Chapter 38

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This is what you've all been waiting for. *Drum roll* HAHAHAHA. Yes, it's Drake and Alan's date! Enjoy everyone :)

Dedicating this chapter to Trewest for writing such a great story. i am so hooked right now, i can't sleep until i get caught up. :P

Chapter 38

(Alan’s POV)

    “Are you done yet?” I asked for the hundredth time.

    Melissa kept messing with my hair, or her ‘master piece’ as she would call it. “Just a little bit more okay?”

    I rolled my eyes. “But you said that ten minutes ago.”

    Melissa brought out a comb and combed my hair back for the millionth time. “Well I’m almost done. Just need to do a bit more tweaking and…… done.”

    I sighed in relief. I slid off the bench and stretched my stiff body, raising my arms up high. My spine cracked, as did other stiff joints. It sounded like firecrackers from the way it echoed in the locker room. Everyone left and Drake told me he was going to be a little late, so Melissa decided to use the time to fix me up for the date. She even ordered me to take a shower, tossing me a bottle of shampoo and soap, both vanilla scented. I didn’t ask why she had those with her, just did what she ordered me to do.

    Melissa grinned, staring at me from head to toe. “Now you’re ready for the date. When Drake sees you, he would have to restrain himself from jumping you. If I were him, I would jump you and never let you out of my bed.”

    Mortified by her words, I blushed the color of a fire truck and pulled up my turtle neck up to my nose to cover my flaming cheeks. “I don’t, I don’t want to do THAT with him. Only when I’m ready.”

    Melissa giggled and nudged my shoulder. “I can already tell that Drake’s a great guy. He won’t pressure you and if he does, then kick him in the nuts until they cave in. You take your time and set your own pace.” She kissed my cheek. “And if you ever need anything, advice, or a sidekick to fight off some horny bastards, then give me a call or text.”

    I smiled. “Thanks.” I reached into my bag and brought out a small bag of caramel chocolates. “I made some during the weekends while I was moping around the house.” I handed the bag to her.

    Melissa took it in her hands, staring at the small bag. In a blink of an eye, she pounced on me, rubbing her cheek against mine. “Ohhh, you are the sweetest boy ever.” She let me go and tore into the bag, popping a piece of chocolate into her mouth. “Oh my gosh. It’s perfect. It’s not too sweet, not too bitter and it melts on your tongue. The caramel is amazing.”

    I smiled. “Thanks. I made that from my mom’s recipe. She’s the best at coming up with different recipes or making food a lot better.”

    The two of us walked out to the parking lot, me relieved when I saw no one else there. Guess that means either everyone’s not at school, at their clubs, or just not at this part of the school. I didn’t want to see anyone at the moment, everyone but Drake. Now that, I’m a bit excited about.

    I wonder where we’re going on our date? What are we doing? Will it be fun? Cool? Boring? Will we hold hands? Talk about random things? The only dates I’ve ever been to were with Chase, and I didn’t want to think about THAT. Maybe I should call him ‘He-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named‘, like Voldemort, only he has a nose and isn’t bald and creepy. He’s actually a lot worse in my eyes. At least Voldemort didn’t hide the fact that he was evil.

    The sounds of laughter brought me out of my thoughts. I looked around and spotted a group of guys with girls hanging off of their arms heading into the parking lot. And it’s not just any guys, but jocks, football jocks with Chase leading the front of the pack of whores and assholes. Just my luck.

    I prayed for any of them to not notice me. And to my surprise, no one even glanced my way. Oh thank you to whoever heard my prayer. Only this once will I pray, then revert back to being an atheist.

    Drake’s car appeared by the entrance and stopped right in front of Melissa and I. Drake, who was looking really good in a black t-shirt that molded onto his body like a second skin, showing off his muscles, faded blue jeans, and an awesome pair tan boots that looked practical and kickass all in one, slid out of the car with ease, despite his size.

    Drake gave a nod of greeting to Melissa, then slowly turned his eyes towards me, a slow grin lifting the corners of his lips. His eyes raked me from head to toe, taking his time to thoroughly examine me until I was fidgeting from his gaze. “Alan, you look…. Wow.”

    Blushing from embarrassment and squirming from being self-conscious of his stare, I mumbled, “Thanks.” My head was ducked down, but my bangs were stylized from my face so he could still kind of see my reactions.

