Chapter 3

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Chapter 3

Alan's POV

I guess I was standing outside the classroom a lot longer than I thought because the class was full by the time I went in. All the seats but one were already taken.

The teacher glanced up, a huge pile of papers covering the entire surface of the table she’s seated in. “ A new student. How uncommon. Well, introduce yourself, then take any empty seat.” She waved her hand, dismissing me, and went right back to work.

I gulped and faced the curious stares that’s burning holes all over my body. My hands started to get sweaty, my heartbeat sped faster. I took a huge breath, held it in for ten seconds, then slowly blew it out, along with my nerves and fear. “ I’m Alan.” There, short and simple. They don’t need to know anything else about me.

Ignoring the stares, I just went to the only empty seat by the wall and took out a blank notebook to doodle in. A intricate design popped up into my head and I began to put it into reality.

A soft cough cracked through my concentration. It shouldn’t have, but for some reason the cough seems deliberate and for me. Curious, I lifted my eyes from the drawing to find the source and stopped short.

James Matthews was at the seat next to me, smiling. His hand held his head, his elbow on the table to keep it up. “Well hello Alan. We meet again.”

Why  fate, why do you hate me so much? If you didn’t then you wouldn’t have brought up James Matthews back into my life so fast when I was already determined to avoid him like the plague.

An Asian guy with short black hair that was longer in the front, chocolate brown eyes, and three piercings on both ears, leaned towards James from his back seat. “Jay, you know this guy?”

James leaned back on his chair, his arms behind his head. “Yup, met him while I was coming late for first. Oh yeah, Alan, this is Eric. Eric, Alan.”

Eric grinned at me, showing all of his pearly white teeth and dimples. “Hi Alan. It’s nice to see a new face in this town.”

James rolled his eyes. “Tell me about it. Everyone here knows everyone. You can’t find a person in this town and not know them. It’s like an extremely extended family.”

I felt like laughing. It’s funny because I use to live in this very town so I know how it works, and no one even recognizes me. That’s good to know.

James popped a mint into his mouth. “So, Alan, where you from?”

Here, but I’m going to say that. I’m just not going to say anything. Nothing at all. You will get nothing from me. I will be as silent as a mute, well not that silent. I’m not saying anything bad about mutes or anything or people who are handicapped. They are just people who have a harder time with life.

Now that I think about it, I always wanted to learn sign language. That would be so cool. I could talk to people without speaking, letting my hands do the talking. Yeah. Wait, is there a silent pokemon? I know they all speak saying their names or something like when a pikachu speaks, it says ‘ Pika pikachu!’

Man I want to play pokemon right now.

“Hey, Alan? Hello, you still there buddy?” A hand snapped at my face, causing me to jump in my seat in terror, my stuff falling onto the floor.

James got out of his seat to help pick up my things. “Jeez, sorry for scaring you kid. I just wanted your attention since you were zoning out on me.”

I relaxed a bit and shook my head. It’s not his fault I’m like this. Sure he’s a jock, but he hasn’t done anything to me, well other than that scene in the halls.

Eric chuckled. “Do you always zone out like that Alan?”

Eric whistled. “Shy one. Never met anyone this quiet.”

James nodded his head in agreement. “No kidding. The only time he spoke to me was to apologize and to tell me his name. If he didn’t say anything I would’ve thought he was mute or something.” He tapped his chin thoughtfully. “So Alan, what brings you here to this small town?”

Nuh uh. Not gonna happen. I will not tell them why i moved here. No way. That’s for only me and Aunt Clair to know. They had to take it from my dead, lifeless corpse, but if i’m dead, they can’t find out anyways and i’m pretty sure that Aunt Claire knows I want no one to find out. What happens if someone finds out and it starts all over again? I don’t think I can go through it all over again.

    I shook my head and placed my hands on my mouth to show them I don’t want to talk about it. I hope they take the hint.

    James sighed. “Fine, I get it. I’ll respect your privacy.” I sighed in relief. He leaned towards me, placing a hand beside my ear. “That does not mean I won’t find out sooner or later.”

    I froze and stared at him. He gave me a wink and started on his work, Since I was new, I needed to get my textbooks and all of the things I need for each class, so I don't have to do any of the class work for now.

    Lunch finally came to my relief. I ran as fast I could out of the classroom, feeling James’ eyes on my back. I mentally slapped my head. What the heck did I deserve to get his attention?

    Melissa stood next to the door, checking something on her phone. She looked up and smiled at me. “Hiya Alan. Let’s go find a place to eat. I know there’s a great table outside.”

    I nodded and followed her down the crowded hallways, watching as people approached her and waved.

Of course she’s popular, you dumbo. She’s pretty, friendly and pretty smart from all the questions she shot at me during class. She must be smart to think of questions that fast and come up with follow up questions right when I finish, either that or she’s an awesome interrogator.

