Chapter 19

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Chapter 19

(Chase’s POV)

    I was walking to class with Cal when I spotted a bunch of students running towards a crowd that kept growing. A sense of dread formed in the pit of my gut, telling me something’s wrong. James was already there, trying to push his way in. I grabbed him, yanking him back, taking a step back when I saw his face. His face was twisted with rage, a first.

    “What the hell’s happening?” I yelled at him, hoping he could hear me over the cheers of students.

    James flashed murderous eyes towards the crowd again. “Alan’s there getting beat up by the basketball team. They heard what you did to Carter and want revenge.”

    My vision turned red from rage. I threw people out of my way, forcing myself through the crowd, the only thought in my head was to get to Alan. The tiny part of my mind knew James and Cal are right behind me as back up. I didn’t care. I wanted to rip off some heads, most definitely the sons of bitches hurting my Alan. MINE.

    I broke through the crowd, my rage went from boiling to an inferno from what is right in front of me. One of the basketball players punched Alan in the face, blood spraying when his fist connected with Alan’s face. Alan slumped onto the floor, losing consciousness.

    I roared out in anger and murderous rage, charging the guy full force, no holding back. Cal and James joined the fight, but I didn’t pay attention. I slammed the SOB’s head onto the hard floor, hearing the satisfied crunch of his nose breaking. I kicked him in the ribs, then stomped onto his balls, his screams of agony music to my ears. Yes you bastard, I will gladly show you what hell is like as a thank you for hurting Alan.

    The SOB lost consciousness, taking all of the fun with him. I threw him back onto the floor, him crumpling like a broken doll. Feeling guilty that I haven’t checked Alan for not taking care of him first, I picked his tiny self into my arms. The crowd parted like the Red Sea, creating a path for me to walk through.

    I ran straight for the nurse, kicking the door in. The nurse, startled, spit out her coffee. She coughed, grabbing a napkin to wipe off the mess. “What seems to be the pro-"

    I cut her off. “Alan got into a fight and blacked out. I want you to check on him to see if he’s okay.” Right when I finished the sentence, Smores arrived, crawling up the cot to curl itself right next to Alan.

    The nurse checked Alan’s now swollen eye and the bruises on his face. “Well you can obviously tell he will have a black eye. An ice pack will and pain killers will do the trick. Now let’s see if he has any damage around his-” She sucked in a breath.

    My eyes widened from the horror that appeared in front of my eyes. Scars, so many scars of different sizes, shapes, and causes scattered all over his body. Some were old, while others were still a bit new, like a few weeks. Circular scars that came from cigarette burns dotted some parts of his body. A jagged scar that came from a stabbing was right by his belly button and many more. I couldn’t keep my eyes off the scars. There were just so many…

    I reached out and yanked the neck of his turtle neck down and gasped. A long, thin scar stretched from one side of his neck to the other side, as if someone cut his throat.

    Still in shock, I parked my butt onto the cot, my eyes locked onto the scars. Wh-who did this to him? Who hurt him to this extent? With shaky hands, I reached out to touch one of the scars, the tips of my fingers grazing it. What was your life like before you moved here? Is this the reason why you moved here? To get away from the pain?

    The nurse, fixing her composure, checked on his newly formed bruises, her eyes wandering over to his scars every now and then as if she just couldn’t believe all of the injuries he had. She checked his arms and legs, lifting up his sleeves to see more scars as with his legs. We turned him carefully to check his back. More scars, some of them horrifying. My eyes lingered on an unusual scar, one that stood out above the rest around his left shoulder until I finally realized what it was. Someone branded him?

    I felt Alan twitch, him coming back to consciousness. I fixed all of his clothes to its rightful place and pretended I didn’t see anything when all I can see is the scars and the pain he must’ve gone through.

    I steeped out into the hallway and searched for an empty place. I took out my phone and scanned my contacts until I found the right number. I pressed the call button and waited for the person to answer.

    The person finally picked up. “Hello?”

    “Ben, this is Chase. I need you to do me a favor.”

    I heard a crackle. “Sure, what can I do for you bud?”

    “I need you to find info on a person.”

    “Sure. Who?”

    “An Alan Thorpe.”

    “You’re gonna need to give me more than that.”

    “He’s around five feet. Platinum blond hair, blue eyes, used to live in New York City before he moved her a week ago.”

    “That’s all I need. When I get anything, I’ll contact you.”

    “Thanks man.” I hung up.

(Alan’s POV)

    I slowly crawled myself out of the dark abyss and reached for the light, only to see with one eye. I blinked, wincing from the pain. My other eye was swollen shut, throbbing to the beat of my heart. I groaned from the pain. My eyes were bleary, but as I blinked it off, I realized that the ceiling wasn’t colored with a bunch of disfigured blobs, but that the blobs were people.

    James, Cal, Melissa, and Chase hovered over me, expressions of worry, anger, and relief on all of their faces. Melissa had tears sliding down her cheeks, sniffing a little. She gently lifted my hand, holding it in between two of her hands. The warmth I received was comforting against my cold skin.

    James held a bloody tissue under his nose, the once straight nose turned crooked from someone or something crushing it. I can see that the Chase and Cal are also a bit ruffled around the edges with bruises, scratches, and bits of blood. What happened to them? What happened to me? Where am I?

    James is the one who broke the silence. “Hey Alan, you’re finally awake.” He attempted to smile, wincing from the pain when his nose twitched from the movement.

    Chase bent down and kissed my forehead. “Are you alright? The nurse said you don’t need to go to the hospital or anything and that you only have a few bruises and a black eye.” He disappeared for a moment, then came back with an ice pack, gently pressing it against my eye. I winced from the pressure and the cold, but relaxed when I felt the numbing effect, the pain subsiding. “If only I was there to protect you from them, then you wouldn’t be here.” He growled, the tone menacing.

