Chapter 26

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Dedicated this chappie to XvendettaX for being such a great pal and for being there when i was in aa mental meltdown. I don't want to talk about it, but she got me through it and i really appreciate it and i love her so much, like a sibling i always wanted because she understands me a lot more than my other sibs.

Chapter 26

(Alan’s POV)

    It’s Friday, but just because it’s Friday, does not mean you have to sing that obnoxious piece of crapola people call a song. Rebecca Black’s parents, what the pikachus were you thinking letting that ear imploding white noise you call a song go viral? Do you know how many people would get the chance to kill your daughter just to stop others from singing that hellish lullaby that Satan would love to repeat in hell over and over again? The nerve of some people these days.

    I remember the day when I was at the vet’s, Friday started playing on the speakers. Right at that moment, the animals went from happy and peaceful, to wild and all over the place. Even animals know how much that song sucks muk slime.

    I, Chase and the rest of the gang are in our designated seating arrangement on the picnic table eating lunch. I was happily eating some sushi I made today when Chase belted out lyrics from Friday out of no where, shouting it into the air. Usually I’m not a violent person, but Chase singing Friday made me itching to kick him where the sun doesn’t shine.

    It didn’t take me long for me to blow up. I slammed my hands on the table and glared at him. “Stop singing that song or I swear to god I will kill you and bury you right next to Rebecca Black and Jenna Rose.” I said to him, my voice icy.

    There was an awkward silence, except for the rustling of leaves and muffled sounds of students. Mortified with what I just did, I ducked my head down and curled myself into a tiny ball, trying to shrink myself, wishing I can disappear.

    Chase threw his head back and roared in laughter. The others followed, Melissa slapping the table while she did so. The awkward silence disappeared, the aura of happiness taking its place. I let out a breath I didn’t know I was holding, in relief.

    Melissa gave a big hug, still laughing. “You are so cute Alan.”

    Chase yanked me out of her arms, glaring as he squished me to his chest. “Mine.” He growled at her. “I’m still pissed that you’re taking him away from me to your dumb slumber party, taking the precious time I could use to be with Alan.”

    Melissa rolled her eyes. “Don’t be such a whiny bitch. I never really get to hang out with Alan since you’re always there to hog him. One night won’t kill you.”

    Chase glowered at her, pulling me closer to him until I was practically in his lap. His big, long arms ensnared my entire body to his, leaving me barely any wiggle room to get comfortable. The scent of him wafted into my nose and I wanted more. I instinctively pressed my nose to his chest an breathed in deeply, holding my breath to savor it, then slowly let it out before doing it all over again.

    Chase coughed, pausing me from inhaling his mouthwatering scent. I lifted my head, but it only brought me up to his neck, where his scent was much stronger more potent. I couldn’t help but crawl higher on his lap to breathe in more of it.  Distracted, I didn’t hear the words Chase was saying. I didn’t even know he was talking to me, until he coughed again. He’s coughing a lot. Is he sick?

    “Uh, Alan, are you sniffing me?” Chase asked, amused.

    I blushed, burying my face on his neck. “You smell good.” I mumbled, the words muffled from his shirt.

    Cal understood what I said because he quietly chuckled to himself, to Melissa and James’ confusion. Chase vibrated against me, his rumbling laughter the cause. He kissed the top of my head. “Alan, you are so innocent.”

    “Don’t forget adorable.” Melissa added.

    “And a great cook.” James concluded.

    Chase carried me our next class, to my utter embarrassment. I struggled to get down, but he refused to let me go, placing me in my seat. By the time he sat in his, I was turned away from him, my cheeks flaming. Chase tried to talk to me, but I refused to acknowledge him. Instead, I forced myself to listen to the lecture, which I already knew, and started working on the assignment earlier than everyone else, trying to distract myself from Chase.

    My pencil was stolen from my hands while I was in the middle of solving a problem. Irritated, I glared at Chase, who was twirling my pencil in his hands, grinning at me. “Now will you talk to me?”

    I sighed, going into my bag to produce another pencil, along with my ipod and continued ignoring him with the help of loud music. I turned in my work and sat in my seat, wondering what I should do.

