NOTICE for chapter 42

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I did upload chapter 42, but for some reason, it's locked. I was pretty shocked when i saw the complaints from some of the readers when they told me that they couldn't access this chapter :(

Anywhoooo...... so the reason why it's locked is maybe because of it being a bit too inappropriate for wattpad....... it's grahical and very detailed. *blushes* ///// heh.

Yeah, so one lovely reader, who i shall give thanks to with strawberry koala bear crackers and tons of smexy boy photos, told me to post the link here, so yeah :D

And here's the link:

If that doesn't work, then you'll have to 'follow' me, which i'm telling you are not obligated to do and you can just follow me to read the chapter, then undo it later. I don't mind at all, but let me warn you, there's a reason why it's locked. Even i thought it was justifiable. :(

I also placed the external link for chapter 42 too. If nothing works, then i have no idea what to do D:

If there's any more questions, here's a link on how to access private chapters:

So enjoy the chapter, which i highly doubt you all will enjoy since it s a bit.... yeah.


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