Chapter 20

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Chapter 20

(Alan’s POV)

    I woke up, screaming. My entire body was covered in sweat, my heart thundering in my chest. Tears wetted my cheeks, the warm liquid turned cold. My skin felt clammy and disgusting, my breathing uneven.

    Another nightmare, only this time it was different and more frightening than all the others. It’s dark, my room almost pitch black. I glanced at my alarm clock. 5:14. Great. I laid there, wide awake, the nightmare rushing through my head.

    Almost all of my nightmares have something to do with harming me or killing me. This time, I was trapped in a cage while all of my loved ones died in the hands of my monsters. I shivered in fear and horror, seeing Melissa with her throat cut, James’s body floating in a pool of water, facedown and unmoving, Chase beaten with his guts clawed out all over the floor, and Aunt Claire burned to death with my dream self helpless to do anything to prevent this. And the worst is, Lucas and the molester were the ones who did all of this, grinning happily, along with a sinister presence I tried so hard to see, but could not.

    No use going back to sleep. I was too freaked out and I don’t want to have that dream again. Aunt Claire won’t let me go to school, since she’s afraid I might have a concussion or something so I can just hang around the house for a while, maybe go have a run in the forest. Will I see that wolf again?

    I slid out off my bed to go take a needed shower. I pulled my pjs off me in disgust, the soft material clinging to my skin. Wait, when did I change? I started to panic. All I remember is falling asleep in Chase’s arms. Was he the one who changed me? What if he saw my scars?

    I couldn’t breathe. I tried to suck in a breath, but the oxygen wouldn’t go into my lungs. I fell onto my knees, clawing at my neck and chest, willing myself to breathe. My elbow knocked the textbook off my desk, the heavy book slamming onto the floor. The floor vibrated from the impact.

    Aunt Claire slammed my room door open. She gasped in horror, rushing towards me. She cradled me in her arms, rubbing my back soothingly. She grabbed the poke ball from my desk and let it play. The familiar melody calmed my nerves as did the rocking. I finally sucked in a breath, coughing a bit.

    Aunt Claire held onto my trembling form for a few more seconds before getting up, giving me a hand, which I gladly took. “Wanna tell me what’s going on?”

    I wiped my sweaty palms on my pj bottoms. “Who changed me?”

    “Me silly. Who else?” She answered back.

    I blew out a sigh of relief. I had a panic attack over nothing? This goes to show how horribly messed up I really am. But who wants others to see their scars? See the wounds that have been inflicted from monsters of their past? Reminded of all the pain and suffering you had to endure? All the blood, sweat and tears shed in order to gain this small bit of happiness. I don’t want anyone to know and I would absolutely love it if it stays that way.

    If Chase found out about me and my past, I don’t think my fragile mentality can endure the pressure of judgment and emotions that will swirl in those steel gray eyes.

    Aunt Claire pushed me towards the bathroom. “Why don’t you clean yourself and if you want, we can talk. I‘ll make coffee first, then we can talk.” She patted my head, kissing my cheek, before she left me alone.

    I stripped off my damp pjs and hopped into the shower, reveling in the warm liquid washing away the sweat and tears from my body. I was careful to gently scrub myself, not wanting to touch anything sore from the fight. Flashes of the fight made me wince. I know I did some damage, thanks to Aunt Claire, but I was beaten up badly anyways.

    I saw the massive bruises the size of fists and shoes scattered all over me. I cringed from the sight, the pain settling in now that I’ve noticed the damage. All of my energy washed away down the drain, depleting me from the strength to stand. I crumpled onto my knees and sat there, tired.

    One thing’s for sure, the beating isn’t even close to what I had daily from New York with Lucas and his gang. If I had a choice, I would take this beating everyday and never go back to that hellhole where the devil is, even though that said devil is in prison. Being in the same city, scratch that, same STATE, gave me the shivers.

    After a few minutes, I turned off the water, crawling out of the shower with what little energy I could muster. I wrapped a towel around my waist, another covering my head, draping over my shoulders to look like a hood. I reached for the knob, opening the bathroom door and crawled out, heading straight for my bed.

    Aunt Claire’s sitting on my bed, watching me with a concerned look as she sipped her coffee. “Need any help Ally Bear?”