    From the corner of my eye, I can see Chase already struggling with a problem, using my pencil to scribble down on my worksheet. I maybe embarrassed, okay, still embarrassed, about carrying me to my seat like some invalid, but I can’t not help him with his work. He looks so lost, confused, and frustrated.

    I scooted closer to his seat, turning off my ipod. I peered at his paper and shook my head. “You’re taking the wrong steps.”

    Chase snapped his head from his paper to turn to me. His frown quickly turning to a grin. He scooted towards me until our seats bumped into each other. “Care to explain?”

    I sighed and began my explanation and each step in order to get the right answer, then the shortcuts for him to remember. I pulled out some scratch paper and wrote it down for him, even lent him my binder so he can use my notes. I like to be organized. I don’t wan to be the fool who would search through a messy binder multiple times just to figure out how to do one single problem or search for notes. Nope, my binder is tidy, all of the papers in its right section with labels on the dividers. All papers in the pockets are current papers like homework ready to be pulled out and turned in.

    Chase wasn’t as organized as me. Technically he doesn’t really have a binder and the binder he does have is practically empty. He doesn’t take notes and throws away what assignments and test papers that have been turned back. When there are lectures, he either checks his phone or stares off into the distance. I’m surprised he managed to get a C before I came into his life.

    His grades have improved due to my tutoring, as with the rest of the gang. Mr. Lassiter, who I’m not surprised is the football coach, gave him praise in his grades. Melissa, who has had trouble with English since she can’t remember vocab words well, has improved once when I told her my methods and secrets on how I could memorize them and continue memorizing them. James didn’t seem to have any problems; he appreciated my methods anyways, using them every now and then. Cal was average in grades, but he went from C’s and D’s to A’s and B’s. Whenever I hear how well they are getting in school, I feel proud that I was of some use to them.

    Chase finished his assignment in fifteen minutes, getting up to turn it in. I snatched my pencil and binder back, dumping it into my bag and scooted back to my side of the table. Chase came back and frowned, noticing how I’m not right by his seat anymore.

    “I’m going to use the bathroom. Be back in a few minutes.” Chase waited for me to acknowledge him, but when I didn’t he sighed, kissed my cheek and left, leaving me surprised at the kiss.

    I groaned silently, resting my head against my folded arms. I know, I’m being childish, but he didn’t listen to me when I asked him to put me down. I don’t really like to be lifted. I like my feet to be firmly on the ground, giving me security that I’m still standing, that I’m still alive and that my nightmares hadn’t come true. Sure, being carried is great in certain circumstances, but not all the time.

    I should make up with him. He wouldn’t know what I’m feeling or my reluctance to being carried. He must be confused. I mean, how would he know I don’t like being carried?

    Chase’s seat scraped right next to me. Assuming it was Chase, I lifted my head, an apology at the tip of my tongue when I froze in fear. Keith sat there, grinning down at me, his face too close to mine for comfort. I gulped and scooted back.

    Keith watched me with a glint in his eyes. “Hey Alan.”

    I nodded at him, forcing myself to stop shaking. My heart beat faster and faster as time went by. What does he want with me?

    “I heard about the basketball team doing some nasty shit towards you and I just wanted to say that we, the football team, have your back.”

    I snapped my head at him, wondering if I hallucinated those words. Did he actually say that the football team will protect me? This can’t be real.

    Keith shrugged and gave me a friendly smile. It didn’t console me or give me any thought of trusting him, but it also means he won’t attack me, and we’re also in a classroom so I’m safe, I think. “You’re Chase’s boyfriend, which means, you’re in the football team’s protection. Teammates have each other’s backs and it extends to those who we are seeing.”

    Chase came back from his little bathroom break, staring back and forth from Keith’s grin to my gaping mouth expression of shock. His eyes narrowed at Keith. “Keith…”

    Keith got up and winked at me before slapping Chase on the shoulder. “I was here to say hi to Alan.” He gave him a look, which Chase nodded. Keith smiled at me once more and left to go back to his seat.

