Chapter 25

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I would like to dedicate this chapter to bvblove4ever for talking to me while i was writing this. I was completely bored and stumped and if you hadn't talked to me in my time of need, i would've never thought of what to put in this chappie. :3

Chapter 25

(Alan’s POV)

    Chase came over later on today, keeping his word. He showed up at around eight, a few seconds after Aunt Claire came back. She was excited to have a third seat filled during dinner, which was pasta with homemade tomato and meat sauce, cornbread, and a nice tossed salad. For dessert, we had some nice lemon slices soaked in honey. I didn’t have time to make what I really wanted, which was fruit tart, but it was yummy all the same.

    Chase even asked if he could stay over for today. Aunt Claire agreed with a lot more enthusiasm than a person should, given that she was wiggling her eyebrows at me suggestively while Chase wasn’t looking. I had to blush.

    Chase went out to his car and came back a few minutes later with an overnight bag over his shoulder. Why does he have an overnight bag in his car? It hit me when he came out of the bathroom in a white muscle tank and boxers, his teeth already brushed. He yawned, getting ready for bed.

    “Umm, the guest bedroom doesn’t have a bed. You can take my bed and I’ll sleep on the futon.” I turned and headed for the door.

    Chase grabbed my arm and threw me into my bed. I yelped in surprise as I bounced on the mattress and yelped again when he threw his body on top of mine, pinning me down so I couldn’t escape. “We can fit on your bed. Let’s just share.” He said sleepily.

    I gasped for air, his weight crushing my ribs and my lungs, thus the lack of oxygen. After a few minutes of fruitless struggling, Chase finally notices my effort in getting him off of me. He rolled off of me. The relief and sudden burst of air filling my lungs was heavenly.

    “Sorry.” Chase mumbled sleepily, his eyes already closed. His arms snaked around my waist, pulling me closer to him.

    I stared at Chase’s sleeping face, loving how relaxed he looked, as if all the worries and stress in the world had faded. I thought about today. It was fun, having everyone come over, even though it was unexpected. And even though I don’t like people, I want them to come over again and play. Maybe we can go have a giant pokemon battle royale or something. Yeah.

    Snuggling onto Chase’s chest, I slowly fell asleep for the second time today.


    Chase stayed over on Sunday too. I was actually surprised. I thought he would spend his Sunday partying or hanging out with someone whose not as dull and ugly as me. Yes, I still think I’m ugly, but you have to understand, I’m still insecure about things and having heard that I was ugly for around five years is a big thing to get over.

    The whole Sunday, I helped him with homework, teaching him shortcuts and giving him advice to help him remember and do things easier. He was struggling in some of his classes so I was happy to help him. What are boyfriends for? I blushed at the word again. Darn it.

    After an hour of explaining a formula in Chemistry and how to memorize it easier, he blinked in surprised. “I actually got it. This is great. It’s a lot more easier to understand when you explain it.”

    I smiled at him. “Glad I could help.”

    He helped me out with lunch, but I noticed how bad he was with cooking, so I gave him the task of washing the vegetables, which I showed him since he was about to use soap. I even taught him how to chop up tomatoes and lettuce as easily as I could and was satisfied that he was at least decent at that.

    I decided on hamburgers with tomatoes, lettuce, pickles, and ketchup. I even added some homemade fries, extra crispy to the side. Chase grinned when I praised him on a job well done with chopping, him grinning like a happy child. He devoured three hamburgers and a whole ton of fries, even drank down two cans of Japanese soda. He’s now addicted to the thing.

    Chase even offered to help me with dishes, saying he’s done it before. Who would have known that Chase O’Neill, the richest guy in town, has washed dishes? Not me, but I’m not complaining.

    Full, we sat in the den playing Call Of Duty: Black Ops. After winning for the twelfth time in a row, Chase tackled me onto the floor in frustration. “How are you so good at this? No one has ever beaten me and you beat me twelve freaking times.”

    I shrugged. “Aunt Claire’s competitive, so if we’re not competing with pokemon, we settle it with COD. And she’s better than me.”

    Chase growled, nuzzling his nose on my stomach. I burst into a fit of laughter, his nose rubbing at a ticklish spot that turned me into a mess of giggles and laughter. He kept doing it until I had to beg for mercy in order for him to stop. My lungs were collapsing from the lack of oxygen I couldn’t contain from the laughter, my throat was sore, and I was so freaking tired trying to calm myself, I couldn’t stand another second.