    I shook my head, finally reaching the bed. With wobbly arms and shaky legs, I managed to lift myself onto my bed and stayed there, still wet. Aunt Claire got up, went to my closet to get me a giant black t-shirt with Pikachu dressed as Dr. Who on it, pokemon pj bottoms, and boxers. She turned away when I tugged them on, laying back on my bed, exhausted and throbbing all over.

    She gave me some pain killers and a mug of hot coffee. I popped the pills into my mouth, taking some sips from the delicious coffee. The liquid heaven warmed me up inside. I took another sip.

    Aunt Claire took a sip, sighing in bliss. “Spill.”

     I told her about the jock guys grabbing me, beating me up and how I fought back. She smiled at that. She pet Smores when I told her about how he jumped into the fight, taking his bodyguard job seriously. He climbed onto my shoulder, nuzzling his furry head onto my cheek, his whiskers ticking my neck. I giggled, ticklish. And she already knew the rest.

    Aunt Claire placed her coffee mug on my nightstand. “Now tell me why you were having a panic attack.”

    I placed my cup right next to hers. “I thought Chase was the one who changed my clothes and saw all of my scars.” Tears spilled down my cheeks, already imagining the disgusted look he’ll have if he sees.

    Aunt Claire wrapped me in her arms. “Aww, Ally Bear.” She didn’t say anything else, letting the silence fill up the room. It wasn’t an awkward silence, more of a comfortable silence that I needed.

    I sniffed, unwrapping myself, my mood lighter than before. Aunt Claire’s the best, always knowing what I needed to glue myself back together. What would I do without her?

    So I lazed around the house the rest of the morning. Aunt Claire fro work at eight and I had nothing to do. I have a ton of books to read and I could play pokemon, but I didn’t feel like it. Now homework… I’ve been doing extra chapters and going on ahead of class just for the heck of it. I knew all of this stuff, might as well just do it and not have to care about it for a while. It’s a good thing my teachers were nice enough to write down all of the assignments for the whole year on their syllabus.

    Screw it, I need to go out and get some much needed air, the forest kind of you know what I mean. I changed into a black hoodie, black sweats, and some nice running shoes. I grabbed my keys and cell phone, stuffing them into my pockets. Smores must’ve sensed my mood because he latched onto me, resting on the top of my head.

    I locked the door as I left the house and went on a light jog, heading straight for the forest. The first step I took into forest territory always lifted my spirits, unwinding the stress knots of society off my body. I stretched for a few minutes, enjoying the familiar warming of well stretched muscles. Smores went off on his own, jumping onto a tree.

    Sucking in as much forest air as I possibly could, I slowly let it all out, my mind focused on running. Ready, I ran for it, dodging trees, jumping off ledges, running on fallen trunks, climbing up boulders, swinging off of trees, loping around and having fun with my freedom.

    I found myself back at the lake, sweaty, warm, and in higher spirits than I was hours ago. I quickly stripped off my clothes and dove into the water, the cold water heavenly against my heated skin. I plunged my head into the water, joyfully watching the fish and other aquatic animals living in this lake dance around me, doing their own thing. I brushed a finger on a fish, the scaly smoothness so different against my soft flesh.

    I stayed in the water for quite some time, diving in every now and then to discover new things. I found a nest of fish eggs, chased a small school of small fish, and discovered objects that have been thrown in the lake. It was a stone, a really shiny stone caked in mud. I dove back to the surface, scrubbing the dirty thing, my curiosity taking over. I was mistaken. Instead of a shiny stone, in my had was a ring, a beautiful ring. It was silver and carved in the shape of a dragon. The eyes had red stones , the gaping mouth of the dragon connecting with the tip of it’s tail.

    I got out of the water, climbing on top of the same boulder from before to dry. I held the ring into the sun, examining the beautiful piece of art in awe. The silver gleamed in the light, the red eyes shining with blazing fire. I tried it on one of my fingers, surprised it fit my middle finger.

    I napped for a bit, waking up nice, warm and dry. I stretched, wiggling my toes. I was relaxed, without a care in the world, but it was time to go back to the stressful world of reality. Sighing, I slid off the boulder, heading straight for my clothes. I wiggled into my hoodie and sweats, tugging on my shoes.

