Chapter 9

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Chapter 9

(Alan’s POV)

The vet’s was a pretty small building with red brick walls, and a big window that showed the inside of the building. The receptionist, a petite Asian with long black hair and pale skin, sat by a table holding onto a coffee mug while talking on the phone.

I opened the door and stepped inside, suddenly blasted with the cool, refreshing air from the air conditioner. It feels really good against my sweaty skin.

The receptionist looked up and noticed that someone’s right by her desk. “Yes, so the appointment will be next Thursday at two in the afternoon. Thank you for calling Dr. Harper’s Veterinarian Hospital.” She placed the phone in the cradle and gave me a polite smile. “Hi, what can I do for you?”

“Angie, he’s with me.” Aunt Claire said as she came out a room wearing a white lab coat, a stethoscope hanging from her neck, and small pure white puppy in her hands. The puppy lifted it’s small furry head and sniffed the air, then turned it’s head towards me. It squirmed, barking at me, it’s big blue eyes focusing on me.

Aunt Claire chuckled as she handed me the puppy. It licked my face happily, it’s tail wagging. “He likes you. You must be the next Dr. Doolittle because I’ve never seen animals fall in love with you faster than anyone I’ve known.”

I patted the puppy’s head, my heart warming when I saw it relish my touch, panting in happiness. He wriggled his body in my hold, rubbing his face in mine as he knocked off my glasses with his paw. His soft fur felt amazing against my cheeks, so nice.

Aunt Claire and the receptionist awed. “You look so much alike with your white hair and blue eyes. It just makes me want to hug you both.” She snapped her fingers then turned to the receptionist. “Do you have a camera with you?”

The receptionist nodded her head, still awing at me and the puppy, making me blush and uncomfortable. She quickly grabbed something on the table and handed it to Aunt Claire.

Aunt Claire came up to me and with a light speed swipe of her hand, moved the hair on my face to show my eyes, causing the receptionist to awe even louder. The puppy placed a paw on my cheek and licked my nose. I blushed and smiled at it.

I heard a few clicks to see Aunt Claire taking photos of us with a digital camera. She had a goofy smile on her face as she stared at the pics. “OMG, I’m so keeping these.”

The receptionist jumped from her table to stand right beside her. “Oh, let me see.” When Aunt Claire showed her the pics, she awed. “Send me them too, oh wait, it’s my camera.”

Aunt Claire grinned. “So that means you should be sending me these photos instead.”

I blushed. “Aunt Claire….” I whispered, embarrassed. My cheeks felt hot from all the blushing and I know my face is extremely red. The puppy rubbed it’s cold wet nose on my cheek and barked happily. I scratched his belly, causing it to writhe in pleasure in my arms, one leg kicking. I chuckled.

“Whoa, he’s your nephew?” I heard the receptionist say. “He’s so…“ I blushed again, embarrassed, but not the same one as before.

I felt ashamed for showing my ugly mug in front of a stranger and for embarrassing Aunt Claire. She never told me that I was ugly or anything, but she’s just trying to be nice and I appreciate that, which is why I love her like my second mother. She stayed with me through my hard times, comforting me, soothing me, and knowing what to do all the time. She’s the only one who understands me and knows what I’ve been through, and the best thing, she never judged.

Aunt Claire nodded. “ I know.” Then turned her attention to me. “Want to see the whole gang, and by gang I mean every dog, cat, bird, and other animal here.”

I nodded, placing my hair back to covering my face, then I grabbed my glasses from the floor and put them back on. Aunt Claire lead me to a back room at the end of the hall that said: Play Room. I walked in and saw animals everywhere. I can feel the puppy struggle in my grasp, so I placed it on the floor and watched it start a tugging war with another puppy over a toy.

Once when I stepped inside, most of the animals ceased to do what they were doing to greet me very happily. I think it’s funny because they trust me so easily and they just met me. If only I met people who were as friendly as them.

I was barraged my hello licks and sniffs. A German Shepard jumped on me playfully, causing me to fall onto the floor. I laughed, ruffling it’s neck and patted the others in greeting. A small, thin orange tabby sat alone, watching the commotion. Its torso was wrapped in bandages as well as its head.

I made my way towards Aunt Claire. I gently tapped her shoulder to gain her attention while she was examining a parakeet’s heart with the stethoscope. She glanced down at me with a smile. “Need anything?”

I pointed towards the tabby. “What happened?” I spoke in my normal voice. Yeah, only Aunt Claire can get me to talk like myself to her, but only if it’s her and her alone.