    Chase reluctantly obeyed, but he didn’t remove his head from my stomach, instead used it as a pillow. His arms wrapped around my waist, hugging me closer to him. “Sometimes, I wonder if I really do deserve you. I love you so much, more than anyone I’ve ever been with. I never thought I would be doing something like this, to someone unless it’s to lure them to fuck, but I don’t with you.”

    My heart warmed from his words, but the last part made me blush and frown. “You don’t want to have sex with me?” Am I undesirable? Does my body repulse him to the point where he can’t think of anything sexual? Is it the scars? My disgustingly thin, small body?

    Chase frowned too. “Of course I do, but only when you’re ready for it. I won’t push you, but maybe try to seduce you into it.” He grinned seductively, his eyes filled with hunger, lust, and a flash of something else, but it disappeared before I could figure out what it was. “If you know what I mean.” His voice was throaty and low.

    I flushed, nervous and delighted. He went on his hands and knees, crawling closer to me as I scooted back, my eyes never leaving his. He followed me, stalking me like prey. My back hit the wall, startling me into getting onto my feet and run, but Chase grabbed my leg and dragged me back to him.

    Chase pounced as I lunged away from him. We both rolled on the floor until we stopped with Chase right on top of me. I licked my dry lips nervously. His eyes locked onto that small movement, mesmerized. Then his lips attacked mine, devouring my mouth in carnal hunger. The searing heat from the kiss made my toes curl into the carpet as I responded to his kiss by nibbling on his lip.

    Chase growled, deepening the kiss, his hands roaming around my sides. I wrapped my arms around his neck, pulling him closer. He bit my lip, asking for entrance. I opened my mouth to him, letting his tongue spear into mine, our tongues dancing to an erotic tango. Pleasure coursed through me as his hips were grinding between my legs, the feel of his hard arousal pressing against mine exhilarating and made me even more aroused.

    Chase broke the kiss, giving me time to catch my breath. He never stopped kissing me, his lips now traveling down my cheek, nibbled on my chin, to right along my neck. I bit my lip, trying to contain the sounds of pleasure ready to flow out of my throat. My body trembled from the restraint, screaming at me to let go.

    Chase grazed his teeth against my throat, chuckling. “Alan, let it go. Feel what I’m doing to you and show me how much you like it.” He licked my ear. “Because I know you do.” He grinded himself harder against me, forcing a whimper to come out of me.

    I moaned when his teeth sank on the tender flesh of my neck, sucking it into his mouth. My fingers combed into his hair, pulling him closer, wanting him to do more, but Chase had other ideas.

    Instead of continuing to do more, he rolled us until I was on top and he was bottom. He grinned at me, his eyes twinkling. “As I said, I would seduce you to have sex with me, but it’s your decision.” Chase pecked my lips. “When you are one hundred percent ready, when you are absolutely sure, then we will have sex, but right now, I just want to show you glimpses of what’s to come.” He me another peck on the lips before pulling me down to rest myself on his body.

    My mind whirled at what he said. Is it really going to be like that, sex? Will it be that pleasurable, that hot? Will it hurt? I remember my rape and shuddered in revulsion. It was the worst pain imaginable and I felt dirty afterwards. Will it be the same? But, when Chase kissed me, touched me, I felt wonderful, giddy, and tingly.

    Chase’s long fingers stroked through my mop of hair. My ear was lying right on top of his heart, listening to the soothing beat. His muscles, outlined from his shirt, made me feel safe. The nightmares are still there, ready to pounce when my guard’s down, but ever since Chase slept over, I had a restful, dreamless sleep that left me refreshed.

    On Monday, Chase drove me to school. As thanks, I made him lunch, which he took with glee. Whenever I was going to class or to my locker, I was guarded by either Melissa, James, Chase, or Cal. No one bugged me as long as one of them was there and I was glad. People still stared at me with disgust and anger, but I’m happy and I have a thick skin. I can handle death glares as long as they don’t turn to something more dangerous.

