Chapter 22

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I'm dedicating this chappie to PurdyBiersackGirl for being an awesome person and for listening to my weird rambles while i was under the influence of sugar rushes. You rock girlfriend <3

Okay, so I’m breaking my promise to write this tiny snippet of Chase’s POV, but this is all until further notice. Enjoy :3

Chapter 22

(Chase’s POV)

The week after Alan began ignoring everyone.

    “Here’s the package you’ve been waiting for sir.” Leon announced, placing the bulging tan envelop on my desk. “Will there be anything else?”

    I waved my hand at him. “Nah, you’re free to do whatever you want for the day.”

    Leon bowed, closing the door. I eagerly tore opened the envelop, surprised to see so many documents, but it’s Ben we’re talking about. If you want information on a person, Ben could get it for you and more. I don’t ask how he gets his information, and I won’t as long as he doesn’t dig up anything about me for someone else.

    I scattered the papers, scanning each and every one of them. Let’s see… newspaper clippings, hospital reports, police statements, and dozens of papers on background information from five years ago. That’s strange. Where’s the rest of the information?

    Hmmm… a note from Ben: Sorry for taking so long man. I was side tracked for a while and I hope this helps a bit. While I was searching this Alan guy up, I couldn’t find anything before five years ago. I’m going to do a bit more digging and update soon.

    I picked up the newspaper clipping and cringed. “Male High School Student Raped by Fellow Male High School Student” I read out loud. I read the entire article, feeling sick to my stomach as I continued reading on.

            Lucas Donald, age 17 was found guilty of rape along with another student, Tyler  Garrick, age 17 on Tuesday November 22, 2011. The victim, Alan Thorpe, age 15 was found in the Chemistry Lab of Abraham Lincoln High School after hours by a teacher, Michael Conwick, age 42, who went back to his classroom due the fact that he forgot his wallet. “I was horrified  when I walked into my classroom. I never thought I would see one of my finest male students being raped by two other male students. I had to do the right thing and call the police.” Stated Michael Conwick. Lucas Donald was happy to have a few words to say. “Why did I rape him? Because I love him that’s why. He’s my angel, my beautiful little angel. Alan, if you can hear this, I’ll come back for you and I will make you mine.” Alan Thorpe refused to comment on the subject.

    A picture on the right of the clip was of Alan wrapped up in a blanket on a gurney, being transported into the ambulance truck. He looked so small compared to the gurney, his body limp. I clenched my fists, already wishing to kill Lucas and Tyler. That sick fuck says he loves Alan. What a load of bullshit. You don’t rape the one you love.

    Something came to me. The brand on Alan’s back, could it be Lucas who did that? And if it was him, then does that mean the rest of the scars are from him too? It’s a possibility, but not one hundred percent proof.

    I read the other documents and felt like barfing. He was in the hospital multiple times, three of them fatal. There were medical reports, x-rays, and photos of the injuries. I had to gulp a few times, swallowing the bile crawling up my throat. Fuck, Alan, I didn’t know you were suffering so much. Who did this to you?

    I went on to the background information. It started from when he first moved to New York, five years ago. He lived in a small apartment complex with his aunt in Brooklyn. He went to middle school without incident for two years until the eight grade. I kept reading on and on, getting lost in the horrid words that described what went on at his school. There were face book messages and posts about what happened, how he was bullied almost all of the time, how he was hated on by almost everyone, and all of the negative comments about him.

    I dropped the papers into a drawer with a lock on my desk so that no one could see it but me. What did Alan do to deserve the hell he’s been through? Why is there a huge chunk missing in this report? And why didn’t tell me all of this?

    Why would he tell you when he’s only known you for a few weeks? You can’t rush these things. It takes time and trust for someone whose been hurt this bad to even be able to touch someone voluntarily. And I was the first one he voluntarily touched.

    Does that mean he trusts me? I groaned from the headache that throbbed beneath my temples. I just had to find this when I already know I’m going to do something I’ll regret. I clutched my head in frustration.

    Why did I ever agree to it?


(Alan’s POV)

Where we left off

    Although the kiss was brief, small electrical tingles lingered, coursing through my body. We laid on the bed, my head resting on Chase’s chest. His arms wrapped around my waist, pulling me closer to him. I already felt a bit uncomfortable from the close proximity of our bodies since I’m not used to touching others.

    I began to hyperventilate, not getting enough oxygen. The arms wrapped around my body turned to boa constrictors, crushing my body. I struggled, trying to break free, to get some air.

    “Alan? Alan, What’s wrong?”

    Need to get away. Too many restraints. No air. Can’t breathe. Too dirty. TOO DIRTY! The ick is everywhere, coating me in it’s filth. I began scratching on my arms, barely noticing the pain as I desperately tried to get the ick off.

    I was free, the boa constrictors unwrapping themselves from my waist. I scrambled off the bed to the window, throwing the blinds to the side and stuck my head out, taking in huge gasps of air. The cool breeze chilled my sweat coated body, the fatigue of overusing it for the past few weeks kicking in once again. Barely having any energy left, I held onto the windowsill with trembling arms and wobbly legs, willing myself to stay standing. Hmm.. It’s dark out.