She followed the direction to where I was pointing and gave me a sad smile. “He was found beat up behind a dumpster bleeding to death. It’s a miracle that he’s still alive.”

I nodded already feeling connected to the cat. It’s like me, beaten up, broken, and left for dead. I never noticed I moved until I was right in front of the cat. It stared warily at me with distrusting yellow eyes. I removed my glasses and brushed the hair covering my face so it can see my eyes. When he saw my eyes, he relaxed a bit. I slowly brought my hand out, palm up and left it right in front of him to do whatever he wants with it. He sniffed it a bit, then slowly, placed his head on my palm. I carefully lifted him up and placed him on my lap, softly petting his back, causing him to purr softly. He closed his eyes, relaxing all the way from my touch. I smiled.

I heard another click and looked up to see Aunt Claire taking more pictures with that camera. She hid the camera in her pocket and gave me a sheepish look. “Sorry, couldn’t help myself. I rarely get to see you smile so I…..” She mumbled. She shook her head and grinned. “So… what are we having for dinner?” She waggles her eyebrows at me, making me laugh at how ridiculous and perverted she looked.

“We’re having salad, and leftovers from last night’s dinner. Also, we still have the leftover ginger cookies from yesterday too.” I shrugged. “If there’s still time, I can make something else, but all in all, that’s it.”

She rubbed her tummy. “Sounds good. Since it’s such a slow day, maybe I can get off early and eat some more of your cookies.” She clapped her hands excitedly. “Okay. Let me tell Dr. Harper first. Meet me at the car in five minutes.” She was about to leave when she paused and turned her head to stare at me confused. “Wait, how did you get here?”

I shrugged, gently putting the now sleeping tabby into a pillow. “I ran all the way here. Took a shortcut through the forest.”

She shook her head. “I can never understand why you would willingly run through those woods. You know that there are wild animals there that can kill you right?”

“That is only if I encounter one or if I accidentally startle or disturb them for whatever reason, which has only happened once with a bear, but hey, I’m still here, mostly unscathed.”

She just shook her head like I was the crazy one in the family and left. Pssh… she’s the one who thought it was ’smart’ to throw handheld firecrackers as high as you could to create your own fireworks in a botanical garden. You can figure out what happened next, if not then here’s a clue: lots of fire trucks. I rolled my eyes, and she thought I was crazy.

I pet the kitten one more time and left the room, closing it quickly so that none of the other animals could escape. I nodded at the receptionist who waved goodbye to me and went out, searching for the silver Corvette zr1. Yes it’s beautiful, fast, and very good at grabbing attention.

Many people who passed the car stared at it, mostly gawking at it. Yes I know, it’s very cool. Why don’t you take a picture or something to commemorate this event that happens to be the highlight of your existence?

I’m being a jerk, I know, but I’m tired, hungry, and I just want to go to sleep. This day has been a very stressing day, except I wasn’t purposely injured and no one threatened me. That’s a bonus.

Aunt Claire ran right to the car, pressing the unlock button on her car remote thing, I have no idea what it’s called, and drove us back home.

I made dinner right when we stepped into the house, ate happily while telling her about my day, of course I did edit out a lot of the things, took a shower, brushed my teeth, reset my alarm clock to a better time, and laid on my bed, snuggling with my giant pikachu.


I woke up gasping for air. Sweat dropped down my forehead in droplets, my heart pounding hard in my chest. I swiped at my forehead and glanced at my alarm clock. Three in the morning, great. I sighed as I grabbed my pikachu and hugged it, putting my chin on it’s head.

Another nightmare. Another stinking memory of a horrid event I had been in, but it’s something that not even Aunt Claire knows. I never told anyone told about what had happened to me and I never will.

I was almost raped by another man when I was eleven.

Let me explain it in detail for those of you who want to know. I was eleven, already a year of living in New York City with Aunt Claire. I was kind of used to the surroundings and neighborhood, remembering where to go and not to go and what the heck I needed to know in order to not get killed here. Do not go with strangers, no matter what they tempt you with, don’t take anything from strangers, don’t walk alone unless you are in a crowd of people to witness anything happening to you, if you are in trouble, find the nearest store or shop and hide there, and never take any of the shortcuts down the alleyways.

Well, the last one, I didn’t listen to that day.

I was walking back home from school, tired, exhausted, and craving sugar, any sugar. The usual way I take to get home is long and boring, but it was safe and there was always people on the street. Well today, I wanted to take a shortcut through the alleyways.