    Chase sat down and grabbed my arm, pulling me onto him. I oomphed as I landed on Chase, my arms on his shoulders. My legs were on either side of his hips, putting me in a very… awkward position that aligned with his hips under mine. Realizing my position, I struggled to get off of him, stuttering out apologies, but his arms wrapped around me, securing me in that position. His head rested against my shoulder, a loud sigh pouring from his lips.

    I stopped struggling and just sat there, blush and all. “Alan, whatever I did, I’m sorry.”

    Screw the stares and attention we gained. I pulled away from him. His head lifted, confusion and rejection on his face. Placing my hands on both of his cheeks, I lifted myself up and gave him a gentle peck on the lips. Before he could do anything, I ducked back down and buried my face on his chest. I’m never one who takes the initiative in kissing when it’s always Chase who starts it, but this time, I’ll do it if it makes Chase happy again.

    “Alan.” He squeezed me tighter against him. I can hear the happiness in his voice. And so we made up, just like that.



    I turned to see Melissa heading straight towards me. I only had a few seconds to comprehend what was happening before Melissa tackled me in a hug, knocking me off my feet. We skid on the uneven parking lot, stopping a few inches from a red Toyota truck. I groaned in pain. My butt felt like it was on fire, and I’m pretty sure my hands are scraped up from sliding on the ground. I lifted them and sighed. Yup, definitely scraped and there’s little pebbles embedded too.

    Melissa unlocked her strong grip, grinning at me, but it turned to horror when she saw my hands. “Oh no no no, I didn’t mean to- oh my gosh. I’m so sorry.” her bottom began to tremble, her eyes brimming with tears.

    I gave her a reassuring smile. “It’s okay. It’s only a few scrapes, no worries. With some tweezers, disinfectant and bandages, I’ll be as good as new.”

    Melissa sniffed. “At least let me help you. I have a first aid kit in my car.”

    A first aid kit? Why does she have a first aid kit? “Okay.”

    Melissa stood up and brushed herself off, then she gave me her hand, which I took. I winced, feeling some of the pebbles move around my wounds. She pulled me towards a yellow 2007 Honda Convertible S2000, unlocking it with the push of a button.

    Melissa opened my door and went to the trunk to get the first aid kit, leaving me to slide in the soft leather. I sighed, relaxing in the cool interior of the car, ignoring the pain on my butt and my hands.

    The trunk slammed closed, jostling the car. My eyes flew open right when Melissa appeared by my door, waving a first aid kit by my face. “Is it alright if I set it up on your lap?”

    I shook my head. “You don’t really have to help me. I can do it when I get home.”

    She glared at me and flicked my forehead. “I can do it now and what if it gets infected while we’re getting there?”

    “Ow!” I whined, but obeyed her.

    Melissa did a great job plucking out pebbles with the pair of tweezers (New), not missing one single grain. She cleaned the wounds with an alcohol wipe and put a coat of disinfectant on my hands, which stung a lot. I winced from the pain, wanting to pull away, but I kept my hands nice and steady. She wrapped it in white elastic bandages, a bit overboard, but when I told her, she glared at me and said, “What do you mean overboard? You had huge gashes on your hands, blood was dripping everywhere and I found glass along with those ‘pebbles’ in your hands. Some of your flesh was gone and that was only when I cleaned off all the dirt. I should be driving you to the hospital instead.” She grumbled the last part as she wrapped my hands securely, securing it with metal clips. “When we get to your house, you’re taking some pain killers and antibiotics if you have those.”

    I frowned, my shoulders drooping. “Does that mean the slumber party’s cancelled?”

    Melissa cooed when she saw my crestfallen face. “Naaaaw, of course not. You’re not getting out of this that easily.”

    I grinned at her. “I didn’t want to get out of it anyways.”

    Melissa skipped to the driver’s seat and we zoomed off to my house. On the way, she told me about the movies she rented, what we’re going to do, and what I should bring. It’s a good thing I planned out something special to bring to her house. She’ll be so thrilled. I can’t wait to see the look on her face.