    At lunch, Chase would ask me to help him with his homework, which I did happily. Everyone stared at us, and listened to my explanations. After that, lunch turned into a partial study session where I would tell everyone tips and advice on each problem and explain the answer as easily as I could. In return, they would tell me how well they’ve done and give me all the credit, to my embarrassment and pleasure.

    One day, on a Thursday during fourth period, Chase would ask me how to do a problem out loud without thinking. The teacher was out and wouldn’t come back until the end of class, so the rest of the time was to do the assignment written on the board and turn it in at the end of class. I was the first one to finish and turned it in to Chase’s disapproval. Just because he’s my boyfriend, does not mean I would let him copy my work.

    Instead, I took out a sheet of paper and wrote down a problem in the textbook that we didn’t need to do and solved that, explaining the reason why I used this method and why the answer came out the way it should. I even wrote down the formulas he should use and watched as he did the problem by himself.

    He gave me a nice, thorough kiss when he finished the entire assignment by himself. “Thanks babe. If you had let me copy your work and never explained the problem to me, then I wouldn’t understand a single thing.”

    I blushed. “You’re welcome.”

    The rest of the time, I helped out with his homework. He finished it twenty minutes before class ended, so we had time to talk about random things, me not having a care in the world, when someone from behind me cleared their throat.

    Startled, I spun around in my seat in fear to see a guy, one of Chase’s football buddies standing with a binder, pencil and calculator. He had ash brown hair, cut short and spiked, his eyes hazel. He had the body of a jock; muscles and tall stature with an air of dominance and aggression. His expression was that of reluctance, but also desperation and nothing remotely threatening, except for his height and build, which still scares the crapola out of me.

    “Hi, uhhh…” The guy scratched his head nervously and sighed. “I need help with this problem and I have no idea what to do. I overheard you explaining to Chase about how to solve them easily so.. can you help me?”

    My eyes widened in surprise. Didn’t see that coming. I didn’t want to help him, but I also didn’t want to refuse a person who needed help. Before I could say anything, Chase beat me to it. “Sure thing Keith. Grab a seat and your stuff and bring it here.”

    Relieved, the guy, Keith, turned and went to his table to get his stuff. I frowned at Chase, but he shrugged and hugged me, kissing my forehead. “I know you’re uncomfortable with people, but I’m here and if he does anything to you, I’ll beat him up. Trust me.”

    Keith came back with his backpack and a chair. He dumped his bag on the floor underneath the table and spread out his papers. “I need help on this problem.” He pointed at an incomplete problem, with a lot of eraser markings. “I tried a whole munch of times, but I never got the answer correct.”

    I nodded, glancing at his work. “You used the wrong formula.”

    Shocked, he stared at me with his mouth gaping open. Chase chuckled at his expression. I turned my head and gave him a questioning look. He grinned at Keith. “He’s never heard your voice before.”

    I nodded, understanding and a bit uncomfortable. Keith shook his head, as if he was trying to clear something in his mind. “Can you explain?”

    So I told him the right formula, explained why and even showed him an example. We went on to the next problem and the next. Eventually, Keith’s buddies came over too, looking over his shoulder while listening to my explanations. They even asked questions, which I answered hesitantly.

    As the crowd grew, so did my discomfort. Chase must’ve seen my discomfort because he wrapped an arm around my shoulder while he munched on a fruit tart I made for dessert today. From the look on his face, he’s enjoying it a lot.

    I looked up and smiled at him, putting my hand on his and squeezing a thanks. He smiled back and offered me the fruit tart. I took a tentative bite, loving the sour and sweet mixtures of the many fruits and the crunch of the tart that held them all in. He licked some cream from the side of my mouth, causing me to blush.

    I felt stares and moved my eyes towards the little study group in front of me. Keith coughed. “So, you guys are really dating?”

    Chase nodded, pulling me to his chest. “Yeah. You have a problem with that?” His voice was pleasant, but even I can hear the threat of violence underneath.

    Keith grinned. “No problem at all.” He gave Chase a knowing look.

    Chase gave a subtle nod, something flashing in his eyes. Before I could interpret what it was, his expression changed. He grinned at Keith. “Great.” He took another bite out of the fruit tart.

    Keith stared at the fruit tart. “Where did you get a fruit tart?”

    Chase licked his up the cream on his lips. “Alan made it.”

    Keith assessed me from top to bottom. I restrained the urge to squirm under hi gaze. “He cooks?”

