Chapter 33

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Dedicating this chapter to OmnipotentSadist for writing a great boyxboy story. Ohhh i was just salivating as i read it. I don't know why though.... O_____O

Chapter 33

(Alan’s POV)

Day of the Game

    “Come on Alan,” Melissa pleaded, puppy eyes and protruding bottom lip on full throttle.

    I glanced away before I was completely conquered by her eyes. You can do this Alan. Just believe in yourself and don’t give in. “I can’t.”

    Melissa leveled up her puppy eye powers, gripping my shoulders so I couldn’t escape. If she were a pokemon boss, I would be so screwed. “Please,” she begged.

    My shoulders sank, losing the will to fight, my health gauge down to zero. “Okay,” I wearily sighed, defeated. I’m so weak.

    Melissa crowed in victory, wrapping her arms around me for a big, rib cracking hug. “Thank you Alan. Everyone’s going to be so happy to see you at the game, especially Chase.”

    Chase. The thought of Chase brought back memories of last night. He didn’t act any different, but there was something nagging me, telling me that something’s wrong, but what? When we made love, it was very intense and heart wrenching, as if he was saying goodbye without using words.

    When we woke up, we showered together and did it in the bathroom. It was so tender and gentle that I cried because of the love I felt in every stroke, in every touch, every kiss we shared. And I knew, just knew I was going to lose something precious to me today. My gut instinct is telling me that it’s going to happen very soon, and when it does, I don’t think I have the strength to piece myself back together.

    During school, Chase stuck with me, treating me as he usually did. I ignored my gut screaming at me and pasted on a smile I hoped didn’t look too fake. I guess it was convincing enough since no one asked me what was wrong pr gave me any suspicious looks. Chase kept up with his façade, but the look in his eyes said something else entirely different than the happy-go-lucky smile and relaxed statures he’s been showing all day. I’ve been watching him for a long time so I know when something’s wrong and it worries me.

    Melissa yanked my arm, shoving me back to reality as I stumbled for balance. This woman is strong. “C’mon. Let’s find the guys before the game starts.”

    Even if I didn’t want to go, with Melissa’s strength and eagerness, she didn’t need my consent to drag my ass into the halls of school, down stairs all the way to the football field. The deafening sounds of people, a lot of people, filling up the bleachers as they waited for the game to start almost gave me a heart attack. My eyes scanned the bleachers, of all those people. Too many people. Too much noise.

    I never noticed I wasn’t breathing, frozen stiff in place until someone tugged on my sleeve. Startled, I gasped in a much needed breath and pasted on a fake smile as Melissa stared down at me with concern. “You okay? If you really don’t want to be here, then I can take you back home,” she said, but her eyes told me she really wanted me to stay.

    I nudged her with my hip. “I’m good,” I hope I sound convincing.

    “You sure?”

    I nodded. “Positive.”

    Melissa stared at me for a few seconds, assessing me. She sighed, “Okay.” Her face broke into a huge smile. “C’mon. Let’s go see the guys and wish them good luck.” She waggled her eyebrows suggestively. “Maybe you could give Chase a little something to boost up his spirits.”

    “Something?” I asked, confused as to what she’s implying.

    Melissa shook her head at me, like an adult disappointed with her child. “I mean, kiss him.”

    “Kiss him?” I said, dumbfounded. My cheeks turned instantly red, my mouth opening and closing like a fish. Did she really just say that?

    Melissa nodded as she continued to drag me onto the field. “Yeah. If I were him, I would be so happy to get a kiss from my boyfriend.”

    I bit my lip, mulling over my thoughts. Would he really be happy from me giving him a kiss? Would it evaporate the uneasy feeling deep in my gut? I don’t know, but even though I have these uneasy feelings, I want him to win the game. I want him to be happy no matter what happens.

    Melissa and I stood by the side of the football field and I was completely overwhelmed by the atmosphere, the crowds chattering, and the number of people. It’s a lot different seeing a crowd by the field. It’s very overwhelming and terrifying. How do these guys play with all these eyes on them? I wouldn’t be able to function, petrified on the field like an idiot.

    Our team was already on the field, warming up for the game. Balls were thrown, limbs are stretched, uniforms and equipment are checked twice. The team seemed to be perfectly at ease, chattering with each other, laughing. It’s nice to see that no one’s nervous about the game and that they are taking things seriously.

