Chapter 41

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Dedicating this chapter to chiskey56 for writing such HAWT boyxboy stories. I love how it involves greek mythology. Mmmm.... godly boyxboy threesomes.

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Chapter 41

(Chase’s POV)

    Where the hell is Alan?

    I’m leaning by the wall outside of the school, waiting for Alan to show up on his way to the picnic table for lunch. Cal and Melissa are there, but Alan’s not and it’s been already twenty minutes. He’s always at the table ten minutes after lunch starts so it’s weird. James volunteered to help out at the library today so I’m not surprised he’s missing.

    I didn’t get the chance to talk to Alan during first period. I clenched my hands into fists, remembering the little scene with Travis before class begun and the way Tyler gave Alan googly eyes at him. I wanted to use my pencil and poke his eyes out, then make him eat it. Back away fucker, he’s mine. He will always be mine.

    Now that I think about it, a lot of people were approaching him today and boy did that grate on my nerves. All of these stuck up bitches didn’t approach him before, but after yesterday’s dramatic change where he shows his beautiful face to the entire school, everyone’s trying to make him his friend, flirt with him, and giggle whenever he passes by.

    Alan has an angelic, mysterious beauty that lures everyone of both genders to stare at him in awe. His innocence radiates from him, as well as the tragic depression always in his eyes, no matter who he’s with or what he’s doing. When he cries, it brings people cheer him up and protect him from harm. When he smiles, all fall to their knees or fall for him. I can already tell Travis and Tyler, as well as half the school.

    There are still those homophobic pricks and assholes who refuse to acknowledge him, like Trevor and the popular crowd. But I can already tell that some of them are wavering and that makes me sneer at them. Let those assholes feel the power of Alan’s sexiness and fall all over themselves.

    I glanced at my watch. It’s been half and hour. Where the hell is he?

    I stood by the wall, waiting for Alan to show up, but he never did. The bell rang, signaling the end of lunch. I glanced at the picnic table to see Melissa and Cal worried about Alan’s absence too by the way their faces are screwed up in worry.

    I trudged back to class as the twinge in my gut began to slowly simmer. Something’s wrong, but it’s best to not jump into conclusions. Maybe’s already in class.

    I was wrong. I sat in my seat and waited to see if Alan showed up, but he didn’t. Class started and he still didn’t appear. The unease began to grow inside, but I still held hope. Maybe he’s sick and went home. Yeah. Too bad it didn’t help stop my gut from slowly bugging me more.

    Alan didn’t show up for P.E. I guess he decided to skip the rest of school, but I can’t blame him. With the way everyone’s treating him, turning a 360 from ignoring him and bullying, to attentive and affectionate. Instead of the glares and cold glances, it turned to blushes and appreciative gazes that kept my teeth grinding from the frustration of not punching every single glance he’s getting from others. I don’t want their smut filled eyes on him.

    I slammed the door to my room open and threw my bag somewhere on the floor, then pounced on my bed and sighed wearily. “I miss him so much.”

    I took out my wallet and reached into the secret compartment where it looks like seams that hold the thing together, but it’s a disguise for the opening of a pocket that can hold only one thing. I reached into the little pocket and took out a small picture where it shows two fourth graders hugging each other happily, mud and dirt all over their clothes and dotting their faces.

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