    Drake took my hand in his, his big hands dwarfing mine. He held it tenderly, firm, but not too firm. His thumb stroked circular patterns, calming my already rapidly beating heart. It was soothing, relaxing what nerves were strung up from the ordeals today and for the date.

    Melissa rested her chin over my shoulder. “Of course he looks amazing. I was the one who transformed him from adorable sexiness to oh-I-want-to-fuck-him-because-he’s-so-damn-cute sexiness.”

    I thought my face was red enough, but Melissa had to change that. Now my face probably looks like it’s been splattered by a bright red paintball gun shooting me in the face. I didn’t know what to say.

    Drake laughed. “I agree. I thought you were cute in your emo getup with those big nerdy glasses, but now….” He pulled me over to the passenger seat, opening to door for me and waving his hand, gesturing me to go in. “Now, we have a date.”

    I blushed as I handed over my bag to him, then sliding into the passenger seat. Drake slammed the door shut and left to put my bag in the trunk.

    Melissa came over to the opened window and gave me a hug, kissing my cheek. “Have fun on your date.” She leaned over to whisper, “And tell me all about it while your on your date, at home, or both.” She winked and walked away, waving at me until she disappeared at the corner.

    Drake slid into the driver’s seat. “Ready?”

    I nodded and we sped off to somewhere unknown. Drake turned on the radio. The first thing it blasted on its speakers was Rack City. Instantly, I went to the knob and changed the channel. ANYTHING was better than hearing that crap. Oh gosh, are my ears bleeding?

    Drake found my disgust amusing. “Don’t like that song?”

    “I hate rap. Period. I hate most of the R&B, hip hop crap that’s on the radio. Give me Black Veil Brides, Avenged Sevenfold and 30 Seconds To Mars any day,” I replied, breathing a sigh of relief when Green Day’s 21 Guns played.

    Drake nodded. “I’m not much for rock, but I do agree on the rap and songs overplayed on some of the radio channels. I heard Call Me Maybe so many times, I remember the lyrics and I don’t even like the song.”

    I smiled as Drake continued on with his opinions on songs today, as well as the slang, how much people constantly have their eyes on their phones, face book addictions, and other things. It was a great way to distract me from looking out the window to guess where we’re going. We just had an argument on whose worse: Rebecca Black or Jenna Rose, when the car stopped.

    I snapped my attention to my surroundings, but the entire area was unfamiliar. There was one old building that looked more of like an old factory building. Dull gray cement walls raised from the ground. There were no windows, only a set of metal doors. Nothing told me what it was or what was inside, but the unease in my stomach began to grow as I stepped out of the car. We were in a parking lot with a few cars scattered all over the place, but it was practically empty. Trees and grass with a long stretch of road we got off of to get here was the scenery. No buildings or people were in sight but this one, Drake and I.

    “Where are we?” I asked, my voice barely audible from how soft it was.

    Drake took my hand in his. “Outside of town. I did some research and found this little treasure. Don‘t worry, you‘ll love it.”

    I gulped and let him drag me towards the metal doors, our footsteps and the gently breeze the only sound from miles away except for the occasional car zooming by.

    Drake pulled the door open, air rushing from the dark room. I couldn’t see anything, but darkness and it scared the heck out me. The air was musty and smelled like metal and paint. It was cold inside as I stepped in the dark, Drake right behind me. He pushed me towards a barely visible door with a glowing enter sign on top. He pushed it opened and I was in shock from what I see.

    There are weaponry of all kinds, each reminding of those space movies like star trek and star wars. There were oddly shaped guns of many sizes mounted on the wall as well as vests that reminded me of bullet proof vests, night vision goggles and other different types of equipment.

    A man in a black Invader Zim shirt and ripped up worn blue jeans came out from a room. His brown hair was messy in a ‘I just woke up from bed’ kind of hair, stubble making a home on his chin, and the most unusual colored eyes ever.

    Those amethyst eyes came upon the two of us, a professional smile pasted on his lips. “Welcome to Lasertorium. How may I help you?”

    “We would like to pay for two please,” Drake answered.

    The man went up to a computer, which was right next to the cash register, and typed in something. “Versus , Tag team, or Survival?”

    “Tag team?” I asked, confused.

    “For tag team, you and your partner will be up against holographic dummies which you both need to shoot. The dummies can also shoot you and your partner so it is best to have each other’s back,” the man explained.

    “What about survival?” Drake asked.