    On the other side was the visiting team, a high school from the city. I have no idea where and I didn’t care. All I know is, at first glance, I already didn’t like them. From the way they glanced at our team, they dismissed us. It was as if they thought our team wasn’t worth playing, like they believed the game was set and done before it even began.

    Sure, Chase did the same thing, but I can tell that he’s taking the game seriously and that he takes everyone into consideration when it comes to games. These guys on the other hand are a bunch of lazy butt faces. Some of the team members are warming up, but I can tell it’s only half-assed. The rest of the team on the other hand are either hitting on some girls, on their phones or just lazing around. If they think that Chase and his team are no threat, then they are in for a serious ass kicking.

    Melissa spotted Chase, who was talking with Cal, well more of like arguing with each other, which is odd. They are the best of friends and I’ve never seen them argue in the entire time I’ve met them both. Does this have to do with Cal asking me to break up with Chase? But why would he want me to?

    “Melissa! Alan!” yelled a familiar voice.

    We spun around to see James jogging towards us, uniform and equipment all in place. His helmet was held by the crook of his arm, a smile donning his face. Melissa squealed and launched herself at him, giving him a big hug. James laughed and hugged her back.

    Melissa released him a few seconds later. “Hey, do you know what’s going on with those two?” She pointed towards Chase and Cal’s direction.

    James scratched his head. “No clue. They were messing around a few minutes ago. I don’t know how it turned from friendly to hostile.” He glanced at the two. “I’m kind of worried about the game if those two can’t get along. We need everyone to be on good terms in order to crush those lazy city bastards.” His eyes turned to slits at something behind us.

    I turned and glared at the opposing team laughing at Chase and Cal’s little spat. One of the team members saw us staring at them and smirked. Melissa flicked both of her middle fingers at them, which made James and I burst into surprised laughter. Satisfied with the shocked look of the opposing team, Melissa turned with a smug smile on her face, raising her hands for a high five. James and I nodded at each other and slapped them, all of us laughing.

    I glanced at the opposing team, feeling eyes on my back. Goosebumps ran through my arms as a chill slithered down my spine. A guy with piercing dark green eyes leaned on a wall, staring straight at me. His fringe of raven black hair cast a shadow down to his nose, but his eyes gleamed brightly, as if a light shined inside those glowing orbs. He wore the opposing team’s uniform, his form a hulking mass of muscles and height. Probably around six in a half feet, he stood taller than the rest of his team mates and most of our team’s members.

    I gulped, taking a step back. He watched my every move, his expression stoic, blank. The weird thing is, I feel as if I know this person, felt this intensity before, but where? I’m sure that I don’t know this person at all, yet why is it that something is niggling the back of my mind?

    The mysterious person pushed himself off the wall, coming straight towards me. I took steps back as he kept getting closer and closer. My hands were slick from sweat, my heart beating fast. Why is he coming over? What does he want from me? I kept backing up until my back hit something hard and warm.

    Chase wrapped his arms around my shoulders. How did he get behind me? “Are you okay?”

    My eyes darted towards the mystery guy, who was getting closer and closer. I nodded quickly and buried my face in Chase’s chest, latching onto him for dear life. Please go away. Please go away.

    “What are you doing here? Shouldn’t you be with your team mates on the other side?” Someone asked. The voice was familiar, one of Chase’s team mates.

    There was a pause. “I want to talk to someone.” My body jolted form the voice. It didn’t sound familiar, yet something tickled in the deep recesses of my brain, as if I should know who he is.

    “How would you know anyone in this town?” Chase’s team mate asked sternly.

    “Thant’s none of your business,” someone who I think is the mystery guy said emotionlessly.

    Suddenly my hand was yanked back, pulling me away from Chase. I yelped as I stumbled, trying to keep my balance. I was spun around, facing the mystery guy. His hands latched onto my shoulders, keeping me in place. I struggled, not liking his touch at all.

    Mystery guy’s expression didn’t change at all. One of his hands released my shoulder, only to reach out to my face. I flinched, waiting for pain, but nothing happened. Instead, his fingers brushed my hair from my eyes. As he stared into my eyes, his softened, although his expression stayed the same.

    “Alan. It really is you,” he said softly, his voice gentle.