    Chase slowly came towards me, stopping a foot away, giving me space, which I appreciated. Taking in a few more gulps of fresh air, my panic attack slowly subsided until it finally disappeared out of my system, for now.

    My legs gave up on me, causing me to fall onto the ground on my knees. Chase swooped me off the floor and carried me back to his bed, tucking me into the blankets. “Sorry, panic attack.” I mumbled, snuggling into the soft pillows, embarrassed.

    Chase shook his head. “Nah, it’s cool.” He went over to the phone on the nightstand. “You hungry? I can ask one of the staff to make you something.”

    I shook my head. “I’m not hungry.”

    Chase sighed. “You need to eat. I’m going to ask for soup okay?”

    I reluctantly nodded. What’s the point in asking me if you’re just going to ignore me anyways? I rolled, my back now facing him. My fingers brushed my lips. Wow, my first real kiss, not the stolen one from the molester or the one from Lucas, but a kiss from someone I actually like. Flashbacks of the kiss replayed in my head, my cheeks flaming from the memory. I buried my face in the pillows to hide my red cheeks, getting a whiff of Chase’s scent. Mmm.. He smells yummy.

    “Alan, turn to me.” When I didn’t he sighed. “Alan, can you please turn to me. I want to talk to you about something.” His voice changed, the tone serious.

    Curious and wary, I turned, now facing his direction. His expression’s blank, emotionless, his eyes cold. I recoiled when they landed on me, my stomach roiling from the uneasiness I’m getting from my gut. Whatever he’s about to say, it’s not going to be good.

    Chase took my hand in his, his thumb tracing circles over my palm, trying to soothe me. It didn’t work. “Alan, I know what about the scars, about what happened to you in New York.”

    All of my blood disappeared, seeping away the warmth. Ice filled my veins instead, chilling my body. In horror, I snatched back my hand, scooting away from him, but he held fast onto my hand, his grip tightening. I whimpered, still yanking my arm in a futile desperation to get away. He knows. He knows how dirty I am. He knows all of the ugly bits and pieces that mutilated me into this weak, hideous trash.

    I have to get away. I don’t want to hear this. This is all a bad dream, just a bad dream. Tears poured down my cheeks, he knows everything. He knows. He knows…

    Chase yanked me towards him, pinning my thrashing body onto his chest, his arms restraining me from running away. “H-how?” I croaked.

    Chase sat us down, me trembling uncontrollably. “When you were in that a few weeks ago, the one where you fainted and your aunt came to pick you up. When you were unconscious, the nurse lifted your shirt to see how badly you were beaten and we saw your scars. After that, I called my friend Ben to find out more about you. A week later, he sent me a letter with info about you.”

    By the time he finished, I was thrashing about, my flight mode on full throttle. I couldn’t be here anymore. I don’t want to infect him with my ick, my filth. I don’t want him to hate me. Those reports, they are pale comparisons compared to what actually happened to me. I know every single detail, every hurt, every pain, every tear, every drop of blood spilt and I will not tell him. No, he only knows the basics, the surface, but not the festering insides.

    A small voice in the back of my head was telling me if he thought I was disgusting, then wouldn’t he have not asked me to be his boyfriend? I had to disagree. He could like me now, but what about when he learns the full truth? Sees what’s beneath the surface of those reports? I don’t want him to know. I won’t tell him. Never.

    “Alan, listen to me. No matter what has happened to you, no matter what pain you’ve suffered or the scars that linger on your body and in your heart, I still have feelings for you. I still like you and I always will.” He grabbed my chin and turned it so his lips connected to mine, surprising me out of my hysteria. “I don’t care what happened in your past because that’s your past. You’re in the present and all you can look forward to is your future. And I hope that future will include me.”

    I gulped, swiping the tears falling down my cheeks with sweaty, trembling hands. “Do you really mean that?”

    Chase nodded, smiling. “I will never hurt you and I want to have a future with you. I know we’re still young and naïve, but I want to be with you and your dark past. Although I’m tempted to ask you about your past, I can wait as long as it takes until you can trust me enough to tell me yourself. I won’t pressure you and our relationship will go at your pace.” He hugged me. “I will always like you.”

    My vision blurred from the tears building up. I hugged him, crying hard onto his chest, letting the sobs and tears wash away a little of the darkness and ick that stained my heart. I felt as if a piece of my brittle heart was stitched back, trying to be fixed form his words. I clutched his shoulders, crying, mourning my life, my parents, the pain I suffered, the hell I had to go through, and the happiness I’ve finally found in his arms. Finally.

    I took the initiative and kissed him, our lips connecting once more, shocking him. I snaked my arms around his neck, pulling him closer, waiting for him to respond. He crushed our lips together, attacking mine with ferocity that shocked and surprisingly delighted me. I thought I would be scared from the way he tackled my mouth, but I wasn’t.