I can feel the stares as I followed Melissa down the hall to a flight of stairs, and through twin doors that led to a wide field of open grass with a few stray trees sprinkled around the fiend, picnic tables and a beautiful statue of a wolf howling. It’s stunning and so familiar.

Melissa stopped when she noticed I wasn’t following her anymore. She followed my eyes to the statue and smiled. “Beautiful isn’t it? It was made by Sarah Thorpe, who used to live here. She died in a car accident five years ago, along with her husband. Their son’s still alive, probably fifteen or sixteen now. He was adopted by a relative, but no one knows what happened to him later on.”

It’s funny how you are talking about me and not even knowing that. Boy I wish I can tell someone, but sadly, I don’t have friends and I don’t want friends. Friends will betray you in the end when you need them the most.

“It’s sad, losing your parents right in front of your eyes.” Melissa continued, oblivious. “I don’t want imagine that at all.” Her eyes suddenly focused on me. “I heard that no one lived in the Thorpe house ever since the accident until just a few days ago. It’s you isn’t it?”

I shrugged. Damn, I should’ve distracted her with something. I don’t her snooping around about me. Her and James. I have a feeling that James will snoop, but I know that he wouldn’t find anything about me, especially how I used to live here. No, I do not need the attention that will get me.

Melissa suddenly groaned, her stomach growling. “Let’s go eat lunch already, or I’ll start eating the grass.”

We sat by a picnic table hidden behind a tree, giving us shade from the sun. The bits of sun shining through the foliage gave the table a pattern that shifted every time the wind blew. It was beautiful and the best part was, there wasn’t anyone here. Perfect.

I sat on the bench across from Melissa and took out my lunch. I unwrapped the cloth and opened the box, taking a deep breath of the food. I’m so glad I decided on Hamburger patties and egg rolls with steamed broccoli for dinner. Yum.

Melissa grabbed a sandwich from her bag. She ripped off the wrapper quickly and began to scarf down the sandwich at a rapid speed that amazed me. How can she eat like that without chewing?

I took an egg and popped it into my mouth. Just the right amount of salt and pepper, cooked just right. That reminds me, I have to go buy some eggs for the cake I’m going to make for dessert today. That and butter. You can’t bake a cake without butter.

What cake should I make today? I made a low fat chocolate mousse cake two days ago. Should I go for fruit tart cake this time? There’s leftover kiwis, grapes, and oranges, as well as a dozen bananas and a can of peaches. Yeah, a fruit tart. Never made that before, so this will be refreshing.

“What’s refreshing?”

I jumped, spinning around to see James as well as some stranger, grinning at me, holding trays of lunch food. Today must be a lasagna day from what i can see in the plastic box. if i can describe it, i'll say it looks like giant chunks of solidified pus squares with thick blood and guts as sauce. Ewww.

I shook my head and ate my food with my head ducked down. I can’t get away from James at all and who the heck is that other guy? He’s giving be some really weird vibes.

“Whose the kid?” The stranger asked in a low voice, causing me to involuntarily shiver. From the small glimpse I seen of him, his hair’sraven black cutt military style, silver piercing eyes, and an athletic build that say ‘ I can squash you like a bug with no effort ‘ that made my heart beat fast, but not in the frightened way that I usually associated with, but something else. I just can’t pinpoint it.

James sat right next to me, dumping his tray onto the table. “ Chase, this is Alan. He just transferred in today.”

I can feel Chase’s eyes on me. It was electrifying, in a good way, which scared me. What’s happening to me? Did I get zapped by Pikachu or something?

I heard Chase snort, causing me to look up. He sat next to Melissa, giving her a peck on the cheek. I felt a small twinge on my heart, surprising me. I placed my hand over my heart, confused. Do I have heart burns or something? It felt like someone jabbed a needle on my heart.

Melissa pushed Chase away in disgust. “Back off man whore. I don’t need your STDs contaminating healthy ole me.”

James laughed. “I wouldn’t be surprised if Chase did have STDs.”

Chase frowned. “Hey, first, I’m NOT a man whore. I only go for hot, willing girls and boys. Second, I check every few weeks to see if I’m clean, which I am so I don’t have STDs. Third, why do you guys care anyways? It’s not as if I’m having sex with either of you.”

Melissa snorted, taking a sip from her water bottle. “Please, you’ve been trying to get into my pants ever since I grew boobs in middle school.”

Chase rolled his eyes. “That was before I found out what an unattractive weirdo you are. Yeah sure, you’re pretty, when you’re not inhaling food like a vacuum cleaner, out eating the most obese kid.” He shook his head in mock disbelief. “I’m surprised you’re not six hundred pounds overweight.”