    I blinked at him, confused. Remembering where I am, I yanked myself away from his grip. “I’m sorry. Do I know you?”

    Sadness formed in his eyes. “You don’t remember me?”

    I shook my head. “I don’t.”

    He blinked, frowning. “Do you remember 7 years ago when you were on a business trip with your dad in Chicago?”

    Shocked, I asked, “How did you know?”

    “I was there,” The mystery guy smiled at me. I blinked from the amazing transformation from him being intimidating to really handsome. I had to do a double take to see if I was hallucinating, but I wasn’t. Before he could explain, arms yanked me back.

    “Who are you and what are you doing with Alan?” Chase growled, pulling me behind him.

    Mystery guy stoically stared at Chase, eyes going cold and emotionless as he sized Chase up. He turned his stare to me, dismissing Chase as if he wasn’t worth looking at. His gaze softened as he said, “I’ll tell you later. It’s nice seeing you again.” He turned and walked back to his side of he field.

    Chase glowered at the guy’s back. “Who the fuck’s he? Do you know him Alan?”

    I shook m head, confused and bewildered as my eyes followed him. “I don’t.” Who is he and have we really met before?

    “Don’t go near him, ever. I have a bad feeling about him,” Chase mumbled into my neck, his breath tickling the sensitive flesh.

    I squeaked, blushing fiercely as I tried to scramble away from him, but he caught me with his arms, restraining me to his chest as he continued nuzzling my neck. “Chase, stop. That tickles.”

    I yelped as he suddenly bit me by the crook of my neck. Chase chuckled from behind, hugging me closer to him than I already was, which is impossible considering we’re both squished against each other, our bodies flushed from chest to hips.

    “You are just too cute,” Chase said. “I’m worried someone would take you away from me.”

    I patted his hand. “Don’t worry. Nothing will take me away from you.”

    Chase stiffened from behind me, then quickly relaxed, but I already felt it. I didn’t want to ask, although I had the urge to. I didn’t want to pry. Feeling eyes on me, my eyes scanned the field until it hit Cal, who was staring at the two of us with a blank look, but his eyes swirled in anger.

    Instinctively, I took a step back from the force of that anger. It scared me, like a rabbit would when a predator has it in its sights. Cal noticed me staring at him and gave me a small wave before turning away to one of his team mates, not even bothering to look at Chase.

    “So I’ve been wondering, why are you guys on the field and not by the bleachers?” James asked us as he and Melissa came up towards us.

    Melissa raised her hand, jumping. “I know! I convinced Alan to come to the game and we’re on the field because he wants to give you a good luck kiss.”

    I blushed, embarrassed as I tried to squirm away from Chase once again, but it was pointless. Chase had a tight grip on me and is refusing to let me go anywhere. “A kiss huh?” I was suddenly spun around, facing Chase. “Well Alan, I’m waiting.”

    I blushed even more, which was practically impossible from how red I already am. I reached out to cup his face, lowering him as I went on my tip toes and placed a light kiss in his lips.

    I began to pull back, but Chase’s hand slid under my head, keeping me from moving. “That’s not a kiss. This is a kiss.” His lips crushed against mine, startling me to gasp. He took advantage and speared his tongue to entwine with mine. I clutched onto his shoulders for dear life as he relentlessly attacked my mouth like a Viking pillaging a village.

    Finally, he stopped, giving me the chance to catch my breath. I laid limply against his chest, legs turned to jelly from the kiss. My labored gasps of breath was drowned from the chattering crowds. Only Chase’s arms held me up.

    Chase nipped my ear playfully. I yelped, jumping in surprise from the sudden move. “Now what was it you wanted to tell me?”

    I placed both hands on my cheeks and locked eyes with him. “Win.”

    Chase’s lips slowly lifted, a confident grin flashing down at me. “I will. I promise.”

    I nodded. “Good.” I gave him a small smile and let him go, slipping away from his grasp. I quickly made my way towards Melissa and latched onto her, my face buried on her shoulder.

    Melissa patted my head in comfort. “Wanna talk about it?”

    I shook my head. “I’m good.”

    Melissa sighed. “Look, I know you’re lying, but I won’t pry. Just know that I’m here for you.”

    My heart warmed from her words. “Thanks. I’m glad you’re my friend.”