    “In Survival, you are by yourself and have to go through a maze full of holographic dummies. You will need to shoot them and find one another, then bring each other down. The last one standing is the winner.”

    Drake nodded, then turned to me. “Which one do you want to do?”

    “Survival. I like a challenge,” I replied with a grin.

    The man stared at me appreciatively, a flirtatious grin on his lips. “Your girlfriend has a lot of guts.”

    “Girlfriend?” I asked.

    Drake coughed, trying to hide a laugh, which he failed at. “She’s a boy, right Alan?”

    I flushed red and glared at him. “I am, but you don’t have to laugh you jerk.” I punched him on the shoulder, but couldn’t stop the smile that wiggled its way on my lips. “And we’re not together.”

    Drake grinned challengingly at me. “Yet.”

    The man raised his brows and scanned me from down to up, then turned to Drake. “Boy or girl, you have really good taste. I would go for him no matter what gender.”

    Now I’m starting to get uncomfortable. Yeesh, what the heck did you do to me Melissa? I’m attracting people instead of repelling them. The world’s going to end isn’t it? Where’s the exploding sun and meteors falling from the sky? I glanced down. Nope, no fiery pit of lava cracking the floor.

    Drake tugged me towards him, one arm wrapping around my waist. “Sorry, but he’s mine.”

    The man chuckled as I squirmed in Drake’s arm. He typed in a few more things on the computer. “That’ll be thirty two dollars and forty three cents.”

    Drake pulled out his wallet and handed the exact amount of money, handing it to the guy. The man put the money in the register, then handed Drake the receipt. “Okay. Now, I’ll bring you over to the equipment room where you will choose your gun, vest and goggles.”

    We followed the man, who lead us to a locker room where we can store our belongings safely. We placed our belongings into separate lockers, then went to the equipment rack to pick our weapons. I got myself a vest the fit me just right, night vision goggles, and a set of dual laser guns. Drake on the other hand took a bigger laser gun that shoots a lot faster, but it be fast enough to handle my dual guns. Heh.

    The man brought us to two different tunnels, separated by a wall. “Wait by the starting point until you hear the starting beep. Also, three shots means you’re dead so have fun and good luck to the two of you.” He left.

    I glanced at Drake to see him smirking at me. “You know I’m going to win.”

    I smiled sweetly, but I wasn’t sweet at all when I said, “You haven’t seen what I can really do.” With that remark, I marched over to the doors at the end and was in another world of mazes and strobe lights that beamed at random places in different colors. There was a visible board on the wall high up for everyone to see, with both of our names on the scoreboard. Everywhere was dark. There was barely any light to help, hence the night vision goggles.

    A loud siren blasted from hidden speakers, signaling the start of the game. I ran for cover, my guns cocked and ready to shoot whatever comes my way. I made my way through the maze-like room, my eyes darting everywhere for any signs of an enemy.

    A figure suddenly appeared out of nowhere on the wall. It appeared to be a humanoid lizard creature with a gun cocked towards me. I shot it right on the head and watched it explode into pixilated smithereens. From the corner of my eye, another figure appeared. I jumped before it got me and rolled on the floor. With both of my guns drawn, I shot the other creature and the one that suddenly appeared right next to me.

    I guess being in the open will bring out a lot of creatures. I searched around and quickly skulked my way into the shadows, completely consuming myself in the darkness as I searched for Drake and the creatures.

    It took a while, but as my points racked up from the amount of creatures I shot,  I was finally shot, leaving me only two more tries before I was out. And the best thing is, I’m having fun. I haven’t thought of He-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named, school, or anything else other than trying not to get shot by weird creatures you see only in video games. My blood’s pumping, hands sweaty, legs shaking from wanting to move, and I’ve been using the moves I always used when it came to running in the forest, meaning freestyle running. I jumped up some ledges and crawled around, shooting at creatures from above, but I had to get out because small tunnels are not good coverage.

    I finally found Drake and from the look of it, he’s down to one more shot before he’s dead. I grinned as I creeped quietly in the shadows from behind, my gun ready to shoot. It was only when I was about to shoot him was when he turned around and shot me.

    I gawked as my vest buzzed, leaving me with one more shot. I dodged as he shot me again, trying to get me, but I’m not stupid. I ran and headed for some of the hiding places I found to be barely noticeable from the night vision goggles. So I crouched in one, using a prop to hide me as I waited for Drake to pass by me.

    “Alan. Give up. You know I will win,” Drake’s voice taunted.

