Chapter 37

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This chapter is dedicated to those people who were shit to me. Yeah, and right now, i'm raising both of my middle fingers up as thanks for being such ass holes. I hope you all rot in hell because this bitch will kick your ass down if you refuse. >:D

Chapter 37

(Alan’s POV)

    Cal and Melissa escorted me to my next class. The both of them were acting like overprotective hens, glaring at anyone who looked at me funny. It was kind of funny and heartwarming to know that I have two such wonderful people as friends. I feel blessed with this gift and I will cherish the two as much as I can.

    Melissa hugged me when we arrived. “Text me if anyone’s bugging you, especially Chase, his jock asshole friends or the sluts who I can so believe have some type of STD.”

    Cal patted my shoulder. “Yeah. If anything happens, text the both of us. We’ll come as soon as we can.”

    Tears formed in my eyes. I pushed it back. “Thanks you guys.”

    They waved me goodbye and left me alone to fend for myself. I can do this. Screw what people say about my face. It’s not as if I haven’t heard every horrible insult ever given to a person. It’s not as if people have stared at me before or humiliated me. I’ve been hospitalized more times than any normal person should have been and I’ve touched death three times. If I can survive that then I can surely handle school.

    I slumped in my seat. Who am I kidding? Sure I’ve endured and suffered numerous bullying techniques, verbal abuse, and definitely physical abuse, but that doesn’t mean I don’t feel pain. I still care what others think. I can’t touch a person without feeling revolted and disgusting. I have scars all over my body, reminding of how revolting I really look. I can’t blame Chase for dropping me the way he did. If anything, I deserved it for having a disgusting body.

    A hand slammed on the table, hard. I jumped in my seat, my heart rapidly beating from the loud bang. The offending hand was huge, twice as big as mine and more rough around the edges, a hand I was familiar with.

    “Hey Alan. I though you wouldn’t show your face after what I did to you at the party.” Chase’s voice was amused and full of malice.

    My heart, which was rapidly beating, slowed until it was at a normal, calm pace. Every emotion I had was drained from my body, leaving the numb nothingness that has become a reaction whenever it has something to do with Chase. Well, he is the one who finally broke me, finally shattered and stomped on the shards of my heart.

    I didn’t do anything, but sat in my seat, numb and calm. No fear, no anxiety, no pain, no anything. If Chase wanted to get a rise out of me, then too bad. The damage has been done and nothing could be worse that hasn’t been done to me. It’s like the last straw that broke the camel’s back.

    Chase’s friends snickered. “Maybe he wants to be humiliated more. Who the hell would want this scrawny fag?”

    I locked eyes with the douche. “But who was the one who turned me into a fag in the first place? After all, he was the one who approached me first, not the other way around.” I sighed. “I better make an appointment to the doctors to see if I caught any STDs.”

    That made Chase furious, along with his friends. One of them grabbed my shirt and pulled me out of my seat. “What did you say fairy? Do you want to get beat up?”

    I shrugged and showed him how much I didn’t care, showed him how cold I was inside. “Go ahead. It’s not as if I haven’t been hurt before.” I locked eyes with Chase, who I saw cringe a bit from my stare. “Are you happy now?” I gave him the coldest smile I could muster, the sides of my lips lifting up, but no emotion was in that smile.

    The bell rang, reminding us all that we are in class. The jock let my shirt go and, with a disgruntle tsk, he went back to his seat, along with Chase and his buddies. I just smiled and waved them away, feeling nothing. Not a thing. When they finally left, my smile fell. I placed my hand over my heart, the steady rhythm was the only thing that told me I still have a heart.

    I copied down the homework and got started on it during class, ignoring the teacher and everyone around me. I finished it along with my class work with fifteen minutes to spare. How lucky of me. I guess when there’s nothing to do in class but to do work, you get everything done faster than the rest of the morons in here. Yeah, I said it.

    I sat back and waited for class to end, for school to end.

    I’m just going to skip pass what I did for art, which was anti-climatic. Sure, I still had the stares, but it was pretty peaceful and no one approached me. A bonus on my part. This class is starting to get higher and higher on my list of safe places to be.

    As for gym, well….

    I stared into my gym locker, my EMPTY gym locker. My gym clothes are gone and from the snickers around me, I know who did it. That jackass. I’m glad Aunt Claire hurt him while I was in the hospital, from the bandages I found on his arm and bruises on his face.

    Cal came up to me, already in his gym uniform. “Why aren’t you dressed yet? You’re always the first one to be dressed for gym.”

    I sighed wearily. “Someone stole my uniform.”