    We parked in front of my house. Melissa stayed in the car to wait for me. I quickened my pace to my house. I took a fast shower, but it was kind of difficult with bags over them. I dressed up in a Sleeping With Sirens black band t-shirt, some ripped up black skinny jeans and my leather lace up boots. I grabbed my black hoodie zip up and stuffed my pjs, along with an extra pair of clothes just in case, my poke ball, toothbrush, stuffing them into a backpack, and headed down to the kitchen to take some pain killers and antibiotics Aunt Claire got for me when I was out of the hospital from Lucas. I grabbed Melissa’s surprise and headed for the door.

    Melissa was humming to Panic! At the Disco’s Ballad of Mona Lisa when I knocked on her car window. She reached out and pushed the door open. Her eyes locked onto the tin tray I had on my lap as I struggled to close the door. I managed to buckle myself in and we drove off.

    “Alan, what is that?” Melissa asked me a few seconds after she started driving.

    I chuckled at the eager tone in her voice. “It’s a surprise.”

    Melissa took in a deep breath and groaned. “Whatever it is, it smells awesome.”

    We made our short journey to Melissa’s house, which was only three blocks away from mine. The house was Victorian and in pretty good condition considering how most of these houses were built years ago. It was white with nice entrance columns and a decent porch where a bench swing sat. There were two floors from what I can see and it looks really well taken cared of.

    I struggled with the tin tray as I got out, but I was successful. Melissa kept eyeing the tray, practically drooling. “Oh c’mon. Alan, can you please tell me?”

    I pretended to think about it. “No. Not until we’re inside your kitchen.”

    Melissa grumbled, stomping towards her house. She jabbed the key and unlocked the door, yanking it open. She stomped back towards me and grabbed my wrist, pulling me faster into her house. Using her foot, she closed the door, not even stopping to lock it.

    Right when we arrived in the kitchen, which was a small, open space with updated appliances and marble countertops, she dropped my hand and started jumping all around. “Now can you tell me?”

    I placed the tray onto the counter and peeled off the aluminum foil, the sweet alluring smell swirling around the entire kitchen.

    Melissa squealed in delight and happiness. “Oh my gosh, brownies!” She grabbed an already sliced piece and took a huge bite, her eyes rolling in bliss. “So… good.” She moaned as she took another bite.

    Patting myself at a job well done, I took a piece and bit into it. It came out better than I thought. I’m so happy I decided to use mom’s recipe. The rich, creamy sensation of chocolate melted inside my mouth, my tastes buds dancing happily to the musical taste that is brownies.

    Melissa went for another piece, but paused to get both of us napkins. “My brother’s not here and my parents are on their little romantic vacation to the Bahamas, so we have the house to ourselves.” She all, but screamed in happiness at that.

    After having our fill of brownies, we made our way up the stairs and into Melissa’s room. The white walls were covered in posters of bands of different kinds, the wooden floor covered in different colors and shapes of mats. There was a huge clutter of stuffed animals in one of the room, while the rest took over her queen sized bed. The blankets were light blue, her sheets white, the pillows ranged from plain white, to multi-colored with anime characters. A computer table, cluttered with different figurines and decorative sat by a window with white laced curtains. A small flat screen sat on a small stand, right next to it a bookshelf of many, many things with most of it, not even books. A sliding closet door lay opened with clothes spilled out in piles, some of it hanging on the bar. A vanity table with a small salon chair, the ones that spin, was covered in bottles of different perfumes, lotions, and make-up. A life sized mirror took up another corner. A dark blue bean bag chair laid limply by a wall.

    Melissa patted her bed. “C’mon. Put your stuff down and let’s decide what to do first.”

    I dumped my bag by the corner on the floor and made myself comfortable on her bed. “Okay, I’m glad that we have the house to ourselves since my brother would never approve of me bringing a guy to sleep over.” She rolled her eyes. “I have a bunch of movies downstairs in the living room, but I also rented a few movies so we can have a bigger variety of movies to choose from. I bought some snacks and soda, and if we’re really hungry, we can order pizza or take out. Um, we can play video games and just hang out. You can sleep with me because I know you won’t do anything.” She wiggled her eyebrows at me, making me blush. “And I think we have everything covered. So what do you want to do first?”

    I shrugged. “Whatever you want to do. It’s your slumber party.” I couldn’t help but smile. My first slumber party.