    “He sure does. He’s given me the best food I’ve ever eaten, and I have a well sought out chef cooking for me at home. That says a lot.” Chase popped the last of the fruit tart in his mouth, staring at his sticky hands. I took out a packet of alcoholic wipes and handed it to him, which he took gratefully.

    “Makes me want to try.” said a guy, another football jock.

    I shrank back into my seat, trying to make myself as small as possible. I don’t like how they’re all staring at me. It was friendly, but there was a cold undercurrent of something evil and dark. My gut clenched, telling me to run, but Chase squeezed my shoulder. I guess he noticed my distress.

    The teacher came in, breaking up our little group, to my relief. The churning in my stomach never ceased, not even Chase’s comfort could dissolve the unease and dread bubbling in my gut like a pot boiling water. It just keeps acting up as it continues to stir under the fire of my unease.

    I nearly ran out of the room, but what stopped me was the light grip Chase had on my hand. “Something wrong Alan?”

    I opened my mouth, ready to say something, but nothing came out. So instead, I shook my head and forced myself to calm down, straining myself to walk instead of run like my body’s screaming me to do. Chase’s hand grew firm, not enough to hurt, but tight enough to keep me from escaping.

    Chase brought me to my next class. By that time, the urge to run wasn’t all that strong, although it was still there, lingering inside of me. The churning of unease was also still there, and that didn’t ease at all. I couldn’t help but think of what set me off, what was it about Keith and the rest of the football jock group that brought such a strong sense of uneasiness and dread?

    Mr. River assigned the class to work on a painting of your worst nightmare. Of course, that was easy for me to imagine, since I’ve had those nightmares almost every single day, except for when I was in bed with Chase. I began my painting, deciding to draw some scary beast instead of the shadow man that watched with glee while I was raped and killed me at the end of every dream.

    My mind wandered to those nightmares. Each nightmare had the same cast: Me, Lucas, the molester, and the shadow man. Sometimes someone extra would pop up, but only sometimes. And in each nightmare, the scene always changes from a dungeon with cage-like bars, to a dark back alleyway, to my previous school. The only thing that was the same was that I was raped in every nightmare, and that I was killed. The only difference is that each kill was different. I was sliced in the neck my a knife, drowned in water, dropped into a pit of acid, shot in the head, stabbed in the heart, and many other ways. Each time was gruesome, terrifying, and so realistic, I woke up either screaming, or gasping for breath.

    I glanced at my painting and gasped in horror, scooting back. Instead of the terrifying beast-like monster I intended to draw, the shadow man appeared in it’s place. The dark silhouette of the shadow man was standing in the middle of the drawing, his grin and the blood splattered all over him the only indication of color on his body. He was licking his bloodstained claws, his razor sharp teeth opened, showing how they could rip out your throat like a shark’s. Blood splattered all around his torso and dripped down his mouth in a small stream.

    I dropped my brush, fearing that the shadow man would crawl out of the painting to feast on my blood spilling from my dead body. I know, it’s just a painting, but it looked like it came right out of my nightmares from how realistic it is. The only thing I can’t quite place is the vague resemblance to someone I know, but who is it?

    Mr. River was taking his routine rounds around the tables to check on everyone’s progress. He was right at my table and glanced at my drawing and took a step back. He didn’t say anything, but the emotion in his eyes told me many things. I shrank back into my seat and forced myself not to glance at the painting.

    The bell rang, signaling the end of class. I quickly packed my things and started for the door. “Alan, I would like to speak with you.”

    I knew this would come. Frowning, I trudged to Mr. River’s desk. He’s going to ask me about my drawing. I just knew it. It’s not much of a surprised from the way he looked me as I reacted towards my own creation.

    Mr. River sat in his chair, scribbling on papers. He placed his pen on the table and locked eyes with mine. “Is there something you would like to comment about your drawing?”

    I shook my head a bit to fast. My palms turned sweaty as I clutched my sketchpad. I just wanted to get out of here, go to my last class and have a nice reunion with my sanctuary. I clearly needed to relieve some tension building inside of me or else it would fester.