Not even thinking about anything, but sugar, I stepped into the closest alleyway that would cut the usual route to half, excited to get back home to all that sugar. Yes I could have gone to the candy store or the convenience store that I always pass by to get my sugar intake, but I had no money and I was NOT going to resort to stealing. I don’t want to disappoint Aunt Claire.

The alleyway was disgusting, and it smelled like a rotting corpse with molding poop. The walls had lots of graffiti, most of it unreadable and very intimidating, and weird splatters that I do not want to even know. The floor was dirty with litter and a dumpster sat by the wall full of trash and circling flies. Ewwww.

I placed the sleeve of my shirt to my nose and made my way through the alleyway. The sounds of my footsteps squishing underneath the wet floor and the muffled sounds of people from the streets were the only sounds I could hear. I glanced around every few seconds to see if anyone’s behind me, just in case. I was scared and regretting ever using the alleyway, but I took a deep breath and marched on like a trooper.

I walked by a bend and thought the exit back to the crowds would be at the end, but it wasn’t. Instead, there was an even longer alleyway. I kept walking, hoping that I would find the exit, but as I continued along the way, I was in even more alleyways, freaking out that I might be lost. I ran around the alleyways to see if I can anyone to help me.

Finally I found a man, to my relief in one of the alleyways, leaning on a wall and smoking. The shadows hid him, but I can tell that someone was there. I made my way towards him, my tummy growling a bit.

The man noticed me and got out of the shadows, heading straight towards me. I froze in fear when I saw him. His hair was black and in short spikes, like a porcupine. He was really big, more than six feet and with lots of muscles. His skin was tan with lots of tattoos and scars from what I could see from his white wife beater. He wore leather pants with a studded black belt and leather lace up combat boots with buckles. He pierced his nose, a lot on his ears, lips, and nipples from what I can tell of his shirt.

“Hey there kid. What’s a cute thing like you doing around here? Lost?” he asked me in a deep voice, more of like a growl. He grinned at me, predatory like he spotted prey.

I took steps back as he came forward, his strides eating away the distance between us fast. “You’re cute, really cute.” He licked his lips, showing me that he also pierced his tongue. “Good enough to eat.” He was close enough to make a grab for me.

I spun around and ran as fast as my small legs could, but being short gave you a disadvantage when it comes to running. The stranger caught me a few seconds later, his arm yanking me back to push me against the wall, my feet dangling in the air.

The stranger pinned me with his body, his hips in between my legs, making it impossible to knee him in the crotch. I took a deep breath to scream, but when I was about to let it out, he slammed his hand against my mouth, the force slamming the back of my head against the wall. Pain radiated from the spot, tears forming on my eyes to flow down my cheeks, making the stranger’s hand wet.

“Aww, is the kid crying? Are you scared?” He whispered at my ear. “Don’t be. I will make you feel nice and good. I don’t usually do guys, especially little boys, but you looked good enough to eat.” He bit my ear, hard. I yelped in his hand. “So innocent and naïve, pure with those big blue eyes, curly white hair, and smooth soft pale skin.” He skimmed his nose onto my neck. He took a deep breath, pressing his nose against my skin. “Tiny body and that deliciously innocent smell.”

I mmphed on his hand, trembling while thrashing about, trying to get free. It’s like pushing a mountain, impossible. I screamed into his hand, shaking my head so I can call for help, but it was futile. Wherever my head went, his hand went too, like glue.

I shivered when I felt something wet and warm replaced his nose, feeling the stud on his tongue grazing the side of my neck. His hair pricked my face. He let go of arm to skim my body, sliding his hand under my t-shirt. I yelped again from the coldness of his hand against my warm flesh, goose bumps forming along my skin. Now that my hands are free, I began to hit him, thumping at his chest and shoulders, pushing him so I can get free. It was ineffective, didn’t even faze him.

He laughed at my attempts to hurt him. “What are you doing? Tapping me?” The hand on my mouth was gone and was replaced with his lips, his tongue forcing it’s way into my mouth, making it difficult for me to breathe. The other hand in my shirt grazed my nipple. Suddenly, he pinched it, hard. I moaned in pain. His other hand went to my shorts, cupping my butt and lifting it to his groin.

