boxers, revealing himself in all of his glory. He went to the nightstand and took out a bottle of lotion, popping the cap open.

    My eyes wandered to his exposed lower half and froze. It was really big, so big that I’m scared it will hurt a lot if he puts that in me. I lunged to get off the bed and escape, but Chase must have read the fear in my eyes because he grabbed hold of my waist and pulled me back, flipping me onto my back. His hand pinned both of my wrists above my head, preventing me from escaping. He crawled in between my legs.

    I shook my head as his lotion coated fingers thrust inside me again, preparing me for him. “No, it won’t fit. It’ll hurt.” I whimpered as my body arched from his slick fingers going in and out of me.

    Chase kissed me, soothing my nerves. “I’ll go slow okay?”

    I gulped as his fingers left my hole, only to replaced by him. It was hot by my entrance and I started to wriggle my hips to get away. Chase placed a steady hand against my hips, stopping me from moving as he slowly pushed himself in me.

    I tensed from the pain as he stretched me wide open, slowly sliding inside of me. I cried in pain as he kept filling me, trembling in his arms as he kept going, filling me deeper than I thought was possible.

    “I can’t. It’s too big. It won’t fit.” Tears poured from my eyes he kept going.

    Chase kissed me and smiled. “It’s going to be alright, but just this once, I won’t listen to you.”

    That was when he grabbed hold of hips with both of his hands and rammed himself fully into me. I screamed from pain and from the surprising pleasure that swirled throughout my entire body. I wrapped my arms around his neck, trembling as he began to thrust inside of me slowly, letting me get use to his size. As the pain slowly faded with only pleasure taking its place, he thrust faster, pounding into me. I mewled, wrapping my legs around his hips, trying to keep myself in place as he went faster and faster. He lifted my legs placing them over his shoulders as he pounded deeper into me.

    I came in an fiery, unexpected explosion, screaming Chase’s name. My breath flew out of my lungs from the intensity of the orgasm. Chase grunted as I tightened against him and did one final thrust, burying himself deeply inside of me. I could feel his hot seed spurting inside of me as he fell right on top of me, breathless and slick with sweat.

    We laid there for a few minutes, trying to catch our breaths. Chase pulled out of me as he rolled off of my limp form, pulling me to him to rest my head against his chest. He kissed my hair.

    “You okay?” Chase asked in concern.

    I nodded, too tired to tell him.

    Chase rolled me until I was beneath him once again, looming over me. “I’m sorry, but I can’t stop.” I felt him once again by my entrance, hard and ready to go.

    I gulped as I braced myself for round two, knowing it won’t be the last.


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