Chapter 24

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I'll dedicate this to LilMouse for writing the stories that destroyed what little innocence i had left in me. I was actually reading your stories as i was writing this. Heh. You're an amazing writer and i hope to read more of your stories in the future :3

Chapter 24

(Alan's POV)

I've been sick for three days. Aunt Claire took two days off just to take care of me. I don't remember what I did those past three days, but when I woke up the next day, feeling refreshed and filled with my usual energy, my room was in utter chaos. Books were strewn on the floor and desk, along with my plushies, papers, and clothes. Things were either askew, not in the same place as it originally was, or knocked down. It looked like a tornado hit this place.

I threw my door opened to see that not only was my room trashed, but the hallway too. I ran, checking every room to see that the whole house was destroyed. Panicking, I ran to Aunt Claire's room to see her groaning in pain on the bed, everything in shambles.

I ran to Aunt Claire worried, panicked, and just plain ole freaking out. "A-Aunt Claire, what happened to the house? Are you okay?"

Aunt Claire groaned in response.

Oh my god, did we get robbed? Is that why the whole house is in disarray? Should I call the police? What if they come back? Did they come while I was sick? What if they come back? I have to do something. "D-don't worry. I'll find the phone and call the police."

Before I could start searching, Aunt Claire's arm shot out to grab my arm, stopping me. She lifted her head from the pillow. "Ally Bear, it's alright. No need to call the police." She mumbled, her eyes closed.

I bit my lip. "Then what happened?"

Aunt Claire weakly shook her head. "You happened." Huh? "You were sick so you wouldn't remember. You were wild and uncontrollable, like a five year old who ate a bucket full of candy." She sighed. "You were, well, very affectionate when visitors came over, and like a wild monkey when you were alone."

I gaped at her. Is that all true? And what did she mean I was 'very affectionate' towards visitors? People visited me? And the heck did I do to them? Also, I'm the reason why a tornado hit the inside of the house? Makes me wish I remember what happened while I was sick, but I can say that I'm also scared as to what the hell I did.

Aunt Claire groaned. "Call Dr. Harper and tell him I'm going to come later today."

I did what she asked, telling Angie the receptionist that Aunt Claire isn't feeling too good today. It's a good thing that her workplace is so lenient and nice. I hung up and went to my room to change, shaking my head at the horrible mess. It's a good thing it's Saturday, meaning I have all day to clean up the mess I apparently made.

I changed into a black wife beater, which I only wear in the house, and some black shorts that stopped mid-thigh. My hair's grown a bit, enough me to tie it in a tiny ponytail, more of like a stub of hair. Forget shoes, they would get in the way, so I'm going barefoot. I used a hair band to keep my bangs out of face, although a few strands escaped, falling over my face.

I grabbed my ipod, picking out a song before I stretched and began to clean.


I've been cleaning for three hours, still not finished, but most of the rooms and the hallway are sparkling clean. I picked up everything off of the floor, rearranged all of the crooked or fallen things back to it's original position. I even vacuumed and washed the floors, dusted every surface I could, washed the windows, cleaned the bathrooms did the laundry, leaving a nice clean feel behind me. I'm all sweaty, but since I've been resting for three days, I have all the energy I needed to finish my task.

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