    Melissa jumped off her bed. “Let’s play Little Big Planet 2!”

    “Okay.” I agreed.

    We both ran downstairs, Melissa starting up the PS3. She handed me a wireless controller and waited for the game to load.


    “Grab onto the fucking wheel you dumb pedophile sack!” Melissa growled as she tried again and again to grab onto the wheel.

    I laughed. “It’s your fault you gave him a pedophile beard.” My character was dressed up as a penguin cat with fairy wings and a jailer suit.

    Melissa grumped at me. “I liked the beard. It goes with its unique character.” She waved her hands in the air as she finally finished the wheel. “Fuck yeah bitches!”

    We’ve been playing for two hours non-stop, finishing world after world. We changed our sack boy’s clothes multiple times, each time more ridiculous than before.

    I gawked as Melissa’s sack boy dragged mine and dumped him into a pit of fire. “You just killed me.”

    Melissa cackled, racing to the finish line, but she died when she accidentally missed one of the swinging ropes and into a pool of acid. “Fudge.”

    We both laughed, sprawled on the carpeted floor as the words ‘game over’ highlighted the screen. “I can’t believe you threw me in a pit of fire. We could have finished this round.”

    Melissa face palmed herself. “I know. If you were alive, then I could have pushed you into the acid and made my way to the finish line.”

    “You’re so mean.”

    Melissa giggled. “That’s gaming life. You have to take a few lives in order to achieve victory.”

    “Oh really?” said a voice from behind us.

    We both scrambled to a sitting position and turned. I gulped in fear as a huge man stood behind the couch, raising an eyebrow at the both of us, but his eyes narrowed when they landed on me. Scared, I scooted back until Melissa was shielding me from the stranger. His brown eyes accessed my trembling form, his mouth a frown. He has the same colored hair as Melissa, but short, his body rippling with muscles and some scars. He had the air of authority, his stature seemed relaxed, but it screamed military. He wore a white t-shirt that curved around every muscle, and worn out jeans. His shoes were standard military that can stand any weather or terrain. His arm had a tattoo of numbers.

    Melissa sprung up and jumped into the man’s arms, embracing him in a big hug. He returned it, his eyes softening when it landed on her. “Zack! I thought you were out today.”

    Zack patted her head. “Hey there kiddo. I just got back and the guys are coming over too.”

    “Really?” She asked with enthusiasm, which I’m not feeling, considering how Zack is making me really uncomfortable right now just for being in the same house.

    “Yeah. Did you eat dinner yet?”

    Melissa shook her head. “Wasn’t hungry. Alan and I were playing video games and we filled up on brownies.”

    Zack’s eyes locked onto me once again. “Alan huh? Is he your friend?”

    Melissa nodded. “Yeah. We decided to have a slumber party.”

    “Slumber party?” His eyes turned murderous. “He’s going to sleep in the same room as you?”

    Melissa pouted. “Of course he is. What kind of slumber party would it be if we didn’t sleep in the same room? Besides, he’s Chase’s boyfriend and he’s too nice to do anything to me.”

    Zack’s eyes lost a little bit of the murderous intent. “So he’s gay?”

    Now Melissa’s eyes turned murderous. “Do you have a problem with that?”

    Zack rolled his eyes. “Not at all. I have met people who are gay and I respect them.”

    Melissa grinned happily. “Good.”

    “Did you say brownies?” Zack asked, heading for the kitchen.

    “Yeah. Alan made them and… well you’ll see.” Melissa winked at him and came back to me, pulling me into a protective hug. “You okay?”

    I nodded, taking deep shaky breaths. “Y-yeah.” I whispered.

    “Don’t be scared of Zack. He may look like a big meanie, but he’s really nice once when you get to know him and the guys are cool too.”

    Guys? As in, there are more coming? Oh no. I don’t think I can handle that at all. I started shaking even more as the thought of big guys that looked like Zack ripped me to shreds.

    The door opened and four guys came in. Each of them were intimidating with how tall they all are compared to my five feet, each with their own sets of muscles and aura of intimidation that left me a shaking mess in Melissa’s arms.