    Cal shook his head, figuring out who it was without me saying anything. “Those bastards.” He raked his hair back. “I have a spare shirt, but finding shorts is going to be a problem.”

    The two of us, well technically Cal asked the other guys in the locker room for an extra pair of shorts, which no one had or won’t lend us. The dumb hierarchy of high school. What a load of bull crap. The next place we went to was the office located by the entrance of the locker room, where the male gym teachers placed their stuff and where they store extra gym uniforms. Hopefully, there was one pair I could use.

    I was wrong.

    I slumped on a bench and sighed. “What am I going to do now? We have a physical exam today.”

    Cal patted my back, trying to cheer me up. “If it’s alright with you, I do have another idea on who to get shorts from, but..”

    “But what?” Please don’t tell me it’s something I’m going to regret.

    “I can call up Melissa and see if she or one of her friends have a spare.”

    I blinked. What’s so bad about that? So what if it’s short a girl has worn, the gym shorts in this school is practically the same for both genders, only the girls are less baggy and a bit shorter than the guys. At least it isn’t bloomers, like those Japanese girls from anime. THAT would be embarrassing.

    “Uhh.. I don’t really care. Just call her and ask please.” I don’t want to fail gym, especially since I know Chase and his buddies would think I lost my spine and ran away.

    Screw that. I’m not letting those assholes rule over my high school life. I didn’t do anything in New York because I was alone and weak. Now, I have friends who have my back and I’ve got the backbone to fight back. Forget not using violence. I’m fighting for my peace, the peace I deserve after having all of this hellish shit done to me. If they want to step all over me like a door mat, well this door mat will trip them every chance it can get.

    Cal took out his phone and called. “Hey Melissa, can you ask and see if anyone of your friends have an extra pair of gym shorts? Yeah. Someone stole Alan’s gym clothes. I’m letting him borrow one of my shirts, but he needs shorts. Yup. Okay. Bring it over quick.” He cut off the call and grinned down at me. “You got yourself some shorts.”

    I grinned and thumped my head on his chest. “Thanks, for everything.”

    Cal pat my head, understanding what I fully meant. “No problem bud.”

    Melissa came over a minute later, a pair of black shorts in her hand. “Who ordered a pair of shorts?” She asked, winking at me.

    I laughed and raised my hand. “I did.”

    Melissa skipped over to me. “Here’s your shorts sir. Sorry that it’s a smaller size than you originally ordered.”

    I shrugged. “I don’t mind.” The only problem is my scars. How can I conceal them? At the moment, there’s really nothing for me to do. I do have socks that go up to mid-calf and the shorts can cover some of the scars on my thighs. That can work.

    I scurried away to change, demanding the two to keep watch for anyone, but that was only an excuse so they couldn’t watch me change. When I finished changing, I realized something; Cal’s shirt’s too big. It’s so big, it went to my lower thighs, like a dress. It completely consumed the shorts, which were small and form fitting. I bet some male pervert designed these. Ugh.

    There’s no use doing anything now. I tied my hair in a small ponytail and headed out to my two best friends, who gaped at my attire. Their jaws dropped, almost falling to the floor. Their reactions confirmed how ridiculous I look, but I don’t care anymore. I just want this day to be over with, but I still have the date with Drake, so that won’t be for a while longer.


    “That bad huh?” I asked as we headed towards the gymnasium, the two still gaping at me.

    Cal scratched his head, uncomfortable. “Uhh.. It’s umm..”

    “You look sexy,” Melissa blurted out.

    My eyes widened. “What?” Did she say what I thought she said? My ears must me wonking on me.

    Melissa burst into laughter, as did Cal. “Do you know what ‘kare-shirt’ means?” Melissa asked, wiping off tears.

    I shook my head. “Nope.”

    “Neither do I.” Cal replied, confused. “Is it a brand or something?”

    Melissa rolled her eyes. “Kare-shirt is where a cute person is dressed in an oversized shirt, showing off lots of leg. It’s suppose to be erotic to guys when their cute girlfriends dress that way. I read about it in a Japanese comic book.”

    I blushed. “Are you serious?” I asked, embarrassed.

    Melissa nodded. “Yup.”

    Cal coughed, trying to hide a laugh, and failing. “Oh god. You two.”

    All of three of us went in a fit of laughter, not stopping until we arrived at the gymnasium. Everyone’s eyes went to us, then all of it went on me and stayed there. It was uncomfortable, but I didn’t let it show. I won’t let anyone have their fun with messing with me. From here on out, I’m fighting the battles given to me, and I will win with my own blood, sweat and tears. Hands landed on my shoulder. I looked to see Cal and Melissa standing on both sides, smiling down at me with confidence and support. I nodded at the two and we marched forward, ignoring the stares and sat together as Mr. Lassiter did roll call.