    I stayed still, breathing quietly as I waited patiently for Drake to appear. I won’t lose to him, not to anyone. So when Drake finally appeared, I slithered out of the hiding place and went up to one of the ledges, aiming at his vest.

    Drake must have heard something because he turned and shot at me, but I flipped off the ledge and shot him in midair with both guns, like they do in action movies. He barely jumped away.

    I landed on my feet and rolled on the floor, running silently towards another area, in search for a good sniper position. I found one in a small cubby hole, just big enough for me to wiggle myself in, but I needed Drake to get out of his hiding place in order for me to get him, so I took hold of a small prop and smacked it against a wall, then waited to see of Drake would take the bait.

    He did, to my luck. His weapon drawn, he scavenged the area for any signs of danger, but my cubby hole was practically invisible. I waited fro the moment to strike and I guess it was pure chance that a creature appeared, startling Drake into shooting it.

    I took my chance and shot him square on the chest. It landed and I whooped in victory as his vest buzzed, then blanked out. I pulled off my goggles right when the lights went on. I blinked a few times until my eyes adjusted to the sudden brightness, then gasped when I was suddenly being dragged out of the hidey hole by my arm, and was then slammed into a hard chest.

    Drake seemed to be impressed from the expression he’s dawning at the moment. “That was amazing. You flipped off the ledge and was shooting at me in midair like they do in the movies.” He kissed my forehead. “Makes me fall for you even more.”

    I blushed, smiling at his compliment. “Every now and then, I take a run around the forest area.”

    Drake raised an eyebrow in surprise. “You run in the forest path with all those wild animals around?”

    I shook my head. “I don’t run on the path, I go freestyle and run deep into the forest. Besides, none of the animals attacked me. In fact, they seem to like me or at least accept me in their domain so no animal mauling for me.”

    “Freestyle?” he asked, impressed.

    I nodded. “I never use the path. I run around deep in the forest, jump off ledges, run on fallen tree trunks, slide through gaps, hop on rocks so I’m pretty nimble and agile. In New York, I took up parkour, jumping on rooftop after rooftop, swinging on railings, jumping into windows, climbing up walls and such.” All of that was to not think about the bullying and concentrate on not killing myself by accidentally miscalculating a jump, only to become part of the pavement in a splatter of brains and gore.

    “Parkour? Are you crazy?” He demanded. Well I can’t really blame him. Parkour is a very dangerous hobby.

    I shrugged. “There was no forest available to run in so why not parkour? I needed the feeling of wind rushing against my face, the sense of freefalling as if I was flying and the constant calculations to keep my mind going. It was that or go crazy.” I didn’t say to kill myself since I know he didn’t want to hear about THAT and he would ask why, which I wouldn’t answer.

    Drake opened his mouth to say something, but the sounds of someone clapping stole both of our attentions. We turned our heads to see the guy who manned to register walk towards us, clapping as he stared at the both of us with admiration. “That was the most impressive Survival I’ve ever seen. Are the two of you into martial arts or something?”

    Drake shook his head. “I play football.”

    I nodded. “I have a brown belt in Muay Thai, but I do some freestyle running in a forest area most of my time.”

    The guy nodded. “Well, you two played like professionals. I was riveted by both of your performances. And since I was so impressed, I decided to give you guys free t-shirts.” I never noticed the two pieces of folded cloth underneath his arm until he held it out to the both of us.

    Drake took them both, then handed me the smaller one. “Thanks.”

    The guy nodded. “Let’s get you guys changed.”

    All three of us headed out of the room and back into the lockers, where Drake and I changed out of our vest and returned all of the equipment. I was kind of sad to leave, but I could back anytime I wanted to.

    The guy waved at us with a grin. “Come again and when you do, I’ll give you guys a discount.”

    Drake gave him a nod and we headed back to the car. Being the gentleman that he is, he opened the door and waited for me to get inside before he slammed it shut and strode over to the driver’s side.

    When he started the car, I asked, “Where are we going now?”

    Drake maneuvered his way out of the parking lot. “We’re going to get something to eat. I already picked out the restaurant.”

    “Great.” I replied, relaxing into the comfy seat. My muscles were warm from a good workout. I guess playing ‘Kill or be Killed’ laser gun style has a lot more exercise to it that I thought.

    We drove in silence, a comfortable silence, not the awkward silence that makes everyone involved miserable and twitchy. It was the comfortable silence that you can be lulled to sleep with, to be content without the chatter or anything to avoid being silent.

