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"I want to be a saint, but the devil won't let me."

Just your friendly neighborhood asexual tree faerie with a taste for mythology, sarcasm, and chocolate cheesecake hnnng *¬*


---I Kissed A Boy Series---
I Kissed A Boy
And I Kissed His Brother?!
Dear Uncle Vic
Stop Bullying Me!
Sugar and Spice and Everything Nice
To Be or Not to Be
One Last Shot

---Moonstone series---
The Full Moon
Into the Woods
Moonstone Romance
The Pauper's Dream
The Sorcerer's Lullaby
Passion and Danger

---Council of Seven series---
The Love Bite
The Love Curse
The Love Risk

The Vampire's Requiem

Sweet Revenge
Sweet Karma
Sweet Death

The Vampire's Requiem II

---UHA Series---
Styx: The River of Hate
The Oracle of Tartarus
Betrayal in Elysium
Ferry of Woe

The Reaping

Lords of the Underworld

The Hybrid
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Cursed [malexmale]

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Description: Traitor to Atlantis. Cursed to a life of servitude. Currently serving a god of his least favorite pantheon. Anexius, now Callias, is on alert as Atlan attempts to hunt down and kill each one of the Khalian, starting with him. But Anexius isn't afrai...


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452K 12.9K 4.9K

A short story collection based off my series, the Underworld Chronicles and the Hell Chronicles! Contain...

Adventures in Writing

Adventures in Writing

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A little guide that might be able to help you when it comes to writing, especially writing on Wattpad. T...

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The Hybrid [malexmale]

The Hybrid [malexmale]

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Half-Atlantean, half-Greek, Hannibal is the abomination of both powerful pantheons. To make matters wors...

Mature Completed
Little Bites [malexmale]

Little Bites [malexmale]

149K 3.6K 647

Renamed "Little Bites", this collection of strictly boyxboy oneshots will contain things from the smutty...

      So, we took down our porch (you can probably find pictures of it on my FB page) and it's been a long job. We're going to replace it with a patio, but we need to clean up the area big time. Then school starts on September 8th. I didn't even know it was the end of August until just the other day. That's just so weird to me. It came by so fast.
      And the reason I haven't updated is that it's just really hard to write "Cursed" right now. It's mostly the fact that I feel like I'm writing a school essay-- it's boring and forced. I think I might take a break from updating it so I can go back through and make some major edits. I'll announce when those edits have been made that way you can reread it, if you want. A huge apology for the way "Cursed" is turning out. I completely crapped the whole book and you guys, and Anexius, deserve way better than that garbage. So I'm going to get to work on some major construction where that book is concerned.
      In the mean time, I'll try to post maybe little one-shots here and there to fill in that empty space. That way, we'll at least have something to look forward to during the break on "Cursed".
      I've also got questions on where I am going after I finish the UHA series; I am not sure at this time. I have an idea, but it's not solid just yet. I'll announce when the time comes, don't worry.
      Anyway, I hope everyone had a good summer and to those who already started school; best of luck! You got this! :)
Jujuu__ posted a message to rotXinXpieces
This comment may be offensive.
I hope you write a book about Joeus(St.John n Zeus) Despite his bitchiness and evilness I cant bring myself to hate Zeus(I may be a masochist) I just really find Zeus adorable and want him to be happy and prove everyone that he can love and can fuck one person at a time.
thepinkbaby posted a message to rotXinXpieces
Honestly, you really, Really, REALLY should UPDATE "Passion and Danger"... I mean, come on! The Moonstone Series alone is a masterpiece! It would be great and awesome if it becomes a movie series, like Harry Potter and Twilight, etc.
      Anyway, I read all your Moonstone Series. Well, all except "Passion and Danger"... T_T
      Just so you know, I love how you write. I read all your Underworld Chronicles, Hell Chronicles, Atlantis Saga, Moonstone Series, and my very favorite... I Kissed A Boy Series. It was what led me to follow you and explore your stories. And my dear, you didn't disappoint me. *hands down*
Dragoon133 posted a message to rotXinXpieces
You really should update Captive. I'm sorry, but like doooooood, that is your best work and omg I have been waiting for like over a year and I'm not even active on wattpad anymore like omg plz update captive!!! k thanks.
      sorry xd :)
Ruffle posted a message to rotXinXpieces
@rotXinXpieces  Rotty, your writing is amazing! Everyone has what they think are 'awful' chapters, and usually they are nothing of the kind so please don't beat yourself up about it.  Besides you can't feed this book to the dragons, Atlan will give them indigestion and you will have the Dragon Humane Society on to you...