    A rustling from behind caught my immediate attention. I turned to find the black wolf behind a tree, staring at me. I smiled, opening my arms to it. He ran right to me, knocking me off my feet. I laughed, petting his soft fur, greeting him. He in returned licked my face, nuzzling his wet nose on my neck. I wasn’t scared at all, especially since his sharp canines could rip my throat out.

    “Hey there. How have you been?” I rubbed his flank softly. He showed how much he appreciated it by nuzzling his head against my cheek. We greeted each other some more before he left, giving me a last lick goodbye, heading straight into the forest.

    Smores found me as I headed back towards the town. He made his way towards my shoulder, chattering about his day, well that’s what I think, brushing his bushy tail against my face every now and then. I stroked his back.

    I was surprised to see a bunch of people in front of my house, two of them arguing until I realized I knew all these people. James, Chase, Melissa, and Cal were at the door, Chase and Melissa in a heated argument.

    I approached them, Chase being the first to spot me, relieved. Melissa ran straight for me, tackling me into a hug. “Oh my gosh, I was so worried. You didn’t come to school today so we all came to your house, well Chase drove us. And when you didn’t answer the door, we were all freaking out. Chase called you, but you didn’t answer the phone.” She said quickly, squeezing the life out of me. “I’m just glad you’re okay Ally Bear.”

    Chase came over, frowning at us. “Melissa, you’re killing him. He has enough injuries.”

    She gasped, letting me go. I sucked in some much needed air back into my lungs. “Oh gosh, I’m so sorry.”

    James and Cal came over. James gave me a small hug. Hmm.. He smells like mint and the ocean, which is weird since we’re nowhere near the beach. “Glas you’re okay Alan.”

    Cal patted my shoulder, grinning down at me. “Where have you been kid?”

    Before I could answer, Chase hugged me, his chest muffling my words. He kissed my forehead. “Thank god you’re alright.”

    I was about to say something again when I heard the rumbles of stomachs from all around. James coughed, turning away, his face red. Melissa laughed. Cal had a lazy grin. Chase chuckled.

    “Do you guys want me to cook lunch?” I asked, unlocking the front entrance, heading straight for the kitchen.

    “YES!” Melissa yelled, running into the house. The others followed after, but in a more dignified manner. I smiled, giddy and also a bit nervous.

    I grabbed some ingredients from the fridge and placed them on the counter. “is anyone allergic to anything before I start cooking?” I asked.

    They all said no, sitting by the counter. I nodded, flexing my fingers. I started cooking, flipping this here, stirring things there. I was completely absorbed into my cooking, all of it a blur. I didn’t even noticed I was baking something until I heard a ding from the oven.

    I set up the plates and other utensils up, going back into the kitchen for the food. They were already waiting for food, Melissa salivating. I handed a plate of plain spaghetti noodles, all of their faces turning into confusion and disappointment.

    Melissa stared at her plate in disbelief. “Is that it?” She cried.

    I shook my head, heading back for the other pot and ladle. I scooped up a ladle of mushroom sauce mixed with broccoli and meat balls into the noodles, pouring it carefully over the noodles. I did the same to the others, laughing at how they all took a bite, froze, then shoveled it into their mouths like animals. I gave people seconds, even thirds.

    Finished, they all migrated toward the living room, sitting down on the couches. Melissa rubbed her stomach. “That was the best spaghetti I’ve ever eaten.” Murmurs of agreement came from the other three.

    I cocked my head to the side. “Does that mean you’re all too full for dessert?”

    Cal perked up. “Dessert?”

    I nodded. “I’ll get it.” I ran back into the kitchen, slicing up the green tea pound cake, putting a slice on each plate. I brought them out, handing a plate to each person, along with a clean fork and napkin. Even though they were all full, once their eyes spotted the cake, they gobbled it up. I even wrapped an extra slice in small baggies for later.

    Chase grabbed me, enfolding me in his arms. I was embarrassed, my face heating up like a furnace. He settled me onto his lap, his chin resting on top of my head. I struggled for a bit, then gave up, slumping myself against his chest.

    “Naw, you both are just so cute.” Melissa cooed, winking.

    Chase threw a cushion at her. “Shut up.”