What the heck’s he doing to me? He’s kissing yes, I know. He’s touching me yes, I know that too, but why the heck’s he touching my butt and pushing my hips down onto his weenie? I remember watching a movie late at night without letting Aunt Claire know, and saw a man and a woman in an alleyway. The woman was being forced down by the man, crying while the man ripped her clothes. Then he took out his weenie and did something with the woman because he was on top of her and she was screaming at him to stop. The lady went to the police later and said she was raped by the man. Is that what’s happening? Am I going to be raped? I don’t want that. It looks like it hurt’s really bad.

I violently trembled when I felt his cold hand touching my bare bum, going down the crease. Since my legs are trapped with his hips in between my legs, it’s easier for him to gain access to my hole, and not a good thing. He suddenly thrust a finger inside me. I screamed into his mouth from the pain.

“God you are tight, and small. If you think this hurts, wait until I stick it into you and rip you in half.” He growled at me, biting my bottom lip before sticking his tongue back into my mouth, choking me.

The stranger’s back pocket vibrated, stopping him. He cursed, then reached into his pocket and answer his phone. “What?! I’m busy here.” He barked, quickly taking his hand out of my pants so he could clamp it over my mouth. I tried to scream for help, but all that came out is a muffled ‘mmph’. “Fucking shit. Alright, I’ll be there.”

I stared at him, petrified when his eyes locked with mine. “You are one lucky kid. It’s too bad I haven’t taken your virginity.” He sighed, shaking his head in disappointment. “Someday, I will find you, and when I do, I won’t stop at nothing to take your tiny body and fuck it hard.”

He yanked his hand away from my mouth, then slammed his lips onto mine, forcing me to kiss him, his tongue invading my mouth again. When he stopped, he bit my neck, hard. I flinched from the sudden pain, already feeling the blood drip down my shoulder.
“Remember, I will find you Angel. Count on it.”

He stepped away from me and walked off. He turned his head once to wink at me, and that was the fire that lit my ass to run the hell away from there. I ran and ran until I was back into the streets. I went to the public library’s bathroom and fixed myself, taking out my bandana to tie around my neck, covering the bite mark and went back home, acting as if nothing has happened. Aunt Claire never suspected.

I guess that was the start of my phobia of people touching me. It wasn’t as bad as how it is now, but it was the beginning of the long road through hell.

My first kiss, taken from a man who was going to rape me. I can’t believe I was so stupid as to not know what the hell he was doing, but of course, at Nashville, IN, you learn sex education when you‘re in the eighth grade. At New York City, we didn’t get to that until it was later on in the year so when I fully understood what he was going to do to me, I puked my guts out in class.

My nightmares about him came more frequently and more frightening with him grabbing me from anywhere I think was safe, rape me horribly, then kill me with a glee in his eyes. The deaths grew more and more disturbing, waking me up in a fit of screams.
My aunt thought it was the car crash trauma that she still thinks I have. I didn’t want her to know, so I let her assume whatever she wanted to assume as long as she didn’t know what happened to me.

I nibbled on my pikachu’s ear. I thought that since I went through a even bigger hell, I lost the nightmares about the stranger, but I was wrong. This time, in my dream, he found me here, in my hometown, dragged me away from my home, raped me with Lucas helping him. Once when they were done, the stranger strangled me while Lucas smiled happily at my death.

I hugged myself and cried my eyes out. I cried for what has happened to me, what had happened to me, and how fucked up my life is, how fucked up I am. I stared at the scars scattered around my arms, the ones on the lower part of my arm practically invisible, but still there.

I looked out my window and stared at the moon, embracing it’s cold light. Stars twinkled all around the glowing sphere, creating the most beautiful and painful night I’ve ever seen. If only I were a star, I can twinkle like the rest of the stars on the starry sky, but I’m not. I lightly traced the scar around my neck, one that I was surprised no one noticed. It went from one side of my neck, to the other end.

The first attempt on my life. I was slashed with a quick swipe of my little friend, stainless steel knife. The very first time I was intimate with death. The first one is always the most frightening because it’s traumatizing and the most unforgettable.

Anyways, the one who slashed me was this guy who called me a fairy and said to stop spreading my pixie dust around others. First of all, he was hitting on me first, but I rejected him in front of everyone. One day when I was alone, staying after school to help my teacher with tidying up the class, he came up to me and slashed my neck with a knife. While I was laying there, all I thought about was how much I appreciated the warmth from the pool of blood seeping out of wound, keeping me warm while my body turned cold.

I laid back down on my bed and closed my eyes, tired from the nightmare. While I was slowly succumbing to the dark recesses of sleep, I prayed, hoping that I don’t get any nightmares for the rest of the night.

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