Chapter 35

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I would like to dedicate this chapter to my friends i made in college who helped me with giving me advice and pointers on studying. Thank you you lovely people. i will always remember you.... wow that sounds like i killed you all off. My bad :P

Chapter 35

(Alan's POV)

Slowly, my awareness of my surroundings began to crawl back from the depths of disuse. I don't know how long I was out. The sounds of constant beeps, low hums of working machinery, and the steady breathing of someone else other than me in the room filled my ears, giving me the information I needed to know where I am before I opened my eyes. The hospital again.

My eyes felt glued together so it took a lot more energy to open them. Crust formed around my lids, giving me the answer I needed as to why it was so difficult to open my eyes. My vision's blurry, everything blending together like an abstract water color painting. Waiting for my eyes to adjust, I lifted my hand to rub off the crust, but something was connected to it. Oh, an IV drip.

Using my other hand, I rubbed the crust from my eyes. I sat up and stretched, a huge yawn stretching my mouth wide open. Drake was asleep on a chair, his head resting on the side of my bed. He seemed peaceful, unlike the usual intimidating presence he has cloaked around him like a cape.

I must have woken him up form me jostling the bed. His eyes blinked sleepily, his head lifted to check his surroundings, a confused frown on his face. Right when his eyes settled on me, he became wide awake, sitting up straight.

"You're finally awake." Drake said throatily, due to sleep. He coughed a bit, clearing it out. "Do you need anything?"

I shook my head.

Drake nodded and pressed the button to send in the nurse. "Dr. Krentz instructed that I call a nurse over when you finally wake up," Drake explained to me.

I nodded and flipped the blankets off of me. I wasn't heated or anything, but I didn't want to be underneath the covers anymore. I just wanted to go home and crawl into bed with Smores.

Drake sat back in his seat and watched me for a few seconds in thought. "Do you want to tell me what happened at the party? I can tell something happened because you're a lot different than you were when I first saw you before the game."

I opened my mouth to deny anything that happened, but he raised his hand to stop me. "Don't give me that bull crap about being 'fine' and how nothing happened. I know how you were before it so you can't fool me. Besides, your guardian's all riled up about beating up your boyfriend so that tells me something too."

I shut my mouth and looked away. I don't want to talk about it. Just thinking about what happened already made me feel empty and cold, hollow. I hate the feeling, but it beats the pain and despair that would have replaced it.

Drake sighed. "Fine. I won't ask you anymore, but I'll let you know, your guardian disappeared a few hours ago, muttering something about breaking your boyfriend's bones."

I turned my head to stare at him. "Chase isn't my boyfriend anymore."

Drake raised an eyebrow. "He broke up with you? Is that it?"

I shook my head. "He didn't break up with me. Our whole relationship's a lie. He made a bet with his buddies to see if he could make me fall in love with him. I found him having sex with another girl in his room and he told me all about it, laughing at me." What a fool I was, to let him into my heart, only to pulverize it into smithereens.

Drake's fist slammed against the wall. I didn't react to it at all, just watched as his whole demeanor turned murderous, his eyes blazing in fury. His expression showed no emotion, but the way it just radiated murderous intent told me everything and if my heart wasn't so empty right now, I would be touched to see that he actually cares.

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