    “Okay, so for the next few days, we are doing a physical test. The boys go first, then the girls,” Mr. Lassiter announced after roll call. “We are going to measure your height and weight. Boys, line up.”

    Melissa gave my shoulder a squeeze before she let me go, letting Cal drag me over to the back of the gym. The place smelled musty and old, dust flying in the air from the disuse and lack of cleaning. Old sports equipment was laid everywhere, no order and rusting away. I blanched from the smell. It wasn’t bad, but it made my nose twitch.

    “It’s kind of cute when your nose twitches, like a bunny,” Cal commented from out of no where.

    I sneezed on the crook of my arm and rubbed it. “I can’t help it. The air and smell in the room is making it twitch like crazy.” I sneezed again.

    Cal chuckled and wrapped an arm around my shoulder. I thought he was being friendly, but I finally noticed the atmosphere in the room. Without even looking, I can already tell that it’s hostile and dangerous, not a good place to be by yourself. I patted his arm as thanks.

    “Each person will go by alphabetical order. When you are done, you may return to the gym and have free time,” Mr. Lassiter announced as he order two guys to set up the equipment.

    Cal and I waited for our turn, standing by the door. Everyone left, one by one, all of them staring at me as they left. Even those who are waiting for their turn stared at me. I didn’t like it, not one bit.

    Cal was called up first, leaving me to defend for myself until the time he comes back. I placed myself by the wall, near the exit. My back faced the wall, my stance relaxed on the outside, but my feet were braced apart, hands by my side, ready for action. If I needed to do anything, I was ready for it.

    In what seemed like forever, but was only a few minutes, Cal came back. I relaxed as he stood right next to me, a human shield against the stares. I know I said I can handle the stares, but that does not mean I like it.

    My name was called. I went on over and took off my shoes, stepping on the scale. Mr. Lassiter scribbled on a clipboard and pointed me towards an object that will check my height. After adjusting it a bit, he glanced at the top of my head and scribbled on the clipboard again. “Okay, you can put on your shoes and leave.”

    I nodded and slipped on my sneakers, practically running back to Cal. We both made our way to the gymnasium and headed straight towards Melissa, who was shooting hoops with James. The rest of the girls were either playing badminton or sitting by the bleachers, chatting about some gossip or something that girls talk about. Some of the guys took up some of the courts, already in a middle of a game.

    “Hey, can we join?” Cal yelled.

    Melissa snatched the ball from the air. “Sure thing.” She pointed at me. “I’m taking Alan.”

    Cal grinned challengingly as he slapped hands with James. “You think you can win little girl?”

    Melissa gave him a thumbs down and smirked. “We won’t just win, we’ll pulverize the both of you ladies.” She punched my shoulder lightly. “Come on, let’s beat these two.”

    And that was how the rest of gym passed by. Melissa did the tricks and shots while I weaved and dodged around Cal and James, keeping the ball safe until she was available. By the end of the day, Melissa and I won. She’s a great shot, but she was in the basketball team in middle school. She told me that little tidbit during one of our breaks before we resumed playing the second half.

    Melissa and I cheered in victory as Cal and James groaned in defeat.

    “I can’t believe we lost to those two shorties,” Cal groaned in mock despair.

    James shook his head and sighed dramatically. “Well they did have a former basketball player and the fastest guy in class. Just admit it, we lost before we started.”

    Melissa stuck her tongue at the both of them and laughed. “In your face! Who won? We did. Who lost? You did!” She ran around, doing a weird happy dance that was a mixture of the funky chicken and a seizure. It was that weird.

    A sudden shiver crept up my spine. Goose bumps formed all over my skin as the feeling of being watched washed over me. I turned slowly, like those horror films where the main character is turning slowly to see the monster or killer from behind. I knew this stare, was familiar from with it. I didn’t really need to turn around, but my body did anyways.

    Chase stared at me, his eyes scanning my entire body from the top of my head down to my toes, his eyes lingering on the exposed flesh of my legs. I quivered from the way he examined me, but then it all disappeared, and only the numb emptiness took over. It was a relief really. I didn’t want to have any feelings towards Chase.

    Instead, I gave him a once over, then dismissed him, giving him the insult I intended to give him. Let him stew on that, show him that I don’t give a shit what he was to me. I’m showing him how I can crush my feelings for him under my shoe and stomp it until it’s nothing but a pulpy mess.

    Now, time to get ready for the date with Drake.

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