    I glanced at Cal and saw him staring at us with an unreadable look. A cold chill crept down my spine. What was that? He noticed me staring, a lazy grin back on his face.

    Chase captured my chin with his fingers, tilting it up until we locked eyes. “Are you cold?”

    I was shaking my head, still shivering from the bad feeling rolling in the pit of my stomach. I hugged myself, the chills steadily growing. My skin went from warm to cold, my instincts telling me something’s wrong, but what?

    Chase picked me up into a princess lift. I yelped in surprise as he carried me up the stairs and into my bedroom. He yanked the blankets to the side, laying me gently onto the bed. He then proceeded to take off my shoes, unlacing them first. He also took off my socks. I don’t know why I was embarrassed from him taking off my socks, but I was and the evidence is the blush staining my cheeks. He gently placed the blankets over me, tucking me in.

    Chase sat at the edge of my bed, brushing my hair away from my face. I sleepily blinked up at him. Just lying here is making me sleepy again. The pain killers are wearing off, the tingles of pain starting to seep in. I didn’t want to bother Chase or anyone.

    “Umm.. You can tell everyone to place the dishes in the sink. I can wash them when I’m up.” One of my scars throbbed while I was in the middle of talking, causing me to twitch a little.

    “No need. We can clean up our own mess.” His hand caressed my cheek, his thumb tracing circles, the effect made my eyelids heavier. “Rest and heal.”

    Drowsy, I nodded and went off to dream land. Let’s hope I don’t have nightmares again.


    I woke up to another nightmare. This is like all of the other nightmares I had, except this time it’s slightly different, and even more chilling. Instead of Lucas and my molester raping me, a third guy was also there, only I couldn’t see his face. The only thing I could make out is the outline of his body before he sliced opened my throat and his white teeth shown from his grin.

    I shivered in fear. He was like a shadow of death, one that killed me for the fun of it. He cackled in glee as he watched me gurgle, choking in my own blood. I gagged, rolling myself into a ball. My body was wracking with shivers, my breath shallow.

    I reached for my poke ball, desperately turning on the toy. The melody calmed me, the soft tinkling of the repetitive tune slowly took me out of the stormy sea of fear for now.

    I glanced at the alarm. Four in the morning. Great, I just slept through dinner. Again. I got up cautiously, wincing from the pain. It’s not as bad as before, the pain. I just need to take a nice shower, pop some pain killers into my system, and finish it up with a nice cup of hot coffee.

    I took a nice, long shower, long enough to prune my hands a bit. Heh, I have wrinkles. My smile faded as I stared at the bruises coloring parts of my skin. The combination of bruises and scars left me emotionless. I’ve had worse, much, much worse. This is nothing compared to… I don’t want to think about it.

    I dried myself, brushed my teeth and went to my closet to get dressed. I slipped on a thick black sweater that was too big for me, seeing that it stopped mid-thigh and that I had a lot extra from the sleeves. I tugged on some boxers, and some comfortable, black skinnies; worn and torn, but comfy. I wrapped a thick knitted black scarf Aunt Claire got me for Christmas two years ago. I even got myself a black beanie with little devil horns sticking out. I laced up my shit kickers, loving the steel and leather mix on my feet.

    I made breakfast, and also lunch for me and for Aunt Claire, doing a little bit of baking to the side. How about star shaped cookies? I always wanted to use that new cookie cutter I bought a few months ago since Aunt Claire had to break the old one. How can you break a steel cookie cutter? Apparently, Aunt Claire found a way.

    I packed my lunch, humming some random tune. The sweet aroma of freshly baked goods blew into my face when I opened up the oven to take out the tray. They came out perfect. I placed her lunch and the cookies in the oven to keep them nice and warm when she wakes up.

    Serving myself some breakfast, I ate in peace and quiet, nibbling slowly on my omelet. The sounds of someone knocking on the door startled me. Who could be here at, I glanced at the clock, six in the morning?

    What if it’s an axe murderer or some kind of psycho? What if that person’s a scammer trying to trick us into buying something they’re selling? I bit my lip. I’m not going to take any chances in letting that person get to Aunt Claire. They’ll have to go through me first. I went into the supply closet and took out a crowbar, gripping hard on the piece of metal as I approached the door.