    “Hot damn. These brownies are good.” Zack walked out of the kitchen, brownie square in hand.

    “Brownies? You have brownies?” One of the guys said. His hair’s long and black, tied into a ponytail, and eyes the color of maple syrup. His chin has a bit of stubble, a scar lining down one eye, as if someone slashed his face, but his eye’s intact. He wore a black t-shirt and dark blue levis, his feet in hiking boots.

    Another guy grunted, his lips turning to a not-so-there small smile. He has a bald, shaved head, with glittering green eyes the color of emeralds, a strong nose, and the biggest one there. His skin’s tanned, as if he was trekking in the sun for some time. A dog tag hung around his neck, along with his attire of white tank and black jeans, a tattoo of a phoenix on his left bicep. The art was amazing and beautiful, mesmerizing and soulful. “Haven’t had brownies in a long time.”

    Two guys, twins from the looks of it stepped into the kitchen. They had messy brown bed head hair that’s appealing for some reason, piercing dark blue eyes like a stormy ocean, and faces that would turn people’s heads. The only difference is the piercing on their ears. They had one ear pierced, but with different Chinese characters. One was fire, the other warrior. Although for me, I wouldn’t dare to because I would be too scared by their stature and try to be as unnoticeable as I possibly could. They both wore leather jackets, white t-shirts, and leather biker pants with motorcycle boots.

    Zack grunted. “In the kitchen.” His eyes locked with my scared ones, although they are covered by my hair and glasses. “You can seriously cook.”

    I gulped, trying to wet my dry throat and gave him a small nod, my head down. Melissa squeezed my shoulder and gave me a reassuring smile. I gave her a small smile back, but it fell in a few seconds.

    The long haired guy came up to me, brownie in hand, and scrutinized me from head to toe. I held a whimper that was about to escape my lips. I can pretend when there are bullies and jocks since they can’t due no more than seriously injure me, but here guys can kill me and hide my body so no one can ever find it, along with the evidence.

    “Hey Lisa. Who’s your friend?” Long haired guy asked, taking a bite of the brownie. He sucked in a breath and smiled, taking another bite. “This is amazing.” The rest of the guys, including Zack came over to us, surrounding me and Melissa, each of them having a brownie in their hand. A whimper escaped my lips. I was terrified, absolutely, one hundred percent terrified.

    Melissa stroked my hair. “Everyone, this is Alan. He’s the one who made the brownies. Alan, this is Neil (Long haired guy), Leo (Bald guy), Tate (Fire Twin) and Nate (Warrior Twin).” Each of them nodded when called, making a comment on the brownies.

    Tate took a step closer to me and leaned down. “He’s really small.”

    Nate leaned down too. “I think he’s scared of us.”

    His twin nodded. “I agree.”

    “Well you can tell. He’s shaking.” Leo was the one who said this, waving his had at me.

    “But he does make a good brownie.” Zack put in, already eating another one.

    Everyone murmured in agreement. I clutched onto Melissa more as they got closer to me, burying my head on her shoulders as to stop myself from screaming.

    “Guys, you need to back off and give him some space.” Melissa said softly, rubbing my back.

    They all grumbled, but took a few steps backs, giving me some much needed breathing space. “Thanks.” I whispered.

    Melissa smiled and kissed my forehead, causing me to blush. “No problem.” She laughed at my reaction. “C’mon, let’s go upstairs. I want to play with your hair.” She took hold of my hand and dragged me back up to her room.

    “Leave the door open or I’m screwing it off, you hear?” Zack yelled. “I don’t want to see or hear anything going on while I’m in the house.”

    Melissa rolled her eyes. “As I said, he’s Chase’s boyfriend!”

    “He’s still a guy so that’s plenty worry for me!”

    Melissa huffed, putting me onto the salon chair by her vanity table. She quickly pulled off my glasses and dropped it on the table, picking up a comb and began brushing out my hair. “You’re hair’s really soft and pretty. I love the way it’s naturally wavy.” She brushed my bangs, pulling it back so no hair’s covering my face. “Do you mind if I dress you up?”

    I shook my head. “No. If this is what slumber parties do, then I will let you do it.”

