Chapter 14

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Chapter 14

(Alan’s POV)

    I yawned, stretching. I fell asleep while I was drying myself in the sun. How long have I slept?

    I touched my hair, happy that it’s now dry as is the rest of me. My skin’s a bit pink, but not sunburned. I don’t sunburn easily, a bonus. I began to put on my clothes, enjoying how it’s also toasty warm from the sun. I slipped on my socks and shoes, tied my bandana around my neck, then slid off the boulder. That was when I spotted the black wolf watching me behind a tree.

    The wolf approached me, closing the distance between us. I stood still, but I’m not scared at all. I’m wary and fascinated as it came to touching distance. It stopped a foot away, accessing me with yellow eyes. I took slow, even breaths. I’ve never been so close with a wolf before. It’s amazing, exhilarating and just.. Wow.

    The wolf took a few steps closer, sniffing me. It’s nose pressed onto my belly, a very vulnerable spot that the wolf can sink it’s fangs into and tear my guts out. I kept up with my even breaths. Don’t show fear, it excites predators. Stay absolutely calm.

    The wolf sniffed my crotch, causing me to yelp in surprise. It snapped it’s head up for a bit, then continued sniffing me. It circled around me, sniffing me all over, it’s soft fur brushing against my body. I can feel the muscles shifting as it moved.

    I don’t know where I got the confidence. I slowly lifted my hand and gently touched it’s fur, petting it softly. It purred in pleasure, nudging it’s head under my hand, encouraging me to pet it some more. I did.

    Relaxed, I pet it’s head. What a magnificent male wolf. His fur’s so soft and warm. He’s really big too, bigger than me, but of course I am a shrimp for my age, practically a midget. He could probably eat me in a few seconds and still have room for more.

    Suddenly it knocked me down with a head butt. I landed on my butt with an ‘oof’ when he places his paws on my lap and lays his head on them. I scratched the back of his hear, watching him writhe a bit in pleasure so I kept it up, using my other hand to stroke it’s back.

    We sat there for a few minutes staring at the lake. A howl from somewhere far away echoed. The wolf got up, his ears twitching, his head pointing in the direction where the howl came from. When it stopped he locked eyes with mine. To my surprise, he came up right to my face and licked my cheek, nuzzling my neck before trotting away into the forest. I guess I made a friend.

    Smiling, I ran back to where I hid my bag. I grabbed it and climbed back down when I felt a slight movement in my bag. I opened it to see a small squirrel staring up at me with big, frightened eyes. I reached inside and cupped it in my hand, feeling it tremble in my palm. I opened my hands and gently pet it’s back with my finger until it stopped trembling. I used my pinky and pet it’s head. It closed its eyes, and pressed onto my pinky before climbing up my arm, settling itself on my shoulder.

    I swung my bag over my other shoulder and headed towards home, happier and as relaxed as I would get. The squirrel on my shoulder flicked it’s tail on my neck, scratching my shirt before curling up into a ball.

    I checked my phone to see the current time. Wow, it’s five. I’ve been here for almost six hours. It felt less. Time sure passes by when you’re relieving stress.

    My tummy growled. Hey, I didn’t eat breakfast and I barely ate lunch, don’t bitch at me. I am your master and you will do as I say. It replied by growling louder. Bad stomach. I’ll feed you later.

    Aunt Claire took the late shift so she doesn’t come back home until ten. It suddenly rubbed it’s head under my chin, the whiskers tickling me. I giggled.

    I dropped my bag in my room, then to the kitchen sink and washed my hands. I scanned the fridge and decided on chicken enchiladas. With that I mind, I took out the necessary ingredients and started cooking. When it was finished, I put a serving on a plate and went to the cabinet until I found some organic nuts and took a small handful, placing them into a small bowl. I poured water into another small bowl and placed the two on the counter, along with my food.

    The squirrel, spotting the food, scampered down my arm and took a peanut into it’s hands, chewing on it quickly. I smiled as I dug in to my food. I ate another serving because I was that hungry. I picked up the plate and washed it. I wrapped the enchiladas in foil, stuffing it into one of the shelves in the fridge.

    I grabbed the squirrel. Hmm I need to name it. How about Smores? His fur is tan like the graham cracker, dark brown for the chocolate, and a white belly for the marshmallow. Yeah, Smores, either that or Chip, like the Disney character. Hmmm, nah, I’ll go for Smores.

    I lifted it until it was to my eye level. “You are now Smores, now let’s go take a bath.”

    It was a bit hectic at first, but I successfully bathed Smores. I dried it with a small towel and placed it onto one of my pillows. It curled into a ball and fell asleep. I’m glad it didn’t have fleas. I strode back into the bathroom and took my own bath, washing myself thoroughly, then got out and dried myself. I searched my closet until I found my pokemon pjs, put them on and went back to the bathroom to brush my teeth.

    I crawled into bed and turned on my DS, happily losing myself in the world of Pokemon.

    A knock on the door took me away from a battle. The knob turned and in came Aunt Claire with a plate of chicken enchiladas. “You make the best enchiladas.” that was when she spotted Smores. “Uhh.. Is it just me or do I see a squirrel?”

    I nodded. “His name’s Smores.”

    She came up to the bed, pausing to put the enchiladas on my table before taking a closer peek. “What a cute name. Where did you find him?”

    “I found him in my bag when I was fooling around in the forest.”