    Outside, the sky had a purplish orange glow, reminding me of how late it is getting. Drake parked in front of a small family diner, with red brick walls, big windows that displayed the interior of the diner, which looked friendly and welcoming. The walls were a light blue, with photos scattered all over the place. There was a counter for eating right close to the grill, where you can see you food being cooked.

    The door chimed as we stepped inside the diner, a pleasant tinkling sound that highlighted the friendly atmosphere more. Families of moms, dads, and children were seated on some tables, all laughing and having a great time eating out with each other. The fresh smell of greasy foods made my stomach rumble. I blushed from the sound.

    Drake placed a hand on my back and led me inside, bringing the two of us to an empty booth by the window. I slid in the seat across from him and picked up the menu already on the table. AS I read each name on the menu, the growl of my stomach was increasingly louder. Drake chuckled, hearing the organ yelling at me to fill it up already.

    A waitress came over a few minutes later, a notepad and pen ready. Her auburn hair was tied into a ponytail, her thin frame in a yellow t-shirt and blue jeans with an apron over it. “What would you like to order?” she asked, her eyes wide as it came upon me.

    “I would like the crispy chicken burger with medium fries and iced tea.” I ordered, placing the menu back down on the side.

    The waitress scribbled down my order, then turned to Drake.

    “The double cheese burger with extra fries and an iced tea for me.” Drake decided.

    The waitress wrote on her notepad and left.

    I frowned, touching my cheek absently. Drake saw my discomfort and asked, “What’s wrong Alan?”

    I sighed. “The waitress stared at me like there was something on my face.” I poked at my cheek again.

    Drake grabbed the hand poking my cheek and squeezed it gently. “There’s nothing on your face. In fact, I think she’s surprised by how cute you look right now.”

    I blushed from the compliment. “I don’t think guys like being called cute,” I mumbled under my breath.

    Drake heard what I said. “But you are cute, and sexy and amazing to be with.” He lifted my hand and kissed the back of it. “I’m honored that you agreed to be on this date with me.”

    I blinked at him, flustered from his words. “I’M the one who should be honored that you of all people asked me out,” I stammered, still shocked.

    Drake’s eyes narrowed a bit. “What’s that suppose to mean?”

    I gulped, my throat suddenly dry. “I meant, you’re a good looking guy who could have any girl you wanted. You’re a great football player, kind, and a gentleman when you want to be. I wonder why you would ask a grunge like me?”

    Drake’s eyes swirled with emotion. “You’re not a grunge. You are the most beautiful, kind, and innocent person I’ve ever met. You’re honest, strong, and a very good cook. You’re a hard worker and have a knack with animals. You’re the best thing that came into my life.”

    I was shocked of words. He really thought of that about me? My cold heart trickled with warmth from his words, slowly pushing away the cold. I couldn’t help but smile at him. “Thank you.”

    The waitress came back with our orders, placing our food in front of us and our drinks. “Is there anything else you two need?” She asked.

    The both of us shook our heads.

    The waitress nodded, then turned to me. “Umm.. I have a question.”

    I took a sip of my drink and waited for her to ask the question.

    “Are you a model?” she blurted, her face turning crimson red. “N-not that you have to tell me or anything.” She fiddled with the edge of her apron. “It’s just that, you’re really cute and, really pretty like a girl, but prettier.”

    I almost spit my drink from my mouth, choking as the liquid went into the wrong pipe. Damn you tricky liquid substance. How dare you go into my lungs? Drake leaned over the table and thumped my back, dislodging the tea from my lungs.

    The waitress handed me a napkin, panicked. “Are you alright sir?”

    I gave her a watery smile as I forced my body to calm down now that I’m back in the safe zone. “I’m okay and no, I’m not a model.”

    The waitress frowned, clearly disappointed, but next thing she did surprised me even more. “Can I take a picture with you then?”

    Dumbfounded, I mumbled, “Sure.”

    The waitress smiled brightly at me and sidled her way next to me, taking out an iphone and adjusting it. Then she lifted it into the air. “One, two, three.” There was a flash of light that sort of blinded me. I had to blink to readjust my eyes.

    The waitress stood back up and stared at the photo with a happy expression on her face. “Oh my gosh, this is so cool.” She looked at me and showed me her pearly white teeth. “”Thanks.” Then she twiddled her fingers a bit, a sign of nervousness and I knew she was going to ask me another favor.