    Melissa smiled and continued brushing my hair, using a hair band to keep my hair out of my face. She turned me around and instantly hugged me. “You are just so adorable. I’m so glad you’re my friend.”

    My heart warmed. I hugged her back. “Me too. I’m glad you talked to me the first day of school.”

    A cough startled the both of us. We split apart and turned to see Zack standing at the door, his eyes murderous, but when his eyes went to my face, he faltered and gulped. “You have another friend over?”

    Melissa rolled her eyes and giggled. “Zack, this is Alan.”

    His eyes widened. “You have got to be shitting me. No wonder Chase went after him. I would too if I was into guys.”

    I blushed, staring down my feet, embarrassed and still intimidated. When I looked up again, his eyes lost the murderous glint and was now soft and kind. He gave me a friendly smile, softening down his features until I wasn’t intimidated. “I’m ordering food. What do you want?”

    Melissa raised her hand, like an elementary school student waiting to be called. “Let’s get pizza. I heard there was this new place called Sal’s and people said their pizza’s really good.” She jumped down and rummaged through her desk, taking out a pamphlet. “Here’s the menu and the number.”

    Zack took it. “Thanks.”

    “Order a cheese and bacon combo. I always wanted to try that.” Melissa’s stomach growled as she said it. “And a bucket of friend chicken.”

    Zack shook his head. “How the heck do you eat so much and stay as skinny as you are?”

    Melissa punched his arm. “What about you? You eat twice as much as me and still stay fit.” She poked at his ribs.

    Zack rolled his eyes. “Unlike you baby sis, I work out everyday and run.” He swatted her hands away from him and left, but not after giving one last friendly smile.

    I was confused. Why did he change from murderous, protective older brother to friendly and all smiles?

    Melissa chuckled at my confused expression and rubbed in between my eyebrows, smoothing the wrinkles that formed. “He saw your face and instantly liked you.” I blushed at that. He likes me? “Not like like, but he thinks you’re cool and he always was a sucker for small, cute people.”

    “Oh, okay.” Thank goulash it wasn’t what I thought it was. That would have been seriously awkward. “Can I take the hair band off?”

    Melissa shook her head vigorously. “No, you have to keep it on for the rest of the day.” When I frowned, she went on her knees and begged. “Please?”

    I sighed. “Okay.”

    Melissa did a happy dance that was a combination of the funky chicken and having a seizure. It was hilarious to see, especially since she was dancing to David Archuletta. Okay, I don’t hate Archuletta, but I don’t like it either.

    A half hour of useless laziness, the pizza arrived. Melissa grabbed my hand and rushed us down the stairs, right when Zack paid for the food. Melissa was jumping all over the place, eyeing the pizza boxes and the bucket of chicken. She made a grab for the chicken and snatched a drum stick, ripping off a piece of meat like a ravenous beast and ran away with the chicken while Zack chased after her, dropping the pizzas on the kitchen counter to catch her.

    “You can’t catch me coppers!” She yelled, laughing as she dodged her brother’s arms.

    “Damn it Lisa! Don’t hog the chicken!” Zack yelled right behind her. I couldn’t help but laugh, my hand covering my mouth.

    The guys came out of the living room, and glanced at me absently and looked away. Then they all stopped and gawked at me. I cocked my head to the side and took a step back. I started to tremble again, my hands sweaty.

    Zack came in with the bucket of chicken in one arm and a giggling Melissa hanging from the other. She was still chewing on the drumstick, grinning at me. “Alan, the chicken’s really good.”

    “Well who would have known?” Tate whistled, grinning down at me.

    “You said it bro. Never thought I’ve seen a prettier boy in my life, and we’ve seen a lot.” Nate plucked a breast from the bucket of chicken as Zack passed by, dropping Melissa, who balanced herself from falling flat on her face.

    Melissa glared at Zack, pointing her chicken bone at Zack. “Jerk!” She tossed her bone into the trash can and ran into the kitchen, taking an entire pizza box and making her way to the living room. “C’mon Alan. Help me steal the remote so we can take over the TV!”