    I shook my head softly, careful not to jostle anything in pain, which was everything. “It’s not your fault. I’m sure that even if I hadn’t met you, it would still be the same.” It’s the truth. No matter what I do, no matter how much I try not to gain attention, I still attract the eyes of others. That’s the power of human curiosity.

    Melissa, ignoring my injuries, gave me a hug. “I’m just glad you’re alright.” No thanks to Aunt Claire teaching me Muay Thai and keeping myself in running shape, also the experience I gained in New York. You can’t beat experience.

    Chase gently lifted me up, offering me some pain killers and water. I gave him a grateful smile, swallowing the pills. Melissa tipped the glass of water just enough for me to take a few sips.

    The nurse appeared, a clipboard in her hand. “I see you’re finally awake. I called your guardian and she’ll be here shortly.”

    I nodded, a sense of guilt crawling into my heart. I didn’t want Aunt Claire to find out, but it’s too late, I didn’t want to cause more pain just because I can’t help but gain hatred from people without doing anything. Am I really that hateful? What is wrong with me?

    The door was slammed open with a ragged Aunt Claire running straight towards me. She pulled me into her arms, hugging me. “Thank god you’re alright. I just.. When I heard you were in the nurse’s office from a fight I just.. Oh god.” She said in between sobs. “I was so scared of finding you like..” She didn’t finish the sentence and I’m grateful for that. No need to perk up their curiosity.

    “I’m okay. Just a bit banged up. It’s no big deal.” I soothed her, returning the hug, trying hard not to wince from the pain.

    She let me go, sniffing. “C’mon. Let’s get you home and in bed. Later we can have that battle we’ve been waiting so long for.”

    I grinned happily at that. “Don’t worry. I’ve been training hard so get ready to lose.”

    She scoffed at me. “Puh-lease. My team will totally whip yours.”

    I glared at her. “Bring it on.”

    She ruffled my hair, her eyes flicked to the side, then back to me. She blinked in confusion, her eyebrows scrunched up when something came to her, her face lighting up. She grinned at Chase. “Well, aren’t you the boy who took my little Ally Bear on a date on Saturday?”

    Melissa grinned too. “Aww. Ally Bear is such a cute nick name. Can I call you that from now on?”

    I shrugged. “If you really want to.”

    She clapped her hands happily. “Yay! You’re the best Ally Bear!” She hugged me again. I couldn’t help but smile.

    Chase chuckled. “Yes.”

    Aunt Claire waggled her eyebrows at him. “You are a handsome looking young man.” She examined the others, raising an eyebrow. “You’re all good looking. You’ve got some pretty friends Ally Bear.” She shook her head. “Getting back to where I lost track, I can see that Ally Bear really likes you so I have to say this.” She gripped Chase’s jacket, forcing him to lock eyes with her. “You hurt my baby in any way, I will personally neuter you with my bare hands. That way you can’t fuck with anyone.”

    Chase laughed, thinking it was just a joke, but seeing no humor in her eyes, he gulped and nodded. “I got it.”

    She nodded, smiling sweetly. “Good boy. Now be a doll and help me carry Ally Bear into the car.”

    He nodded again. “I can help you with carrying him to his room if you would like.”

    She patted his head, like an obedient dog, which made him frown. “That’s a great idea. I’ll go ahead and start the car.” With a wink, she skipped out the door.

    We all stared at the door, an awkward silence swirling the room. Cal shook his head, breaking the silence. “Your mom’s whacked up.”

    James chuckled. “She’s pretty cool to me.”

    Melissa agreed. “I like her.”

    Chase rolled his eyes at her. “Of course you would. You’re both weird in the head.”

    I tried my best, but some of it had escaped. I couldn’t help but giggle at this. Aunt Claire is weird, but it’s something I’ve come to love and appreciate because it defines her as herself and no one can take her place. She’s my mom, best friend, and confidant all in one.

    Carefully sliding his hands under me, Chase slowly picked me up, trying hard not to cause anymore pain than necessary. What a nice guy. The others followed us out the door, each trying to discreetly, but failing, to check and see of there was any danger. I hid my smile. How did I get so lucky as to have friends who really care for my well being? Is this the reward I get from five years of pain and suffering? If it is, then it was all worth it.

    A blast of cold air sucked away what warmth I had. I shivered, snuggling myself closer to Chase’s chest, reveling in the heat. I buried myself into his jacket, finding more warmth and sighed in bliss, my eyes drooping. I yawned, my mouth stretching as wide as it could go. Mmm.. Maybe I can rest my eyes for a few seconds….

(Cal’s POV)

    I watched my buddy Chase carry that Alan kid into his mom’s car and boy is that a nice car. Treating him as if he were made of thin glass, he laid him onto the leather passenger seat, buckling him up. Never seen him like this before in my life, and I’ve known him for years.

    My eyes strayed to the Alan kid. The first time I met him, I thought, what a wimp and wanted nothing to do with him. But after seeing him get beat up today, I just blew up. As I was beating the shit out of the douche who was in with the bastard that knocked Alan out, I noticed bruises and other signs of someone who put some hurt on him. Maybe Alan isn’t that much of a wimp after all.

    I rubbed my temples from the headache building up, my brain pounding. I hate this, fucking hate this. I already like the kid and now I have to watch him get hurt in the cruelest way possible.

    My eyes wandered to Chase and saw his expression. He was completely in love with Alan, head-over-heels-shot-with-cupid’s-arrow-in-the-ass in love. Poor guy.

    Maybe I can do something to stop what’s going to be a cluster fuck of pain.

    I sighed. When did my life become this complicated?

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