Chapter 2

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I dedicate this chapter to Amyscence for writing the first boyxboy on wattpad. Thank you so much. I loved Step Brothers [BoyxBoy]. Thant was the first story and i will never forget.

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Chapter 2

Alan's POV

   My back hit a row of lockers, making it difficult to escape, especially when he was only a few inches away from me, placing both his arms next to my head. He’s really tall, maybe 6’4, completely towering over me. I hate tall people, reminds me how short I am.

    My heart began to beat faster, my eyes scanning my surroundings, already trying to calculate my escape. To my utter disappointment, there wasn’t one. Why oh why is it that I have to me in this situation on the first day of school, and I’ve only been in this building for all of ten minutes.

     The stranger bent down, his face slowly getting closer to mine. I started to hyperventilate, my hands sweaty. I really hope he’s not doing what I think he’s doing. I’m straight, I had a girlfriend before, well she was more of a friend and we were both in elementary school. We also never made it official. Oh, fine so I never had a girlfriend. Big deal. Great, now I’m ranting.

    I can feel his body heat warming up my body through my thin sweater. His face kept getting closer and closer. I snapped my eyes shut. Dear Lugia, please save me.

   I waited, but nothing happened. A few more seconds and still nothing. That was when I felt a slight brush on my hair. Slowly opening my eyes just enough to see, the stranger held a leaf in between his pointer and thumb, examining it curiously.

    Phew, so he wasn’t going to pound my head in the lockers or kiss me. I shuddered at the latter. I’m no homophobe or anything, actually I respect homosexuals who are brave enough to come out of the closet and face this harsh reality. It’s a good thing that I’m an atheist and not one of those stick-in-the-butt religious pricks who think that the bible is life. I just hate the thought of some guy kissing me. Brings back some bad memories.

    The stranger gave me a genuine friendly smile. “You are a shy one aren’t you? Never had someone try to get away from me before. You’re the first one. Makes me curious.” He twirled the leaf. “Why are you afraid of me new kid?”

    Should I tell him? I just met him, but I don’t know his name. He could be trying to get my trust or something, then betray me or he could really be just curious. I’m reluctant to tell anyone my deep dark secrets, especially to a jock. Instead of answering him, I ducked my head down and shook my head.

    I heard him sigh. He took a step back, giving me some much needed space. Relieved, I sucked in a big, shaky breath and slowly let it out, trying to clam my frazzled nerves. If we stayed in that position any longer, I would’ve freaked out in the worst way possible.

    “So new kid, what’s your name?” The stranger moved his hand to push his hair back, still pinning me back against the lockers.

    “A-a-Alan.” I whispered nervously. I twisted my fingers together, trying to stop the trembling.

    “Cool, I’m James Matthews. Welcome to Malcolm High School.” He gave my head a good ruffling. “Man, your hair’s soft. What do you use?”

    I yanked myself away from his reach and made a quick getaway, not answering, desperate to get away from him. I know it’s not his fault I’m like this, but I can’t stop the instinctual reflex I’ve developed when it comes to people, especially guys. Girls, I can tolerate, but barely now and it’s still pretty bad.

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