    Each step I took echoed through the room, the heavy thumps of my boots sounded like elephants stampeding. My heart sped, pounding hard and fast in my ribcage. I swallowed the lump forming in my throat.

    I made it to the peephole, tiptoeing to peer through it and sighed in relief. Oh, it’s only Chase. I opened the door and found him staring down at me, grinning. “Well good morning Alan.”

    I blushed, giving him a nervous smile. I moved to the side and gestured him to come on in.

    Chase raised an eyebrow at me, his eyes now on the crow bar I forgot I was holding. I blushed again, hiding it behind my back. “You expecting someone?”

    I shook my head. “Why are here?” I don’t mind him being here, but it’s really early for someone to drop in. Did he need something?

    Chase gently pulled me towards him, wrapping me in his warmth. His scent filled my nose, enrapturing me in it’s exotic smell. I sighed, snuggling myself closer to him. “I thought I could drive you to school today and I wanted to see if you were alright.”

    I‘m so lucky to meet someone who actually cares about me other than Aunt Claire. Bubbles of happiness filled my heart. I couldn’t stop the urge to hug him back. I dropped the crow bar and wrapped my arms around him. “Thank you.” I squeezed him, to show how much it means to me.

    He patted my head, careful not to add pressure to the bump that formed from getting my head banged against the lockers so many times. The nurse said there was a chance I might have a concussion, but luck was on my side and I didn’t have a concussion after all. I should give thanks for the little things.

    I let him go, taking his hand in mine. I lead him towards the kitchen. ‘Do you want some breakfast?”

    Chase nods eagerly. “Yeah.”

    I led him towards a stool, leaving him to sit there while I cooked up another omelet for him and some bacon, setting it on a plate in front of him. “You want anything to drink? There’s orange juice and milk. I can also brew up some coffee.”

    Chase munched on a bacon strip. “Orange juice would be great.” He proceeded to eat with gutso.

    Smores scampered down the stairs, finding his way up the counter to stare at Chase. Chase stared at him, both locked in a staring contest. I suppressed a giggle, turning my back from them, pouring a glass of orange juice to Chase. I turned back to see Chase petting Smores. “Never thought I would see the day where I’m petting a squirrel.” I heard him mumble, taking a bite out of the omelet. He closed his eyes for a bit, moaning a bit. “Fuuuck..”

    I panicked. Did I accidentally put something bad in the omelet? Are the eggs bad? But if they were then I would be sick too. Did I add too much salt? Is it overcooked? Undercooked? What if he doesn’t like it salty? Oh my gosh, I should have asked him first. This is the worst. He probably hates me now.

    “This is the best omelet ever.” He moaned, shoveling it into his mouth faster. That was when I saw the cut to the side of his forehead.

    Did he get that from fighting those jock guys? I frowned, guilt popping the bubbles of happiness in my heart. I went up to him, reaching out to gently touch the cut. “I’m sorry.” Tears fell down my cheeks. “I’m sorry you got hurt because of me.”

    Chase held my hand, kissing my palm. “It’s only a scratch. I’m fine. Besides, I would beat the shit out of the guy again and again as long as you were safe.” He frowned, staring at my black eye. “If I could, I would go back in time and stop those jack asses from hurting you. I should be the one saying sorry for not being able to protect you.”

    Oh no, no, no, no, no. I didn’t want to upset him. Why do I always do everything wrong? I didn’t mean to upset him. I just wanted to apologize for bringing him into my mess. Maybe if I avoided him, then he wouldn’t be involved and get hurt. The thought saddened me. I don’t want to avoid a person I can freely touch or can touch me without freaking out. It’s like refusing the best thing that’s ever happened to you. But if it means him not getting hurt, then I will do it, no matter how much it pains me.

    With that set in mind, I laid out all of my plans in my head, figuring out all of the escape routes, empty corners, and hiding spots I can use all around school. Chase never noticed, his focus solely on finishing breakfast. I avoided looking at him, from fear of letting him know what i'm about to do.  I felt something crack inside of me. My heart. I clutched my chest, trying to ease the stinging pain.

    It’s okay. I’m okay. I can do this.

    I have to, for him and for everyone else.

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