    He positioned me, straddling his hips as he bit my bottom lips, sucking it into his mouth. I had no idea what I was doing, since I’m inexperienced in this area, but when I licked his upper lip, he moaned. Electric shocks sparked the air as our mouths mingled with each other. My cold body felt on fire, the fatigue I had was forgotten from the passion.

    Someone knocked on the door, startling the both of us. I jumped off Chase’s lap, my face turning to molten lava. I crawled back into the bed, hiding myself in the blankets. Oh my gosh, did I just do that? Did I kiss Chase, take the initiative?

    I twitched when one of my scars throbbed, bringing me out of my happy bubble. I grazed the scar on my neck with the tip of my fingers, thinking about all of those scars and what caused them. I thumbed the neck scar, the rough exterior of the healed wound familiar. I don’t even have to see it to know ever ridge, every pucker that formed the scar.

    The bed jostled and dipped. The blankets were pulled from my head, exposing me. Chase grinned down at me, pecking me on the lips. “C’mon. Eat your soup. I asked for chicken noodle because everyone loves chicken noodle.” He pulled me up into a sitting position, adjusting the pillows so when I laid down on them, I was still in a upright position.

    Chase handed me a tray with a bowl of steaming soup. I picked up the spoon and obediently took spoonfuls of the delicious soup, enjoying the salty goodness that is chicken noodle soup until I finished. Chase took the tray, dumping it onto his table, coming back to the bed.

    I realized he changed his clothes from when we were in school. He now sported a white t-shirt that clung onto his body, showing every muscle and gray sweats that hung low on his hips. I gulped, turning my head in the opposite direction as to not let him see my blush.

    Oh yeah, it is dark out if I remember correctly. Wait, how long have I been knocked out? I thought it was only an hour or something, but I can tell it’s a lot longer than that. What about Aunt Claire? She’s probably freaking out right now.

    Chase must have read my mind. “I told your aunt you’re staying over with me for today for a chemistry project. She understood and told me to tell you to have fun.” He smirked. “You want to shower? The bathroom’s right next to the closet.” He pointed at a door I never noticed. Huh.

    I nodded, springing out of the bed. Bad idea. My legs couldn’t support me as if they were made of jelly. I fell onto the floor, glad that it was carpet and not hardwood. Chase picked me up, chuckling. “I’ll bring you there.”

    The bathroom had a sparklingly clean sink with a huge mirror, toilet, and a giant bathtub the size of a small pool. Right next to it was the most amazing shower I’ve ever seen with showers hanging from the ceiling and the rest circling around, ready to do full spraying action. There was also a bench I could sit on, lucky me.

    Chase put me down in the middle of the shower. “Sooooo..’ He drawled, waggling his eyebrows suggestively at me. “Want me to help you strip? Or shower? I can scrub your… back.” The way he said it made me think he was talking about scrubbing more than my back. I may be okay with him knowing about my scars and my hell in New York, but I don’t think I’m ready to take this huge leap.

    I shook my head, blushing. “I-I got it.”

    Chase chuckled, causing me to blush even more. “Let me get you something to wear first before you do anything.” He left, then came back a few minutes later with a bundle of clothes. “I got you one of my t-shirts, but it’s going to be big on you, some sweats with a drawstring so it won’t fall off of you and boxers that are still in it’s package. I’ll leave it on the counter. There’s a spare toothbrush in the cabinet under the sink. There are fresh towels on that rack over there. You can use those and I think that’s everything.” He scratched his head. “If you need anything, yell.” He closed the door, leaving me alone.

    I pulled off my clothes, throwing them out of the shower. I turned the knob and moaned in bliss. This shower is amazing. If I could I would marry this shower and never leave. Each showerhead is spraying every inch of my body, massaging my tired muscles. I groaned, grabbing some random body wash and scrubbed myself. Chase’s scent blasted my nose, enrapturing me in it’s scent. I looked at the bottle to see what the smell was, but all I got was this French scribble I couldn’t read.

    I washed my hair with another random shampoo bottle and crawled out of the shower. I grabbed the towels, wiping myself dry before grabbing the clothes Chase provided me. I ripped opened the packaged boxers, slipping them on. Hmmm.. Silk boxers. This is new. The t-shirt Chase gave me went past my elbows and covered my knees. The sweats pooled around my feet. Hey at least it’s comfortable.

    I brushed my teeth thoroughly. I was too tired to walk to the bed, so I slumped down onto the floor. Chase came in and chuckled at my appearance. He picked me p and brought me to the bed, him also crawling into the covers. He turned off the light, wrapping his arms around my waist to spoon me.

    “G’night Chase.” I yawned.

    “G’night Alan.” He mumbled, kissing my cheek.

    We both fell asleep, with me in Chase’s arms.

Eni sneaks into mansion from Chase's window and takes pictures of the two sleeping.

Eni: hehehehehe.

Eni sneaks back out, hugging the camera to her chest: My precious....

If you ask why this chapter was a bit weird, well i had a writer's block and i'm too lazy to change anything so bear with it and i hope the next chapter is better.

Loves you all to bits,

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