James nodded in agreement. “Yeah. Remember when we brought her to that family restaurant down by Turner Street where they had that eating challenge?”

Chase screwed his face in disgust. “I remember. Ugh, that was the biggest hamburger in the world. It was bigger than the tray and taller than the menu with grease dripping off it. It was said that if you finish eating that burger in fifteen minutes, it’s free, but if you didn’t finish in time, then you had to pay fifty dollars.” He pointed his thumb at Melissa. “And this skinny bitch finished it all, alone, in less than ten.”

Melissa shrugged. “Hey, I was hungry. I hadn’t eaten dinner and breakfast because I was too busy helping my bro clean his guns.”

I paused, a piece of broccoli midway to my mouth. If it took her that much time cleaning out guns, how many does her brother have? I shuddered at the thought. Note to self, don’t mess with Melissa’s bro.

Melissa’s stomach growled. She placed her chin on the table. “I’m still huuuuungry!” She groaned. She examined our food, her face scrunching up in disgust when her eyes glanced at the school lunch, then brightened when she locked her gaze on my lunch.

I pulled my lunch away from her hungry gaze, popping the broccoli in my mouth.

Melissa gave me puppy eyes, her lips pouted. “Please, please Alan? Pretty please with sprinkles, cherries, chocolate sauce, caramel, and nuts on top?” I shook my head, keeping it out of her reach.

Chase and James watched in amusement as I tried to fend off Melissa from my food. She made a grab for it, but I dodged. Her arm swung to the right, I moved it to the left. She made a lung to the left. I ducked out of her reach, still eating.

After a few minutes of failed attempts to steal my food, she sat back on her seat, arms folded to her chest, pouting even more. “I just wanted some of your food.” She grumbled.

I sighed, shaking my head. I searched through my bag until I found what I was looking for and dropped the bag of my homemade slightly sweetened ginger cookies in front of her and resumed eating.

She squealed in delight. “Thank you so much Alan! You are the best!” She ripped the bag open and took a bite of one cookie, freezing. Her eyes widened.

I cocked my head. What’s wrong with her? Does he not light ginger cookies? It’s just ginger cookies. I only changed the sugar with honey I bought at the market. Is it bad? I wanted to try to make something good and healthy.

James snapped his fingers at her face. “Melissa, you still there girl?”

Chase stared at me, one eyebrow raised. “Did you poison the cookies or something?”

I blushed and shook my head. My heart felt like it wants to come out of my body. His voice was so smooth, low with a nice rumble to it. It made my insides warm, like a hot chocolate on a cold rainy day. It was pleasant, and so confusing. Shouldn’t I be scared of him? Cautious?

“You sure? Because she’s still frozen.” Chase poked Melissa on the head, but she still didn’t respond.

Suddenly, she shook her head, as if she’s trying to clear something out of her head, her hair flying all around like a dog shaking water from its fur. She stared at the cookie, mesmerized. “This is the best cookie I’ve ever eaten. Did you make this?” her eyes landed on me, glazed.

I nodded, wary. She looked at me as if I was a god or some form of holy deity and she was a lost soul . It’s just cookies.

Tears formed in her eyes and spilled down her cheeks. “I never thought that I would ever cry eating a cookie, but this is just so good.” She took another bite from the cookie in relish.

“Is it that good?” Chase asked as he snatched two cookies from the bag before Melissa could stop him. He handed one to James as he took a bite. His eyes widened. “Wow, this is delicious.”

James agreed enthusiastically. “I think my mouth just had an orgasm.”

I felt myself swell with happiness from the praise, but didn’t let it show. They really like my cookies, although I think there reactions are a bit dramatic.

Chase suddenly grabbed my lunch from the protective barrier of my arms. I reached for it, but he moved it away from my grasp as he took a piece of hamburger and popped it into his mouth. “Mmm…one things for sure, you are a great cook kid.”

Warmth overflowed my body, consuming me in its powerful wave of pleasure I hadn’t felt since before my parents died, only it’s stronger.  He likes it, really likes it. I suddenly felt the urge to hear his voice more, wanting to hear him make that humming sound again.

Chase licked his lips, causing a sudden jolt of heat. Images of his lips on my lips, on my skin, chest, and lower parts of me, as he loomed, naked in all his glory, over me formed in my head, making me drool. Wait, what?

Hello, this is Enigma speaking. So what did you guys think of this chapter? It's pretty random, i know. Keep reading if you want t. :D

Poor Alan. *Pats him on the head*

Alan: Who are you?

Enigma: I'm just a figment of your imagination.

Chase: Whose this chick?

Enigma: Oh look, there's two squirrels having sex by that bench over there.

Everyone turns to look.

Enigma: Enigma away! *Runs away*

James: There aren't any- hey, where did that chick go?

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