    She frowned. “So you decided to take it home?”

    I shrugged. “He doesn’t have fleas and he likes me. I already fed him, gave him water, and bathed him. He’s healthy and well behaved.”

    Aunt Claire reached out and pet Smores, careful not to wake him. “You know we can’t keep him right?”

    I nodded sadly. “Yeah. I’ll bring him back to the forest tomorrow.”

    She pat my head affectionately, gave me a kiss on the cheek, grabbed her plate and left. Her head popped up by the entrance. “Oh, and that guy you’re battling, he’s weak. Use him to train your Leafeon or something.” With that remark, she really left.

    I rolled my eyes. I finished my battle before turning it off and going to sleep.

(Chase’s POV)

After School time.

    I stormed into the gym, knowing the basketball team was scheduled to practice there today. Cal followed me, cracking his knuckles gleefully, ready to brawl when necessary, and I have a feeling it’ll be necessary.

    The basketball team had already started with drills, basketballs being dribbled from one end of the gym and back. I know, I know, I should be at football practice, not hunting down a douche bag that threatened my Alan.

    Whoa, where did that come from? I may like him, very attracted to him, but he’s not mine, yet.

    The coach blew the whistle. “Alright, that’s it for today. Go hit the showers.”

    There were groans, grunts, but mostly cheers of happiness. I found my target talking to his teammate, punching each other playfully. I rolled my eyes and cracked my neck, roaring to let blood fly. It’s a good thing I’m wearing boots, all the better to kick his face with.

    This will probably bring out more rumors and more enemies, but who the fuck cares. If they wanted to mess with me, they should have in the beginning. I always make enemies and the ones who don’t have much to lose or don’t know who I am are the ones who go at it with me. The rest are chicken shit who are too afraid to face my wrath because they know I can boot their ass with the power my dad has over the school and parts of town.

    “Hey Carter, can I talk to you for a sec?” I yelled as I approached him.

    Carter and his bud tapped knuckles then came up to me with a huge grin on his face. He may have the face of a bruiser, but he happens to be a screaming bottom. I don’t want to get into details, but I will say this: He can go all night. We never did anything with each ever since that night, but it was never awkward. He’s actually friendlier towards me after that night.

    “Chase, whatcha need?“ Carter swiped a drop of sweat off his tan brow and blew out a tired breath. I wanted to pulverize his face with my knuckles until they break.

    “ I heard you went after that Alan kid this morning.” I said as pleasantly as I could without sounding too fake.

    Chase grinned happily and chuckled. “Yeah, that freak had it coming. We don’t need trash like him contaminating our school.”

    Fuck this, I can’t take it anymore. It’s a good thing the gym’s now empty with only the three of us or else someone would have heard the loud crunch of my fist breaking Carter’s nose. The painful bliss as my face destroyed cartilage left me hungry to do more. Cater fell on his butt from the impact, screaming from the pain when I jumped on top of him and kept punching him in the face, my fists getting a turn.

    Cal pulled me into a lock, restraining me and my fists. “Chase, that’s enough. Look, I know you’re mad, but killing him won’t solve anything.” He glanced at the bleeding pulp who is now Carter and spat on the floor. “He’s not worth going to prison and Alan would be terrified of you if he ever finds out.”

    The last part stopped my attempt to get back to Carter and do worse damage. I took a deep calming breath from my nose, held it for ten seconds, then let it out slowly, clearing my head from the rage induced haze that clouded my mind.

    I shook my head to clear the lingering funk, then examined my knuckles. They’re probably broken, whatever. It’s no big deal. They were covered in blood, not mine. I examined the rest of me to see splatters and drops of blood on my clothes. Damn, that’s going to stain.

    Cal let me go, but still held ready to grab me if I go at Carter again. He saw my face and gave me a disgusted look. “Go take a shower. You have blood splattered all over your face.”

    I shrugged and made my way to the locker room, tore off my clothes and hopped into the empty shower room. The water flowed pink as the hot jets touched my skin. I scrubbed my face, washing off any blood that clung to my skin, reached for the soap and began to cleanse myself from the Carter ick.

    Cal waited for me outside the shower room door, leaning on a wall. He handed me a clean towel and threw some random clothes at me. He turned and left the locker room to stand guard.

    Now that I’m alone, I wiped myself dry, rubbed the towel through my hair, then wrapped the towel around my waist. Cal gave me a plain white t-shirt and an old pair of jeans. He even, surprisingly, polished my boots. What a guy.

    Dressed and ready to go, I threw my blood stained clothes in my bag and headed for the exit. Cal examined me and nodded his approval. “Now you look like the arrogant bastard you always were instead of a psycho from a slasher movie.”

    We stared at each other for a few seconds, then burst into laughter. Cal cuffed me on the shoulder. We left the gym, Cal’s arm slung over my shoulder, and headed towards the parking lot, feeling a whole lot better now that I worked my rage out of my system.

    Some of the guys from my football team stood by my car, their expressions none too happy. Who died?

    One of the guys, Kevin spotted me and waved. The others stared at me with blank looks. “Chase, do you have a minute? We need to talk.”

    Cal and I looked at each other confused, then back at the guys. “Do you think it’s about us ditching today or that I ditched twice?” I whispered.

    “No idea, but something tells me it’s not going to be good.” Cal whispered back. “I can feel it in my gut.” His gut is always right. Shit.

    Kevin took a step towards us. “Chase….”

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