Chapter 46

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Only one or two more chapters left. I feel sad now that i'm almost finished. D:

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Chapter 46

(Alan's POV)

Everything was in slow motion, like in those movies where something bad is happening and there's nothing you can do about it.

I watched helplessly as Lucas, who dragged himself to the front door of the cabin, clutching his side as blood continued to spill from his wound. His eyes were feral and crazed, full of anger and insanity. But what caught my attention was the gun he held in his hand, aiming straight at Aunt Claire, who was oblivious to the danger.

Lucas and I locked eyes. He smiled and mouthed 'I love you' before he pulled the trigger. The loud bang echoed in the forest as Aunt Claire lurched, then fell to the ground, her blood splattering on my uncovered face. I screamed as I saw my aunt, the one person I truly loved, my only real family, my best friend, my anchor that kept me from floating away from this wretched world, and the one thing that brought me happiness when my life turned to shit, fall to the ground, her blood soaking her shirt.

A second bullet was shot, and heard someone else fall, but I was too focused on the one person right in front of me, dying. I used up whatever I could to throw myself onto Aunt Claire, trying my best to crawl towards her. Growls caught my attention and I glanced up, my vision blurry to see wolves ripping up a screaming Lucas apart.

Sobbing, I used my useless limbs and forced myself all the way to her body, then did my best to move my jelly limbs to bring her head onto my lap. I cradled her as her breathing was lurching from soft to hard.

"A-aunt C-C-Claire. D-don't l-leave me," I sobbed as I hugged her closer to me. "P-please don't l-l-leave me alone."

Aunt Claire smiled, and coughed a bit. Blood seeped from her lips, her skin turning into a deathly pale. "I'm so proud of you Ally're like the son I always wanted to have...."

I cried harder, not caring if our skin touched. I brought my hands out of the blanket and held her icy cold hand. Her blood soaked into the blanket, but I didn't care, not one bit. Nothing could save Aunt Claire, not with the ambulance so far away.

"I love you Ally Bear.... You're the best thing that's...... ever happened to me..." She said, the last words a whisper. Her eyelids drooped.

"I love you too mommy," I whispered, my whole being breaking even more.

Aunt Claire gave me a loving smile. "I love you too son." With those final words, she passed away. Her eyes closed, her hand dropping from my grip.

I shook her, hoping that she would wake up, but as I continued to shake her harder, her eyes never opened. Her chest didn't rise up for a breath. I couldn't hear anything but this ringing in my ears and realized it was me screaming at the top of my lungs.

Everything was too much. TOO MUCH! My insides were being torn to shreds. My mind was coming up with blanks, but only the horrid pain of losing something precious to me was the straw that broke the camel's back. In my case, it was the last thing that completely broke me.

I kept screaming at the top of my lungs, my head thrown into my air. Mourning howls joined mine, the wolves sensing my grief, my pain. It was too much to bear. Everything was too much. My mind was in agreement with my body, so it began to shut down. My vision grew black and I welcomed the cold numbing bliss of unconsciousness.


I don't know how long I was unconscious, but when I woke up, I found myself yet again in a hospital. The annoying beeping sounds and the soft whirl of working machinery filled the silent hospital. The sharp scent of antiseptics and cleaning chemicals made my nose tingle, but it didn't really bother me. That was when I noticed the other sounds around me.

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