    Mr. River sighed, clearly disappointed. “Well I do. Even though the drawing was a lot more simple than the others who drew gruesome creatures and overuse of blood, yours has a sinister air of death and fear and I can clearly see it that it is your own demonic nightmare that still haunts you to this day. These nightmarish creatures are depictions of something or someone that is, will or did harm you in your life. Either that or it is a warning of what is yet to come. Bear in mind that although these creatures cause deep fear in your subconscious, they are also not indestructible. You can overcome it or figure out the trigger to what created it because it is clearly harming you in it’s own way. Whatever the problem is, do know that you can speak to me anytime, as I’ve said before. I do know what you are going through.” My eyes widened. He chuckled at my expression. “Everyone has their own demons, including me. Now time for you to get to class.” He scribbled on a piece of paper and handed it to me. “Have a nice day Alan.”

    I nodded at him. “You too.” I whispered. He gave me a pleasant smile and resumed grading assignments.

    I mulled over Mr. River’s words as I made my way to gym. Now that I think of it, my nightmares always revolved around two people: Lucas and the molester, but the shadow man appeared when I moved back here, but I don’t know what day or why it all started.

    I was so consumed in my thoughts, I never noticed anyone right in front of me until we collided. I landed on my butt, my sketchpad sliding in the hall. The person didn’t fall, but his things dropped onto the floor.

    “Oh crap. Sorry about that Alan.” The voice was familiar, but whose is it?

    I glanced up and sucked in a terrified breath. Keith loomed over me, his expression concerned, but I didn’t believe it for one second. There was still an undercurrent of danger in his eyes, the two orbs gleaming as if he enjoyed knocking me down. As he approached, I unconsciously moved away, wanting as much space between us as possible. The churning in my gut came back full force.

    Keith picked up his things off the floor, along with my sketchpad and held out a hand, as if he wants to help pull me up. Was I thinking too hard? Is he really just a nice person? No other jock other than Cal, James, and Chase ever offered to help me up and the people who do offer always have a dark motive behind it.

    Keith sighed impatiently and just grabbed my arm, yanking me to my feet. I winced at the force of his hold, already knowing I’ll be getting bruises the size of his hand. He saw me wince, letting me go. “Sorry. I didn’t mean to hurt you or anything, really. I wouldn’t do that to Chase’s boyfriend. He would kill me.”

    I just nodded and grabbed my sketchpad, which he held out for me to take. He grinned down at me, and this time, dark amusement replaced the sinister undercurrent in his eyes. “Have fun little man.” For some reason, it felt like he’s saying something more.

    I just ran for the locker room, but it was locked so I made my way to the gym, handing Mr. Lassiter the late pass Mr. River gave me. I took my seat on the bleachers, watching everyone play badminton. I’m glad I was late for class; I suck at badminton. Zoning out, I plugged my ears and listened to my ipod, humming to Breaking Benjamin’s I Will Not Bow.

    I was suddenly tackled, yelping as I fell off my seat. I groaned in pain, blinking away the stars in my eyes to see a grinning, sweaty Melissa on top of me. “Alan! Let’s have a slumber party tomorrow.”

    What‘s she talking about now? “Slumber party?”

    Melissa nodded rapidly, scrambling off of me. I felt eyes on me and turned to see Chase and James laughing at us. I pouted as Melissa stuck her tongue at them, sticking both her middle fingers in their direction.

    “Yeah a slumber party, but just the two of us. I want you all to myself and get to know each other without the distraction of other guys.” Her eyes widened, lighting up as if she thought of something wonderful. “I can drive you home and drop you off at your house so you can pack. Then we go to my place and watch movies, eat snacks, play games, and just talk. Oh my gosh, it’ll be so much fun.” She gazed at me with eager eyes.

    A slumber party? Like stay over at a friend’s house and just hang out and have fun? I’m already excited from the idea, so I nodded. “Okay.”

    Melissa squealed happily, giving me a huge bear hug that smooshed my face in her boobs. My glasses were pressing against my eyes. “This’ll be so much fun!” She abruptly lets me go and begins to mumble to herself about what to buy, different movies, and a whole ton of things I didn’t bother listening to. I want it to be a surprise.

    My first ever slumber party. I can’t wait for tomorrow.

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Eni picks up picture and grins happily: He He He......

To be continued..... :3

Okay, so i thought this chapter was a bit random and weird, well to me so if you think so too, tell me and i'll see what i can do to make it better.

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