    I was right.

    “Can I take a picture of the two of you together? I mean, you both look like a really good looking gay couple.” She said, standing on one foot, then switching to the other in a nervous gesture.

    I was about to say that we’re not a couple, when Drake cut me off. “We would love to.” He got up and slid into my side of the booth, wrapping an arm around my shoulder.

    The waitress was ecstatic. I didn’t want to disappoint the girl, no matter how much I hated taking pictures so I just sat there and smiled when she brought her phone back up and took a picture of the two of us, the flash blinding me once again.

    Drake brought out two phones, which Is odd. Why the heck would he have two phones? That was when I recognized one of the phones as mine. I patted my pockets and found them empty. When the heck did he take my phone?

    “Can you send me the pic?” Drake asked.

    The waitress nodded with glee and the two exchanged whatever it was to send pics to each other. I’m not tech savvy so I have no idea what they’re doing. Instead, I started on my burger, which tasted really good. I tried the fries and they were crisy on the outside, soft on the inside with enough salt to make it extra yummy. Wow.

    “This is really good.” I mumbled as I chewed.

    The waitress awwed at me. “The cooks here make really good food without most of the bad stuff you find at other restaurants.” With that comment, she waved at the two of us and went over to pick up other people’s orders.

    Drake handed me back my phone, chuckling as I glared at him. “Sorry I took your phone.”

    I glared at him for a few more seconds, then shrugged. It’s not as if he did anything bad to it. “It’s okay.”

    We both dug into our food with gutso, even ordered dessert. We both leaned back, our bellies full from the wonderful food. I let out a burp/hiccup, that hurt my nose, which made Drake laugh. When the check came, Drake insisted on paying for it since he’s the one who planned out the entire date. After paying, we went back to the car and headed back home.

    I trudged into the house, beat, but satisfied and content with how the day went for me, excluding the awkwardness of school. My bag hung over my shoulder as Drake and I headed up the stairs to our rooms.

    I took a nice, hot shower, washing away the sweat of the day and wiggled into my pokemon pjs. I brushed my teeth and headed to my bed to sleep, my feet shuffling from exhaustion. What I didn’t expect was Drake sitting on my bed, freshly cleaned and in a more comfortable sleeping outfit of a white muscle top and baggy sweats.

    Drake’s eyes heated up when his gaze went to my freshly cleaned self. I blushed and stared at my bare feet peaking out from underneath my oversized pj bottoms.

    “Alan, look at me,” Drake commanded in a gentle tone.

    I bit my lip, then brought my head back up and gasped at how close Drake and I are. I didn’t even notice nor hear him move as he captured me in a hug, the smell of soap and Drake’s unique scent filling my nose. My heart pounded and I can hear his accelerating too.

    Drake’s hand slid under my chin, lifting it up and I only had half a second of confusion as to what he’s about to do when his lips descended upon mine. It was a sweet kiss, soft and nice. I was shocked, my mouth accidentally opening to gasp, but I guess he took that as an invitation to go further. His tongue flicked on my lips, then dove in enough for his tongue to touch mine.

    Drake didn’t do anything other than kiss me like this, teasing my tongue with his. I felt warm and gave his an involuntary lick. We did this little tag until he lifted his head, leaving me breathless and extremely embarrassed.

    “Alan, I really like you, but I want to know if you think the same way.” Drake said, his chin resting on top of my head.

    I was speechless. I know he likes me, but I didn’t know what to say. I’ve only had one experience in liking someone, and look how that ended up. I don’t know if my heart can handle having another in it’s cracked and brittle casing. Maybe it can handle it, but I’m confused with what I feel for Drake.

    Drake noticed my turmoil. He laid me down on the bed and tucked me in, giving my lips one last kiss. “I won’t ask for an answer now. Think about it and give me an answer tomorrow. Until then, good night Alan.” Drake went over to the door and flicked the light switch off before he left, the door closing with a soft click.

    I rolled in my covers, my mind whirling with the kiss, Drake’s confessions and my confusion towards what I feel for Drake. Do I like him in a friends/family sense, or more than that.

    My eyelids drooped. The last thing on my mind before I succumbed to the siren’s calling of sleep, was surprisingly, Melissa. Damn, I forgot to call her to tell her about my date and I know she’ll be latched onto me and squeeze every last detail about the date tomorrow at school.

    Oh well.

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