    I laughed, as I made my way towards the living room, hearing fast footsteps behind me. I made a grab for the remote and dodged the hands swinging at me. “Melissa!” I slid behind the table where Neil stood at the other end, watching my every move. “Help!”

    Neil grinned playfully at me. “Give me the remote Alan and no one needs to get hurt.” He raised his hand towards me, waiting for me to give up the remote.

    Melissa zoomed passed, her hand ready to catch so I faked a throw and did an underhand throw straight to Melissa, who caught it while still holding the pizza. She quickly stuffed the remote in her shirt and crowed in victory when everyone else glared at her.

    “I have the remote and we’re watching a movie. You guys can be the sore losers you all are and take the basement.” She winked at them evilly. “Have fun with the spiders.”

    We picked Eagle Eye and watched Melissa drool all over Shia Labeouf. I ate the pizza and instantly fell in love. It may have a lot of carbohydrates and fat, but this slice of heaven is the best pizza I’ve ever eaten in my life.

    We watched movies for hours, moving on the next one, then the next, snacking and finishing all of the pizza and the rest of the chicken. When the time turned to two in the morning, we went upstairs and changed into our pjs. I brushed my teeth in the hallway bathroom and was so drowsy; I didn’t see where I was going until I bumped into something, or someone.

    Zack caught me when I was about to fall onto my butt. “Whoa there kiddo. You need to be a lot more careful.” He lost his smile as he stared at my neck and I realized, I forgot to button up my pjs all the way.

    I yanked my hand away from his grip, but he held on, pushing me against the wall. His hand gripped my chin and lifted it up, exposing my neck more. I trembled, tears falling down my cheeks as I struggled to get free, but he didn’t budge.

    Zack’s eyes darkened. “Who did this to you?”

    I shook my head, but it was difficult when he had a hold on my chin. My tears turned to sobs, wanting so much for him to let me go. “Please, let me go.”

    Zack’s eyes softened again, pulling me into a surprise hug. “It’s okay. You’re okay.” His voice was soothing and comfortable, so I cried in his arms as he held me, wishing Chase was here. This feels a lot more like when Aunt Claire hugs me, safe and full of care like my mom and dad.

    A few minutes of crying my eyes out, I let him go, wiping my eyes with the end of my sleeve, sniffing. I felt a lot better, my mood lighter than before.

    “Better?” Zack asked, his expression full of concern, although he still has that murderous intent in his eyes, but it’s not directed towards me.

    I nodded and smiled. “Thank you.”

    He grinned down at me and pats my head. “No worries kiddo. Now go sleep. It’s late.”

    I cocked my head to the side. “What about you?”

    He shrugged. “I’m an adult so I can sleep whenever I want.” He pushed me towards Melissa’s room. “Now sleep and leave the door open. I still don’t trust you two doing anything inappropriate.”

    I blushed at that. “N-no. We’re just, we’re just friends.”

    Zack chuckled. “I know, but I’m reluctant to let my baby sister sleep with a guy in the same room.”

    I nodded, understanding. “I won’t do anything. I promise.”

    He gave me one more surprise hug and left, leaving me flustered form the hug and the shock that I let him touch me or that I willingly went into his arms and cried. A lot of firsts for me today.

    I buttoned up my pjs all the way, hiding the scar on my neck and padded into the room to see Melissa already in bed, reading a book. She looked up and patted the other side of her bed. I crawled into the covers, smelling flowers and vanilla. She put the book away and turned off the lamp, burying herself into her blankets. Her hand found mine and held it.

    “G’night Alan” Melissa mumbled.

    “Good night Melissa.” I closed my eyes and fell asleep.

Eni still in her secret room, drooling over poster: Hee Hee Hee...

Eni sticks poster onto wall and sighed in satisfaction: My precious....

A picture of Alan, almost naked lying on a rock at his secret lake, napping. Eni does the happy dance and looks over other pictures in camera: What should i make a poster of next?.....

Yah, so this is extra long since i added a lot of useless details into it. I'm tired and i don't want to go back to school because i won't be writing as much now. Awww...

I hate school! Fuck you! I want to go back to high school!

yeah, i'm whining and i don't care what people think. I will always be a child.

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