    “I’m glad you are mine Ally Bear.” She suddenly gripped my hand and ran to the bleachers. “C’mon. Let’s find some seats before all the good ones are gone.”

    I grinned as we ran around, searching for seats until we settled for one of the last two front seats, which was surprising considering how many people are here. These seats have a great view of the field and since they are front row seats, that means no one’s blocking your view.

    As we sat, Melissa was greeted by the people seated around us. I didn’t want to attract any attention so I ignored everyone and stared out onto the field, my chin resting against my palm, my elbow resting on my leg. The bad feeling in my stomach went up a notch right when Chase kissed me. Now that it’s confirmed that the bad feeling’s coming from Chase and from the level of intensity, I would say it’s very, very soon when all hell breaks loose in my life.

    Dread filled my lungs. I didn’t want to know what will happen, but it’s inevitable. Fate decided to kick me in the balls yet again, only this time, it’s with a steel toed boot. I sighed and closed my eyes, fighting the panic back into it’s cage, swallowing the scream crawling out of my throat. Don’t go crazy, not until it actually happens. I could be wrong about this. As that thought passed through my mind, I knew I was lying to myself. My instincts are never wrong.

    The game started. I should be concentrating on the field, but instead, my mind wandered off to other things. Who is the mystery guy? How does he know my name? Have we met before? What will happen today? Will something happen to Chase? What about me? What will happen to me? Does it involve Cal? He did ask me to break up with Chase.

    I bit my lip. Why is it that no matter what happiness, however big or small it is, it always has to end? My parents died, but not me. I was bullied from the start when I moved to New York with Aunt Claire. I almost died three times, was raped, molested by some stranger, and now this. Why is life so cruel to me?

    Screams erupted all around me, startling me back to reality. Flustered and confused, I looked all over the place and saw the scoreboard. Oh, we’re winning by seven points. Guess we got a touchdown.

    I should be focusing on the game, not on forming questions in my head. I should trust Chase. He’s my boyfriend, my lover, my first love. He treated so kindly and hasn’t done anything wrong. He never hurt me, never did anything mean, and has been protecting me from the very beginning. But why is it that thoughts of doubt keep swirling in my head? Is it because of last night, when we had sex?

    Someone from behind bumped me with their knee. I scooted away from them and focused on the game, but soon realized that the game was at it’s very end with only one play left to go. A few seconds were on the clock and Chase threw the ball. It flew in a smooth spiral as one of the receivers, James, ran down the field to catch it, arms stretched out. The opposing team had one of its team mates on his tail, waiting to intercept the ball. James showed him whose boss and caught the ball, knocking the opponent on his butt. He ran, dodging enemy after enemy until he was tackled right at the finish line. With his arms stretched as far as they could go, he got the ball passed the line into the touchdown zone, his hands still securely holding onto the ball.

    The referee came out onto the field towards the ball. Taking a quick look, he blew the whistle. “TOUCHDOWN!”

    Everyone around me jumped up and roared in victory. The sound was deafening to my sensitive ears. I had to cover them so my ear drums wouldn’t implode. Our team huddled together and yelled out in victory while the opposing team slumped in defeat. The mystery guy took off his helmet and scratched his sweaty head, his eyes trained on me. Why does he keep staring at me with such an intense gaze?

    Melissa whooped in victory right next to me. “Yeah! In your face you snotty city assholes!” She yanked me onto my feet and dragged me away from the crowd towards the building. “C’mon. Let’s catch up with the guys before they leave. We have to congratulate them.”

    I ran off with her, dodging through crowds of people, taking shortcuts until we finally made it to the locker room. I thought it was best to wait until they came out, but Melissa had other ideas. She kicked the door opened and ran inside, dragging me along with her. I ducked my head down and made myself as tiny as I possible could as she marched her way through the stalls, the shouts of guys seeing a girl in their domain echoing the walls.

    James came out of the showers with a towel wrapped around his waist. He was talking to someone when he spotted us. “Gah, what the heck are you two doing here?”

    Melissa punched him on the shoulder and smiled. “We wanted to congratulate you guys on winning.”

    “Right now? In the boy’s locker room?” James asked, shocked.

    Melissa placed her hands on her lips and glared at him. “Well where else are we suppose to congratulate you guys?”

    “Uhhh, at the party?”

    Melissa blinked in thought. “Oh yeah. I forgot.”

    James face palmed himself and sighed. “I thought so.”

    Chase came out o the shower next, dripping wet and flushed. My face went into flames from embarrassment and arousal from seeing him look so, sensual. I bit my lip and ducked my head down. I still can’t believe I had that body against mine intimately. It’s unbelievable, yet true.

    Chase had a water bottle in his hands, taking a swig. Right when his eyes came to me, he spit out water and coughed, wiping his mouth. “What the heck are you two doing in here?”

    James sighed. “Melissa had the bright idea to congratulate us on winning in the locker room, dragging Alan with her.”

    Chase shook his head in disappointment. “Melissa, why can’t you use your brain? It’s there for a reason.”

    Melissa pouted and jabbed a finger at Chase’s chest repeatedly. He winced from the pain of being poked on the same place numerous times. “I do use my brain. Why do you have to be such a dickwad?”’

    Chase raised an eyebrow. “Dickwad? I’m not the one who barged into the boy’s locker room, dragging a reluctant bystander with you. Couldn’t you have waited when we were done changing? Or at least when we’re all at the party?”

    Melissa puffed her cheeks. “Whatever.”

    Chase came up to me and placed a finger under my chin, lifting it up as he leaned down to give me a quick kiss. “I’ll see you at the party.”

    I nodded and gave James and Chase a wave goodbye, a grumbling Melissa beside me.


    The party’s at Chase’s place so all I needed to do was walk all the way there. It wasn’t all that far, only a few blocks. Melissa dropped me off at my place before going to hers. She told me that she would be late getting to the party so she couldn’t give me a ride there. I didn’t mind.

    This is my first ever party and I’m pretty nervous. I didn’t care what I wore as long as it was comfortable. It’s not as if I wanted to impress anyone in the first place.

    Now that I think about it, where did that mystery guy go? He just disappeared after the game. Of course, I wasn’t looking for him or anything, but still….

    The mansion was booming with loud music, all lights flared up to illuminate the entire building and some of the yard. Cars were parked all around the house and the street. People were scattered all over the place, outside and inside. Drinks in hand, people moved to the beat of the music, laughing and enjoying life with others surrounding them. It’s a good thing that houses around this town are somewhat far apart or neighbors would be here, complaining from the volume of the noise. It was deafening to my ears, but I can tolerate it.

    I wore a thin black shirt with a black leather collar to cover up the scar, a pair of black skinny jeans which were ripped fashionably, black lace up boots with thick soles, and a few belts that loped around my waist. I didn’t bother with any other accessories. Why make a hassle out of nothing important?

    The inside of the mansion was in total chaos. There were so many people, some of them I’m pretty sure are not even locals here. I spied one of the football players from the enemy side. I guess the enemy decided to party it up too. That means, it’s possible to see the mystery guy. There’s a lot I need to talk to him about.

    Determined, I walked around in search for people I know. Chase is top priority, but James, Cal, or even the mystery guy will do. I don’t feel comfortable with all these strangers surrounding me, but at least it’s not as before I came here. Back then, I would have a massive panic attack, then faint from the overload of being around too many people.

    There were people, making out on the couches, in the halls, and in other places. The kitchen was occupied with beer drinking games, like beer pong and chugging contests. There was a mass of people dancing to techno music, grinding against one another, and some doing indecent things I don’t want to describe.

    I can see that there are a few people already drunk out of their mind. They walked unsteadily, saying incoherent, random things, some laughing at the most weirdest times.

    One of the football guys on my school team came up to me, reeking of beer breath. “Hey dude! Chase is upstairs, looking for you. I think he’s in his uh…..” His eyebrows scrunched together as he thought hard. He snapped his fingers. “In his room.” He laughed, grinning at me in amusement. It sounded mocking and full of something sinister. I didn’t like it. Neither did my gut, which was screaming at me that I’m going to regret walking up those stairs.

    Uncomfortable, I nodded him a thanks and quickly made my way upstairs, his laughter slowly fading behind me. Sweat beaded against my brow, my heart thumping hard in my chest. I swallowed my dry throat and kept going.

    I stood in front of Chase’s room door, my hand reaching out to the knob. I can hear sounds coming from the room. My sweaty hand gripped the cold door knob and slowly twisted, pushing open the door.

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